Reviews for Room For One More
thunderofdeath97 chapter 28 . 6/9
please update, i can't wait for all hell breaks loose parts 1 and 2
A-LionGleek chapter 28 . 5/8
Another good chapter. A little short, but still pretty good. I will admit, the second half of this chapter was definitely plenty good even with all the stuff in between the two halves somewhat glossed over. And yes, Gabriel definitely went through quite a bit of Hell. All in all, good chapter. Keep up the great work. And I'm sorry I took so long to leave a review (yet again).
Doclover chapter 28 . 4/20
I agree with you on that Gabriel needs a hug. Dean in the last episode scared me a little bit with his shouting. But Btw what do you think of Mary return in season 12 and how she left the boys alone for a small time because I can see how you don’t like John. Well you may but Jess don’t.

I loved loved the chapter please update soon
AJ Granger chapter 28 . 4/20
From your author's note, I'd bet Jack would make Gabriel feel better. As to this chapter, it works. I like how Jess helps them, and makes certain things easier. Dean has a point, but being there and offering comfort helps.
Ghostwriter chapter 28 . 4/20
Awesome work . Love it.
UnleashYourInnerAssButt chapter 27 . 4/3
Spent the last couple days re reading this and catching up. Amazing story, great perspective and something I could barely put down. Had to remind myself I had to sleep it’s that good. Can’t wait to see where you take it and what nickname you come up with for Dean to Call Jess. I feel he would call her by her last name Moore or Just J. Whatever you come up with will be great nonetheless. Can’t wait for the update and I hope life is good for you now and in the future
A-LionGleek chapter 27 . 3/23
So sorry I took so long to review. Nevertheless, excellent chapter! Great work as usual :). It was certainly nice to see Jess involved in the events of this episode (and I certainly liked both of her chats with Dean in this chapter). While I'm personally surprised that she and Dean never brought up the matter of potential guilt Dean could have been feeling at that moment over possibly up and killing completely innocent monsters that hadn't had it coming, this chapter was nonetheless perfectly good as is, and more than worth the wait. Keep up the amazing work!
Ace Von S chapter 27 . 3/16
This story has me well and truly hooked. Awesome job. Can't wait for the update.
UmbrasLupas chapter 27 . 3/16
I want more
The Third Biker Scholar chapter 27 . 3/13
i am so flippin' glad jess is here to wrangle them, i really am. loved this chapter!
Doclover chapter 27 . 3/10
Good chapter but I was hoping sam had more to say please update soon
Ghostwriter chapter 27 . 3/10
Oooh wow. I lvoed seeing Jess' perspective on the Gordon Walker hunt. Well done. Keep it up.
mywarisalreadywon chapter 26 . 2/12
So glad to see you updated! Now I just need to find the pieces of my heart that are shattered somewhere around here!
Jennee77 chapter 26 . 1/26
I am so happy you updated love this story
kimi4frankie chapter 26 . 1/18
I’m soooooo happy your muse is back this was an amazing chapter
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