Reviews for Rest My Soul
rjh1960 chapter 24 . 11/1
I love this story so much- I did not want it to end. I have been saving reading this chapter for years! I just went to memphis for the first time and went to many of the places mentioned in the story. I really kept expecting Edward to pop out of the local fire stations ( I looked each time we passed one). When I walked on Beale St. I looked or Bella at Rum Boogie. Your Edward and Bella are so sweet. I love how protective he is. Bella is so good for him and I love how Charlie is connected to them as well. I reread the story for the 100th time in honor of my Memphis visit. I realized I had to read the "last chapter". But I'm thrilled there is still a future take! Wish you would add more to it! Really great story, one of my favorites.
robertsbella2 chapter 25 . 10/25
Wow great story. Loved it.
Sophia sophia chapter 25 . 9/15
Loved this story .
Guest chapter 25 . 8/1
I finished re reading Down home a couple of days ago and like always I can't leave your universe and had to continue with Rest my soul. Like Meyer did with Twilight giving us Forks, the rain, high school and vampires you created your own universe in Down home with Quitman, the humidity and heat, the fishing and a young love with no baggage. Here you did it again but with a more mature love with a lot of baggage, Beale with its bars and music, and the same strong sense of family, friendship and love so present in both of your stories. I'm sure before this year end I will have to revisit these characters again, they are like a comfort blanket in these troubled times. Thank you.
Escapee2FF chapter 25 . 6/4
sooo good
Pattigirl23 chapter 1 . 5/15
Yes, this was so good! So well written and very emotional. Thank you for sharing
cejsmom chapter 3 . 4/18
Hoping to find a chapter I’ve not ever reviewed. I’m drowning myself in your words all over again. My happy go to place. Thank you for always sharing them with us.
datahawk chapter 25 . 2/12
oh my God this was so good!
clickpic chapter 25 . 1/25
Thank you so much for your story.
pixiekat7 chapter 25 . 10/29/2020
I've read this story more times than I can count and it gets better every time. It's a beautiful journey for both Edward and Bella. Thank you so much.
Elle Whitecap chapter 25 . 9/29/2020
Good story. It’s refreshingly different, and of course I love the location.
Paliia Love chapter 25 . 9/5/2020
Awww this was such a great story :)
Kksmum chapter 25 . 5/4/2020
Great story. Love all the family and friends. Great writing.
sury.h chapter 25 . 3/30/2020
Loved it, thank you for sharing!
jenejes chapter 25 . 2/15/2020
OMG OMG OMG OMG I finally got to read this, Nan and it was fucking fabulous! After getting to meet and hang out with you last year at TFMU, I could hear this whole story narrated in your sweet, bourbon-hinted accent. I want to go to Memphis now even more than before!
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