Reviews for Media Firestorm
DragonsDeadAndDancing chapter 23 . 6/18
Stumbling upon this has made my week! It's sadly to the point with all this bias and harassment, but I'm glad there's so much support for Tali and Shep. You've got the cultures spot-on. I dearly hope you'll continue this series of flawless works of excellence.
May I humble request a few military reports on this topic? In the vein of 'Tali/Shep stirs up public; influence on troups etc'.
mojo98 chapter 23 . 5/22
make the same story but with femshep and Garrus
kill-phil chapter 23 . 5/22
Hehe. That was really great. Always wonder how you and some other guys are able to bring in every little thing somehow the Romance between Tali and Shepard in. It is just splendid.

is it just me that the first part reminded me bit about David Letterman? I mean what a coincidence that he had his last show and you upload that xD Ah well.

So yea. Seems that religion still a thing in 2187 huh? And antidepressiva as well xD Good to know :)

Thanks for telling us. I will sit in my corner and cry for hte next 6 weeks then.

Avatar Stark chapter 23 . 5/22
This you post the day after David Letterman retires...? Now I'm getting all choked up again. :,l
HunterMoore chapter 23 . 5/21
Those opening jokes were hilarious. Especially the favourite position one. Great work as per usual, reall well done. Looking forward to the next update, no matter how far away it is.
kristian454 chapter 23 . 5/21
So I just spent the last two hours reading this whole story and I'm in love with it. Such a unique view point on the Mass Effect series and boy is it funny sometimes. I mean that last one had me wake up the entire house (which I got my ass chewed for). Either way I'm following this story... And if I could make a request, I'd love to read about the Shep!Tali relationship from the viewpoints of younger Quiarian's (probably didn't spell that right) and Humans, preferably late teens to early adults, or really any race. Either way looking forward to reading more in the future!
Guest chapter 23 . 5/21
Says he's not a comedian actually made good jokes. Keep up the righting this is a great story.
V-rcingetorix chapter 23 . 5/21
Writing random people, eh? You seem to have a good thing going there. What method are you using? When I try to do that, I generally have to write a segment, then wait a few hours until I'm feeling different, then go back to writing. Before and after lunch seems to work well, too. Something about blood-sugar content ...

Anyway, good luck on the work, and thanks for the heads up!
Darkblaze40 chapter 23 . 5/21
Wait...You mean this wasn't humour before?
NucaCola chapter 23 . 5/21
I really enjoyed this chapter! You really got creative with the comedy at the beginning.
Also, not to point any fingers at any group, but you really nailed the liberal and conservative viewpoints with this. A little short, but I think this was your best one yet.
I don't know how you can make any more chapters for this, you've seem to have covered all the bases with this story, buy if you feel like you can pump out more in the future then go ahead!
Reviewer543 chapter 23 . 5/21
First chick was a complete airhead.
First guy was a dick.
Second chick was very... enthusiastic. Wish I had whatever she took.
Second guy was... yea I'm not going there.

Otherwise nice job! Loved the jokes.
unity9 chapter 23 . 5/21
Interesting how to look at the Talk Show perspective of life in the Mass Effect universe. The jokes were nice too.
Reaper7 chapter 23 . 5/21
I like that last bit. Accents are great. Make you either laugh and smile, or cringe and groan. Either way, loved it! Keep it up!
KingN7 chapter 23 . 5/21
Nice job Rogen, noticed this immediately when I checked my email! :D You did a great job at putting humor into this, it's fun seeing these kinds of 'man on the street' things, and you wrote it in a way that makes a lot of sense for the Mass Effect universe. Had to have a pretty big laugh at the bible guy, I'm glad to know they don't disapprove of human-alien relationships, usually anything that isn't the usual is something religions aren't a fan of. Good to know! :D Also, the start with the host was very well written, I could easily see some talk show hosts saying these things!

Sorry to hear you won't be updating, but life always come first! Keep up the great work!

Keelah Se'lai,
TheGreatJabberyJamie chapter 23 . 5/21
Great chapter, as above i thought it was very funny. the people from the streets were funny, like the disinterested guy
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