Reviews for My Own Way
angelMwings chapter 12 . 11/9
This story is really good. I love it. I love the friendship that Lucy and the Thunder tribe. I hope you will start writing for this story again.
Mizz Myztery chapter 12 . 9/6
continue plz
crazybrunette165 chapter 1 . 9/1
I loved how you put in the prospect of team nastu holding back Lucy I mean I love how fairytail is but it did put me to thinking that it's true he's always around mostly always with her at the guild and at her apartment even when not wanted and on missions not always but puts his attention to saving her when she's in trouble he doesn't let her grow so to say I think she really could accomplish a lot of things if she didn't have them caging her subconsciously I mean look at the time she spent away from them for a year and she learned star dress but anyway love your book and the point you put in there
Yed01 chapter 12 . 8/22
i always love it your such a good writer I'm eager to find fairy tails reaction pls pls pls update
MidnightRainCloud chapter 7 . 7/17
loved it
MidnightRainCloud chapter 4 . 7/17
its cuz you writing is to good they be jelly and love this chapter once again it amazing. thanks for the hard work and the amazing experience of a whole new fairy tail.
MidnightRainCloud chapter 2 . 7/17
I am loving the fanfiction and a/n be on point.
CrystalVixen93 chapter 12 . 5/29
Love your story and can't wait to see what happens next so I hope you update again soon plz.
SailorTardis498 chapter 12 . 4/22
i love this story please update... its a completely different take on hoe most of these are writte
Fairyhearts and Lia chapter 4 . 4/1

Normally I don't review until the last published chapter but I read you author's note at the end of this chapter and I agree with you whole heartedly. I'm against flames as well and I usually report users who leave particularly bad ones. I'm still in school but I work as a script writer for the school's drama club, the script writer for several animations done by a local media group and also on the planning for their comics as well as writing soundtracks. I understand completely how real life gets in the way of writing here, I took a 'break' for two years because of it! I wasn't planning on returning but getting back into one of my old fandoms (actually, this fandom) brought me back to my stories.

I wish you best of luck with your novel or whatever you're working on currently and will do my usual review of your story when I finish reading.
the real narnia chapter 12 . 3/31
I just read all of this and it's amazing. I definitely can't wait to see then all face off against Acnologia, now that Lucy and the Raijin tribe also have dragon slayer magic. Now there are 8 slayers.
I'm also looking forward to everything that happens during the grand magic games arc, so please please please please please please please update this soon. I know it's been over a year since this was updated, but this story is amazing, and I really want to see it continued. Happy writing! :)
AnimeGamerGirl23 chapter 12 . 3/9
Please update story is great, i can't wait for the next chapter
Bloody Amethyst chapter 12 . 3/7
I seriously love this story _
I don't know how many times I have reread what you have posted so far _ I do hope more chapters will come up soon since I'm really looking forward to see what happens next _
ctkatieq99 chapter 12 . 2/21
This story amazinggg
girlgonerouge chapter 12 . 1/24
This book is soo good. Please continue writing it.
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