Reviews for Mischievous and Magical
fireelfmaiden1 chapter 46 . 8/29
yes i really loved reading his fanfic, i am looking forward to reading what comes out next. wonderful job.
Megan chapter 46 . 8/12
Please update! This story is amazing
Susan Drakian chapter 34 . 7/2
Chapter 34..God damn it will they ever get a break! I wanted to scream! I hope eventually they finally get to be together.. and is there connection broken or something. They don't seem to be feeling each others emotions anymore.
Susan Drakian chapter 32 . 7/1
This was emotional. I feel so bad for loki.

Though I loved the "Pointy object" comment
Susan Drakian chapter 31 . 7/1
Ok I lied, Its now ten in the morning. I couldn't stop reading! So good. Though I was glad there was a little less drama at the end of this one. Maybe now I can sleep before it picks u again. Ugh I want to see them married so damn bad. I love this pairing!
Susan Drakian chapter 25 . 7/1
Ugh I couldn't sleep I wanted to read more. Wow. x.x so much In one chapter. Loved hermione holding her own.
Susan Drakian chapter 23 . 7/1
I am loving this! Hermione is such a queen. I feel so bad for her right now though. Went from chater 13 to the end of 23 Wish I could continue, but its four in the morning..Been reading since ten! and im not even half way through. Looks like I have another day or so before im caught up. Looking forward to it.
Susan Drakian chapter 13 . 6/29
Only on chapter thirteen but im in love with this story, when she goes back to Midgard, if she does I hope loki follows her and helps. I will have to contue reading . But in the morning. I've been reading since ten pm its now two am. I think this will probably take me another two or so days. Since theres over three hundred k words. look forward to it.
Guest chapter 10 . 6/25
This is a really interesting story that I keep coming back to. However, Hermione really needs to grow a backbone. Her "honor" is cowardice, as is her unwillingness to use her magic. She runs away from every problem, and acts as if she's the only one who suffered. She has gained wisdom, yes, but she hides it behind this smokescreen of pathetic meekness that doesn't line up with her character at all. Loki is a dick, who clearly doesn't understand the way relationships work. She can do so much better, deserves so much better.
WildThoughtsEscape chapter 46 . 5/16
I really do hope you some day return to this story and that you still read these reviews. If you need an editor or someone to help with the story I am more than happy to take some of that stress off your hands. I would love to see this story completed, and from the impressive number of reviews, I believe so would many other fans of your work!
Ara Laufeyson chapter 13 . 4/10
You make amazing storys! This is probably the BEST Loki and Hermione fic ever!
MilandaAnza chapter 46 . 3/20
I realize this story is likely over. But in my head Hermiones healing magic will protect her baby, Loki will find out what his father did which leads to the movies because Thor defends Odin, and Hermione takes the throne when Odin slips into the all sleep so Loki comes crawling back to his wife and child. It was an amazing story though and now I wonder how many of his own children Odin killed
Guest chapter 46 . 12/3/2017
Yes. Im still reading and avidly so.
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 46 . 11/24/2017
OMG one of the best stories ive read in a long time! I need you to continue updating!
blackbloodywolf chapter 46 . 10/28/2017
this is a great story, more please!
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