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Janie.ohio chapter 22 . 2/10
this was really getting moving and then I reached the end of the updates. I hope this is still on your update agenda! good story!
Heart chapter 5 . 2/8
I really want to get into this story; I really do. But it's almost impossible. The grammar is good, the concept is good, but the words don't seem to have any soul. It's like you reading a book report, not a story. Sorry. Maybe you can get some help for this?
Heart chapter 5 . 2/6
Love. I noticed what you did there with those last few sentences. *winks*
Heart chapter 4 . 2/6
Heart chapter 3 . 2/6
Good for them, figuring out who's who. Ah yes, the mindset of a child.
Heart chapter 2 . 2/6
Keith is simply amazing.
Heart chapter 1 . 2/6
Curious, very curious.
pottersparky chapter 22 . 2/7
The chapter is good. It shows that Fudge see that change must happen for better future. Dumbledore is clueless in seeing that Harry's trust is already lost forever. Amelia at last dealing with killers who got off by lying. Everything is starting work out for better. It should be fun to see how it all turns out. I just hope you have next chapter out soon after all in has been six months of waiting for that to happen. I look forward to reading more.
Guest chapter 22 . 1/31
The plot is thickening. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Merlenyn chapter 22 . 1/26
LOL awesome! So they got all the rats they could, and now they can pin down Wormtail! :D Yay! I'm glad they didn't start checking the rats themselves until they finished most of the house calls... hehe Also woo for catching some DE's to be questioned! It'll be interesting to see how this changes things going forward.

And woo for magical chromosomes and finding out how it all works in regards to normal muggles vs magical people. :D I wonder when and how they'll be able to start releasing that information to the British Wizarding population to start educating the bigoted purebloods? Maybe after the Muggleborns all start claiming any lost inheritances that belong to them because of old "dead" families they were descended from? Or being able to prove that they're related to currently living families? I'm sure SOME families would be ecstatic to know they have more relatives, while others will be in denial for a long time despite evidence to the contrary just because they'd be like "there's no way a MUGGLEBORN could be related to me!", especially if they deny ever having squibs in the family because they ignore any history of having squibs...

As for Dumbledore's plans to try and rebuild the wards from scratch... I wonder just how that'll go? Will he jump on it as soon as everyone's gone and before the inspectors show up? Or will the inspectors show up while he's still working? Will he notice the wards Minerva put up and be put out that she "tampered" with "HIS" wards? lol Will his plans to make himself a hero in Harry's eyes work? Considering he has no clue about Harry's living situation beyond that the wards are strong, he has no clue that his mind is being "poisoned" against him by his adopted parents. I say "poisoned" because in HIS mind, that's what he'd think. Even though he's deliberately sabotaging a lot of things with his views on why Binns is a GOOD History teacher... which is totally contradictory I think to his views on why it's a good thing to have "new blood" from Muggleborns and Halfbloods at school. Knowing that it's a good chance to integrate that "new blood" into the older pureblood families to keep magic strong, but at the same time doing nothing to help KEEP those same "new bloods" in the wizarding world past graduation UNLESS they manage to find love with a pureblood or wizarding raised halfblood... Point in case, Keith and Jessica, neither "found love" among the purebloods and wizarding raised halfbloods, so they ended up going back to their roots before finding each other. Had they been more accepted and been able to find wizarding jobs, that would've increased their chances to meet more witches and wizards that maybe graduated before they started school but were still single, or whatever and increased the chances of expanding the gene pool that way. But nooo... he wants to keep the status quo it seems by keeping the purebloods with the most power, only keeping those Muggleborns and muggle-raised Halfbloods that "find love" with a pureblood, and let the rest trickle away back into the muggle world or other countries. Bah! And he wants to keep himself as the most popular and revered wizard around... yea... that's not going to work the way he wants I don't think! XD

Looking forward to more! :D
furface294 chapter 22 . 1/25
This chapter was called "The Calm Before The Storm" it should have been called the The calm before the SILENCE! THis is a good story, get it Finished, please!
shunshu chapter 22 . 1/19
Hola! muy bueno me encanto interesante la historia espero que lo actualicen pronto besos
LoveSpock chapter 22 . 1/10
Looking forward to more!


cavemanalarm chapter 22 . 1/5
I'm loving this story so far hopefully we'll get a new chapter soon
MAHA1959 chapter 22 . 1/2
hello, i hope i see you well.
to read you soon.
happy new year.
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