Reviews for Must Love Dogs
Wintertree chapter 26 . 9/16
A lot happens in this chapter! I love that Elena is trusting Katherine with finding a new place for her aunt to rent. And she also seems to trust Damon:)

I don't know why I cannot sympathize with Rebekah in the situation she is in (which is pretty bad for anyone). From everything that I have read in this story, she seems to me a person with no feelings at all (except maybe for her desire of revenge), or as a person with some mental problems, so that is why I cannot feel for her at all. But I am curious to see what will happen with her.

Elena and Stefan - they have a complicated relationship. The car scene between them was to be expected, they have always had that sexual tension, and they are both passionate characters (although Elena seems like she acts on impulses a lot, almost like a teenager, while Stefan seems to be restraining himself up until he cannot do that anymore, and the combination of the two of them is explosive - you have made their dynamic very exciting). Your smutty scene was fine, I liked it, I usually don't like any smut, but you are doing it very well:) Curious about what happens next!
Wintertree chapter 25 . 8/26
Laughing at Rebekah's anger and at how Katherine put her in her place, I cannot say I am sorry for her! And the scene between her and Stefan was a little funny, Stefan is so over her.

Poor Elena! I understand where Stefan is coming from (thinking that he is not good for her, and wanting to protect her from himself), but it must have been heartbreaking for her to hear his words. I like the fact that she was willing to fight for him, and give their relationship a chance:)

I really don't see where their relationship will go from here, but I am very curious to know. You surely know how to make the reader suffer for of these two, haha! Don't get me wrong, I love your story!:)
Wintertree chapter 24 . 8/26
So many things to take from this chapter! First, the fact that that Rebekah had actually cheated on Stefan before they got divorced, I felt sorry for him:( Then, the fact that Stefan finally admits to Elena that he cares about her, and that she is an amazing person.

I liked that in this chapter there are so many echoes to Stefan's character from the series; his guilt - even if Rebekah had cheated on him, he feels guilty for neglecting her and blames himself for the disastrous ending of their marriage; also him not feeling worthy of being loved, as he tells Elena that right now he is not good enough for her or for anyone else; his way of coping with his guilt is not the best though, but is good to know that he takes responsibility for his mistakes and does not blame anyone else for them - that is a beautiful trait of his character. All these are nice things to read:)

I also liked that Stefan apologized to Elena for his involvement in Jenna's salon being torn down; also that Katherine is not satisfied to be only the pretty image of the company, but she wants to learn about real estate, and asks Damon to teach her:)

A beautiful chapter, thank you!
Wintertree chapter 23 . 8/22
Rebekah in total revenge mode! I wonder how far she will go with her plans.

Katherine was really great again, the way she chased that girl and forced Stefan to get out of his house. And Stefan is behaving like a child, an upset child that does not care about anything anymore, haha.

And Enzo - I don't know what to think about him - but I liked him a lot in this chapter.

And Damon asking for Elena's help, that was nice, can't wait to see what will happen!
Wintertree chapter 22 . 8/22
Stefan is being a mess, I am sorry for him, but, as Katherine said, he could have done something about that paper; I don't know why he did not do anything about it when he made the deal with Elena; he probably never had the intention of honoring his part of the deal.

On the other hand, he did indeed feel something for Elena during that date, it wasn't just a one-night stand for him, and that is nice to see.

And Katherine is great, she is fierce and has a great personality (and heart, I would add), I like very much how you wrote her:)

It is funny how everyone now is worrying about Stefan, and at the same time don't know what to do about him!:)
Wintertree chapter 21 . 8/18
I liked Elena's attitude towards Stefan; anything to make him show some emotion, she clearly pushed the right buttons, haha! On the other hand, I feel sorry for him. Poor Stefan, so much pressure for him from everywhere! Especially now from Rebekah, she is playing a tough game.

I wonder how Elena will react when she finds out about her aunt Jenna's grooming salon being demolished.
Wintertree chapter 20 . 8/15
I sort of expected Elena and Stefan to end their meeting that way. Elena is clearly upset, Stefan is confused about it, but I think he was also affected, still he wants to play the insensitive guy.

Laughing out loud at how Klaus stopped Rebekah and Caroline's bickering:) I love that Klaus chooses to remain loyal to his friend!

Datherine is beautiful, I am glad they are working on their relationship:)

Poor Elena! I totally understand her! She is also so funny when she is drunk!

I don't know, I have a feeling that after his long awaited moment with Elena, Stefan is going to have a hard time trying to see her again. I don't think she is eager to see him, much less talk to him!
Wintertree chapter 19 . 8/15
I hope you did not go into hiding after this chapter (as you wrote in your note at the end), it was a chapter that perfectly portrayed the complexity of Elena and Stefan's relationship, and the contradictory feelings they have (especially Elena).

I think it is interesting that you chose to write about Elena's feelings and thoughts during her scene with Stefan. About that scene... they have such good sexual chemistry, and you did a good job in portraying the increasing tension and desire for each other. But I couldn't help feeling Elena's sadness at Stefan's words...the fact that part of her died at hearing his words (as you so well put it).

It is also interesting for me that you chose not to mention or write anything regarding Stefan's feelings or thoughts about his moment with Elena. Probably because, while Elena knows that she is falling for him, he is totally confused about his feelings for her, and does not want to bother thinking about them. I will probably find out in later chapters how he truly felt about this moment.

Klaroline and Datherine are lovely as usual, they don't seem to be as messy as Stelena:)
Wintertree chapter 18 . 8/15
Very nice scene at the beginning of the chapter between Elena and Stefan, I liked that they were honest with each other.

Katherine is great!:) And Klaus and Caroline are making progress in their relationship:)

I liked that Stefan introduced Elena as his girlfriend at the restaurant:)
Wintertree chapter 17 . 8/5
This has been such a beautiful chapter! With Damon telling Stefan that Elena will be good for him, and that she adores him (everyone has seen that, except for Stefan of course!); and with Alaric urging Elena to go and talk to Stefan:)

It was so nice to see Stefan as loving uncle to Izzie again:)

And the last part, with the scene between Elena and Stefan... I loved that Elena tells him that she likes him, and Stefan tells her that she is the only thing in his life that in makes sense in this moment and is not falling apart like everything else around him, and that she is keeping him from losing his mind. Very sweet and honest moment between the two. I don't expect this kind of moments to occur again soon though, because, as Stefan has pointed out, he is a very complex person with a lot of problems; and both of them don't want to be vulnerable and get hurt again, so I guess it will take a while before things are good between them.

I have meant to write this for a long time, I love how you divide the chapters in different scenes, following different threads in the story. It is indeed like watching a series, and it makes the story easy and exciting to read:)
Wintertree chapter 16 . 8/5
Katherine and Damon are great! The way they confronted Rebekah, who now is revealing the real motive for still being around.

Lovely moment between Klaus and Caroline:)

And a beautiful moment between Stefan and Elena too. Both are so sweet, Elena wants Stefan to solve his situation with Rebekah for his sake, and Stefan apologizing for what had happened. I could not help but notice how gentle he has been to Elena lately:)

And Elena is falling for him:) I just hope, for her sake, that Stefan will reciprocate her feelings soon (even if he is still hurt and damaged).
Wintertree chapter 15 . 8/5
Great chapter! I loved the whole birthday party situation, Rebekah making an appearance, and Katherine standing up to her and defending Stefan and Elena; Stefan proclaiming Elena as his girlfriend (now that is a little bit better than their previous arrangement!); and Stefan putting Rebekah in her place, that was great! I loved reading this chapter!:)
Wintertree chapter 14 . 8/5
So many things happen in this chapter! Klaus is right when he calls Stefan and Elena's behavior "reckless." So Stefan is sure that if he feels something for Elena he will move on with another woman - that is very smart and realistic from him (sarcasm!), doesn't he know that usually when you have feelings for someone you naturally want to be with that person?

Lol at Rebekah's appearance! Her reaction was priceless (I loved how you wrote that!) But I wonder what she is up to.

I really loved Elena's reactions to the situations with Rebekah, first she tries to leave in order not to make the situation worse, then she punches Rebekah in the face because of her insults:) I also loved how Stefan went after Elena wanting to make sure she is ok, that for me is a sign that he starts to have feelings for her:)

And Klaus is charming with Caroline, as usual:)
Wintertree chapter 13 . 7/27
And I forgot to mention that I miss the interaction between Stefan and Duke (the dog). The way Stefan talked to the dog as if it was a human being, and the dog's reactions (and how you wrote them) to him were so cute, and hilarious:)
Wintertree chapter 13 . 7/26
I love how you write Katherine (and Damon) in the story; I am glad that Katherine is plotting with her mother-in-law:) Poor Giuseppe! Actually I feel sorry for Maria, not for Giuseppe!

Again, a very good scene between Elena and Stefan, you have managed to write their chemistry and tension so well. I think this is one of my favorite stories also because of how you write the love/sex scenes:)

I think I am almost happy they did not get through with it, I am hoping for this kind of scene when they both feel something (but maybe that will not happen, haha)
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