Reviews for Coffee With Strangers
PlushiexLover chapter 12 . 8/19
Found a reccomendation on Tumblr and I was hooked. Fluffy fic with the right amount of angst and story. I love the nicknames and the development of their relationship. Great job!
anni.banani.940 chapter 12 . 4/9
Really cute and enjoyable story :)
anni.banani.940 chapter 10 . 4/9
Reading this post vol. 3 is kinda funny considering the Adam thing XD great story though
elfenlied1012 chapter 12 . 4/1
Chapter 12, the final chapter. It’s the end, last little fun surprise. Might seem like a simple little hour long adventure on your end for this really silly not prank prank, but for me and OfficeLady, it’s been a bit of a journey, over about half a month actually. It’s been fun and a delight, and its time to close up shop. So final thoughts?

First off the last two chapters are easily my favorite. Your experimentation made for probably your most gripping chapters, and honestly Yangs break down was refreshing. The shows done a lot of interesting stuff with her character, but at the time you made this you had to do it on your own and I liked it a great deal. Left me interested in what kind of stuff you toyed with later.

The last chapter is excellent as well, if only for the final scene. The coffee shop. Anyone that has read any of my major fics knows I LOVE ending things back at the beginning. You get to see what has really changed, you get to feel the weight of your journey with the characters, and honestly it was deeply appreciated. For a fic that’s more a series of plots than an overall string, this gave closure in a way I simply didn’t think you were going to be able to manage. Both the first and final chapters stand out as some of your best. Great work.

Got to say, biggest negative. A disappointing lack of coffee. This is COFFEE WITH STRANGERS! Not pleasant afternoons at different locals with acquaintances! Joking of course. Normally this is the bit for criticism, but at the end of the road, I feel like reflections more worthwhile. Your prose is and has always been a healthy amount of imagery, never telling me too much or too little, you don’t have insane mistakes, your dialogue moves at a pleasant clip, but these things alone wouldn’t make it the bumblebee classic it’s seen as. You don’t need me to tell you how adored your fic is. People haven’t shut up about it to me for most of my time in the fandom. I joked about putting the legend to the test, so after all the story, at the end how was it?

It was good.

Coffee with strangers never had a weighty narrative, never dealt much in twists and turns and deep multichapter conflicts. The reason it’s so beloved is, in my opinion, that very simplicity. To give a bad music example, it’s the Twenty One Pilots cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love of fanfics. Its construction isn’t particularly robust, it’s not making big pushes into a lot of subjects. It’s not about something more than what it claims. It’s about two girls falling in love, the little bit of fun and drama along. The audience picks it up, without feeling any burdens. It’s soothing and sweet. A story that doesn’t make you cry, or scream, or madly cackle. It just makes you smile, consistently smile. You can put down the book and know it made your life a little sweeter, a little richer, and maybe when you needed it, a little easier.

I know that’s what I liked about it. Happy April fools Tigerlilly and see you around.
OtakuLeader chapter 11 . 4/1
Now then, if you haven’t figured out what was going on with the reviews by now…lol Anyways, this is my last review for this story. I’ll go back some time to review the other chapters though!

Right away the chapter started off with me wondering what was going on. After reading all their ups and downs thus far, I figured the bees had their relationship down perfectly. It was so sad to see Yang suffering in this chapter for something she cared so strongly for, when so far in the story she seemed to have let very little affect her. There are a few things in my life that if I had lost, I probably would go in a frenzy like she did searching for the lost item. I am just glad that those who cared about Yang were able to help her understand that her dad would be with her no matter what, inside of her heart. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster and you played it off beautifully. And of course, leaving the chapter to a light hearted ending was perfect as well. Blake really does have Yang whipped in this relationship!

Alas, that’s all I have for my thoughts on this chapter. Again and again I will say though, you are a great writer, ever since the early days of your works, especially this one. I will always enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your talents to world. Never give up writing. You are brilliant and a fantastic person! (Also, in response to your question on how Yang would feel in losing Ember Cecila…I’m pretty sure she’d burned the forest down instead of Weiss just to find them lol)
elfenlied1012 chapter 10 . 4/1
MY OTP WAS VICTORIOUS –flips table- I claim this victory in the name of White Rose, the first ship, the best ship, and queen ship! (is a joke of course, if White Rose is the queen of ships Bumblebee is the beautiful princess the story was about anyway) Man or man though, I see the shows Adam really caught you by surprise too, ‘cause your Adam is sure as hell not what we got lol. Really they had two very different paths to take, and then stuck to the extreme of that extreme. I also think you were too hard on yourself for the chapter before this one, the WR focused one. It wasn’t that bad, very cute. Maybe the apology went a little too smoothly (I actually like how the original show handled it, but that only worked cause the robbery and stuff) but really it was nice, super cute. I had fun.

Only major negative I can figure out here is the Adam switch feels a little, I don’t know, a little and this will sound weird a little out of left field. I feel like perhaps you could have like hinted at a bit more so the flip settles with us more. Good rule with twists, is a good twist should feel inevitable after the fact, the “Oh, of course!” factor of getting your mind blown. I assume this is mostly ‘cause you were playing this by ear, but it would be the best improvement to these set of chapters I think.

So we have two last chapters, I gotten so far of super cute fun. Pleasant prose and dialogue that moves at a clip. As you’ve probably figured out by how we’re doing this, I got even chapters so this my friend is the second to last stop on the coffee with strangers train. I’m looking forward to the final stop, but for now, I need a rest. See you on the other side!
OtakuLeader chapter 9 . 4/1
Now this chapter and the one prior had a lot of feels. I loved how in character you kept Weiss and predicted how her actions and reactions would be to how she treated and thought of Blake. And Ruby being so innocent until the last second where she suddenly had the guts to kiss Weiss. That part amused me. Especially the kissing without asking. It made me think of a few ideas of my own design about that. :p Ah, I also forgot about Blake having the tail in this version of your story. It’s always nice imagining she has one. The reconciliation between Weiss and Blake while I think felt a tad bit rushed, went over well nicely. And as the ending of this chapter, simply beautiful in its description and actions. I would love to experience something similar sometime with a person I love. Too bad there are no beaches where I live. Guess I’ll have to move to have that happen. Overall, a nice chapter leading up to what’s to come.
elfenlied1012 chapter 8 . 4/1
Ohohohoh the drama train rolled into town. Narratively I really like how you gave Weiss and Blake bonding time BEFORE the argument. This makes the racism feel less like a plot point and more like a honest to god betrayal. I had a hard time reading this despite it basically being the same as the show even if a little less natural without the broken down store. (But throwing that stealing dust plot out of nowhere at the beach would have felt even more random here so that was a good move)

So for new negatives I'm scratching my head a bit and I'm not about to start bitching about Blake having a tail that's cool IMO. Thought bikini and belt is a weird combo to picture. Hahahah.

I would say if there was any issue it might be that I have no idea if narratively I'm at the beginning middle or end of your narrative, while again ffs can be more about pure plotless fluff an over all narrative thread certainly makes a story and it feels like you have the components just not so tightly compiled into one tight story. It's a weird complaint but it feels like a fic that could benefit by being more overtly tied together.

That being said I've loved it. I'm happy to see my otp getting cute in the background and the bumbles being adorable in the front. I really like the detail in the cave as well, its a really cool setting. I'm excited to go for more and hopefully I'll continue to struggle trying to come up with any criticism! :D thanks so much and see you soon!
OtakuLeader chapter 7 . 4/1
Simple pleasures. That would be nice Blake. I’d love that too. Always. Again, I like the White Rose bits in here. It’s cute how Weiss can’t say no to Ruby. As for the bees….I was really expecting actual kissing between the two. My heart raced for anticipation but I guess it wasn’t to be in this chapter. It’s super funny how Weiss just couldn’t contain herself. And poor Ruby. Far too innocent for kisses still! Definitely a scene I won’t ever forget.
elfenlied1012 chapter 6 . 4/1
So we had our entry of villain and now two more chapters of growth, investment and a little fluff. As my OTP is white rose it was plenty nice to see them getting cutesy with each other, even Weiss flat out saying it. They are a great little side thing for this, so I’ll take that added pleasure.

It’s two in the morning when I’m writing this, so let’s just get to the negatives before I fall asleep. These are two minor things that came to mind and are really low on the relevancy scale, so don’t get too hung up on it. First off is chapter lengths are really sporadic. Of course this is fanfiction it’s for fun, so who gives a fuck? Still the chapters fluctuate to the size where one chapter is 3-4 times smaller than the one before it. Feels weird, maybe the big chapters might be broken into parts? Who knows! Again, it’s not like beholden to any specific number, but if you decide to get into the professional field, chapters are usually like where you want your reader to be comfortable taking a rest. Or reflecting, which usually is in your best interest to keep steady.

Second bit is totally personal to me and you are so not the guilty one here as much as the fandom, Ruby being so obsessed with cookies ahhahaha. omg the fandom, what have we done. My fav fact about Ruby is her official fav food isn’t even cookies, it isn’t even something unhealthy, its strawberries, STRAWBERRIES! The fandom has made her a cookie monster, and we are all guilty of making it so! Hahahaha. (meaning to just be funny so don’t take me too seriously)

Positive are more important and more numerous, your narrator as gotten more comfortable being the god type, and you’ve touched up a lot of the little things. You’re getting smoother, more comfortable. The flow has improved and I’m not noticing repeats as often. Coffee with strangers is really kind of coming into its own as a good fluffy story with a unique atmosphere and just having fun with all the stuff it can, from just falling asleep together to paintball. It’s hooked me pretty good and I’m definitely enjoying myself. :D
OtakuLeader chapter 5 . 4/1
I have never gone paint balling so this chapter was very fun to read! I like how clever Yang and Blake are compared to Ruby and Weiss, although I’m sure they could’ve won if the cookie decoy hadn’t come into play. Great job with this chapter again.
elfenlied1012 chapter 4 . 4/1
I’m back! So forgive me if I’m wrong but I think we’re getting to the meat and potatoes conflict here, which would be the right time to spice things up. I might chide you a bit for the portrayal of adam as completely unsympathetic, but then the show went and made him so much worse that honestly he’s fairly tame now. Hahaha. I liked the scene, everyone loves the Farris wheel, it’s my fav ride. Always wanted one of those romantic runs on it.

So on the negative side of things, there is nothing as complex to mention as the last, but let’s get to some small stuff. This is probably something you’ve solve yourself as you’ve grown, but in coffee with stranger’s you’re prone to using the same adjective in a sentence. This isn’t a crime and honestly most people, including me, have a history of being overzealous in avoiding this, if you describe something always go with the accurate word, but when it’s a coin toss pick the one you haven’t used in a while, if you use store twice in a sentence maybe use shop instead. It seems dumb, but it does a lot to make it feel like an organic thing not a planned thing. This also depends on the feeling you’re trying to present, do you want us to feel blackness maybe then you repeat, but regardless here, there was just a hand full of words that should be rare that popped up. Like one instance where wet showed up twice in a sentence. Honestly this is a minor thing, but I rather search for an issue than just shower you with praise and I bet you’d prefer this way too.

Added to that, some of your exposition with Blake is a little eh, but I wouldn’t know how to deal with that effectively, probably just an awkward thing you really couldn’t skip.

Good, yes good. Well I discussed some of my fav moments, but really wanted to say something I like about your writing is specificity of motion. I can imagine movement’s characters preform very well, no blur. Which is excellent. You also have a decent taste of atmosphere. Each location had its own visual. The forest was easy for me to pick up on same with the party. Every scene has its objects and its specificity to it usually without taking a shit ton of time to go over. This is really really good especially for your first fic to have that balance. So far I’m really liking it. I’m looking forward to even more! See you real soon!
OtakuLeader chapter 3 . 4/1
Okay, I’ll admit now that this chapter I had absolutely no clue as to what you were talking about for some parts of it except that it was exciting fighting, at least for the beginning. And then Halo was mentioned. This was a nice chapter showing a slice of life of Yang and Blake’s relationship. I remember the first time I read I had wondered if Blake would reveal her ears or not. I also enjoyed the bit of White Rose you snuck in there. I felt you kept in character for the two of them. I love when I see you write for Weiss especially though. She’s my favorite character so seeing a bit more of her ‘tsundere’ personality was cute. Overall, very nice and amusing chapter.
elfenlied1012 chapter 2 . 4/1
I told you I’d be reading more of your work. Coffee with strangers huh? Practically known as the bumblebee bible. Honestly, I’ve been recommended this fic possibly the most out of everything, it borders Blood Rose and Remnant Reclaimer in terms of incessant suggestion I should read it, and honestly just like those fics, I’ve avoided it mostly because everyone told me to read it, but I finally broke down. I want to see how the legend holds up. Spoilers, not too bad at all.

But let’s start with the critique. Sorry if these end up old news, but it might help if no one’s talked about it. So far there are bits here and there, but the most common mistake I see here, comes from something most people never think about. Your narrator.

Narrators come in about 4 types. First person character, best for short stories since it’s the fastest for emotional attachment but most limiting of the bunch. Third person omnipotent, basically god. You can give this type personality but it comes off pretentious usually. Lastly is limited third person, a narrator that’s tied to a person or perspective. It knows what they know and that’s it. Yours sits uncomfortably between both limited and omnipotent. It can tell us Blake’s thoughts, but not her name, it switches to a bear with very little notice at one point even.

There is a perspective like yours, it’s a type of limited tied to sets of characters, but for that to work it needs to be consistent. It knows Yang, all of Yang, it knows Blake, all of Blake, and lastly it knows the chubby little bear ALL OF THE CHUBBY LITTLE BEAR. Lol Even then this is super hard, shifting narrators can really blur and confuse the reader for even a single second and take them out of the experience. Suddenly we are like “wait so this is the bear now?” and since we had that thought we got to get swayed back into the story. Which to your credit is a snappy process.

So I really didn’t want to harp on that, but it’s not something a lot of people consider so let’s talk about the good, which there is more of (but will be snappier cause it needs no explanation) You’re dialogue is solid and I like your interpretation of the characters (some may call it OOC sometimes, but really don’t listen to then, these versions are older, in a different world and should not be identical, especially considering the cartoony quality of the show. They are close and it makes them unique to your world which I think it’s part of why this fic has life.) The scene where Blake argues herself to defeat is a special moment to me, and how they handled the “are we going out?” stuff is well done and different in how adult it’s handled. Matches the simplicities of college life.

Over all, I’ve liked it so far, enough that after writing this monster of a review I’m going to hop right back in (even though I should totally be writing right now). You’ll see me soon, I promise.
OtakuLeader chapter 1 . 4/1
So, here we are again Lilly. We being myself, you, and another person. You’ll figure out shortly what I mean lol Anyways, review time. I can never say enough how awesome this story was from the very beginning. Yang just chilling, oozing confidence, friendliness, and then bam. There’s a Blake. And the use of imagery you used in this chapter, throughout the story in general, was and still is better than many other fics I’ve read. For this first chapter of the story, it gives off a warm and exciting aura that I believe makes the reader burst with anticipation as to what is going to happen next. It also helps the reader feel as if they are there right alongside Yang, in my opinion at least.

The level of snark in this chapter I think is what did it to convince me to keep reading this story. And the “you fiend!” line was such a standard phrase for the time this story was first written. I always enjoy seeing it, even now. It reminds me of the fandom in its infancy. Good times! Anyways, brilliant introductory chapter and I can’t wait to review again.
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