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Guest chapter 10 . 12/1
I've read this so many times, and I still cannot get over the fact that she purred! It makes me too happy for words!
Magic713 chapter 31 . 11/15
Really like the conversation between Percy and Calypso. And the whole thought that Calypso was cursing Percy with Annabeth being the component of the curse makes sense, and seems a little more easier to believe and less cliche of Calypso being simply jealous of Annabeth, like in other fanfics I've read. Nice work.
ZenZenSilver chapter 4 . 11/3
If I recall correctly doesn't Festus' head weigh like close to a tonne? Im pretty sure its mentioned in the book after he gets sashimi'd by lasers. Is Nyssa like extremely ripped or something? Like a puffy muscular marshmallow with limbs.
ZenZenSilver chapter 28 . 10/23
This banter is fucking S. Great work. Very natural, not forced and thank god not even slightly cringy. It lies just somewhere between endearing and witty which is fantastic and something that like 2 people on this website can do.
ZenZenSilver chapter 25 . 10/23
Why is this so gosh darn cute. This is once again very well written. 10/10
ZenZenSilver chapter 24 . 10/23
This is so adorable it hurts. Still maintaining that 10/10.
ZenZenSilver chapter 17 . 10/23
Ive been reading quite a bit of Leyna recently and I was startling disappointed to find that (generally) the quality of those stories were quite bit higher than the Caleo ones. I dont mind Leyna at all, but Caleo is muh fave. But then I read this again and all is good :) 10 very nices/10
Guest chapter 14 . 10/23
AhHHHhhH 45 chapters. This is very well written. But I have assignments due tomorrow gosh darn it. 9very nices/10
Guest chapter 31 . 10/19
OMG. Was just listening to hailee steinfeld 'let me go' while reading this. Totally Percy's song to calypso. And Leo's that somebody.
Soda chapter 45 . 9/27
OMG. Can't wait for their first date. When u r going to post the next chapter?
Elle chapter 17 . 9/3

sorry I just love Caleo and your story is so heartbreaking
terryeilece chapter 45 . 8/30
Hi, so I just started reading your story a few weeks ago and it was actually my first time being introduced to Fanfiction and .
I'm really happy that your book was my first, I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that you will add more to this story.
You did an awesome job and every chapter was fantastic and it felt like a continuation of the original books.
I love that you wrote this fanfic because I thought the Leo and Calypso story needed to be told.

Please write more. XOXO
jaylynbhula57 chapter 45 . 8/21
plssssssss update pls
guestagain chapter 45 . 8/8
so this story is abandoned? why do fanfiction authors do this? it pisses me off because they get this real following of people and then just leave them hanging. Imagine if RR did that. Anyway, i love this story, if the author decides to come back and even do 1 last chapter, id really appreciate it.
Guest chapter 23 . 8/3
I just noticed that every chapter starts with 'the first time...'
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