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KissingEnemies chapter 13 . 9/25
Life would be so much better if I hadn't fallen for this fic's Dramione. Now everything is too complicated b/c this story is awesome and so well written and Hermione is strong and cunning and everything I've always loved about her is being multiplied by a thousand . . . but Harry. Ugh, I hate him here. He's already stupid in canon, and in Reign of the Serpent it's like he decided to forget anything good there ever was about him and simply become a prat. So yeah, I'm conflicted b/c I'll never be able to ship this Hermione and Harry together, but at the same time I can't help but love this story because the plot is too perfect and so I'm going crazy with all of those contradicting feelings.
Aleteia chapter 16 . 9/16
This is SUCH a good fic. Discovered it this morning, could'nt stop reading for hours and I've never wanted so much to know what comes next.

I love what you did with Rowling's characters. (I only regret that Hermione did not offer to Draco to continue their lessons, that boy definitely has a lesson to learn about making friends, not enemies...)

Thank you very much and looking forward to next chapter !
Beautiful-Tyrant77 chapter 16 . 8/24
This is lovely stories. I hope you are still updating this?
Mari83 chapter 16 . 8/24
Interesting AU!
Amanthya chapter 16 . 8/7
The friend of my enemy is my friend.

Quite the plot thus far - I truly do not know how things will go down, if I will like it - if I will be able to stomach it - but nonetheless, I cannot close my curious eyes. I await your update with breathless anticipation.
Amanthya chapter 15 . 8/7
"Please enjoy the rest of your dinner."

Well, Minister, he may be a sociopathic, power-mad, immortality-craving lunatic, but you can't deny, Riddle's got style.

"It's my g*ddamnn playground."

Amanthya chapter 12 . 8/7 just make me like *McNair*? *applauds*

I enjoy seeing you individualize the characters (even Riddle, oh, my) since it makes characters that seemed like a waste of space (Ron), unrealized talents (Neville), or just plain unknowns (Dean, etc.) a lot more interesting. Draco is freaking me out, though; not used to him being an actual threat. I'm not happy for Hermione to lose her agency to someone who is not only most likely evil but knows how to *think*.
hughfj08 chapter 16 . 8/1
Quite an enjoyable read I will admit.
It certainly refreshing to have a new take on the HP universe, even more so when it is a decently written one.

As of yet I haven't any qualms with the story, but that may be because of how I was caught up in it during my binge read.
Perhaps as further chapters arrive I can take a more critical eye to each one and possible assist your improvement should anything jump out at me.

So I shall eagerly await the next chapter
TheRavenclawPhoenix chapter 16 . 7/28
mckertis chapter 16 . 7/27
The idea is sound, the writing is good, but the story...i just dont see it, yet. It's all a bit I expected, with the world so regressed and anachronistic, to have more Roman influences, something akin to "Emperor", but, you know, actually about Harry Potter.
Regulation chapter 16 . 7/20
I really love this story. At first, I was upset with Harry's slow development. I wanted him to be on par with Hermione's drive. I then realized that they grew up in different circumstances and you're bringing him a long slowly. I also really enjoy the alternate personalities of the other characters. I'm sure you will get into Dumbledore and Grindelwald and that backstory soon, and I can't wait!

Continue the good work, my friend.
tanadhari chapter 16 . 7/16
This story is amazing! I hope you continue to update and be awesome! I love your characterization of Hermione! And Bellatrix in Transfiguration? Awesome! Can you give us a little hint as to when the rest of the Order comes in? Anyways, keep it up!
IWasNeverReal chapter 16 . 7/15
That last line was absolute perfection!
Green-Eyes-and-Bushy-Hair chapter 16 . 7/11
Aw man I just found this story yesterday and already I have read it all. Please update soon. There has been a while since any story has grabbed my attention like this. I hope we get to see some relationship developments too ;)
mdman1 chapter 16 . 7/11
Superb story, one the best AU's I've ever seen. I sincerely wish you will keep updating this for a long time to come.
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