Reviews for Blood Rose
henry chapter 64 . 7/23
Could you please just give us an Authors Note on what happened to the fic? What happened to you? Why aren't you making any more?
Etokaiten chapter 64 . 7/16
Fudge. I was enjoying this story too.
Etokaiten chapter 46 . 7/15
Even in rwby, fox dont get a break from how gender neutral they tend to look.
Etokaiten chapter 16 . 7/14
I really like this childish killer ruby, she's interesting in a way. A little badass.
Guest chapter 64 . 7/14
I am crying because I don't know if it will continue
Animelvr975 chapter 2 . 7/11
Aah, Sweet Summer children... WBY has no idea yet... The good ol' days. XD Welp, they're infor a ride. Anyway, love the story!
Animelvr975 chapter 1 . 7/11
Welp, I'm back and I'm re-reading this story. :P I missed it. XD Anyway, I even have a playlist of song somewhat related to pain/cannibalism/becoming a monster so that I can listen while I read. ;D Anyway, love the story!
Guest chapter 64 . 7/11
more pls
Guest chapter 1 . 7/8
JKOROX chapter 64 . 7/5
It may not have been updated in a while, however Me and another Writer on here, OrganOfFlames, both really enjoy your work, it is an amazing story and i hope too see more of it sometime soon, don't rush yourself and take it at your own pace, this is your story after all. keep up the good work!
TheFrozenWolf chapter 1 . 7/4
Time to read this again. If you update soon I'll give you $10 dollars. It's been over a year, please update soon.
Lardian chapter 64 . 7/3
Crie, finnished the last chapter you have out so far...Well all I can do now is wait for season 4 of the cannon to come out. Nice story, I like how it focused more on the faunus than the cannon, but I do think a few things are wrong or inconsistent, I don't know how far you were in the cannon when you wrote this though so I can't blame you for that. One of the inconsistencies is Ruby's power, sometimes she can repair her entire skeletal system with her spine snapped in three places in minutes, but then she gets stabbed a bit in the neck and is paralyzed for an hour? The correct way to do this would be to make the enemies stronger, not to nerf Ruby's prestablished healing factor and fighting skills. Anyways, no h8 m8, your story is gr8 I hope I dont have to w8 long for the next one, so please don't be l8 to upload it.
Lardian chapter 63 . 7/3
Why is blake a total asshole in this? This is making me even dislike cannon blake.
Lardian chapter 62 . 7/3
Wherr in the timeline does your story start/divert from the rwby timeline?
Lardian chapter 62 . 7/3
Wait, are you writing this as if all the cannon stuff in rwby happened just without ruby and having everyone be bisexual? Like Weiss finding out that Blake was a faunus?
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