Reviews for The Winchester Way
Rae Roberts chapter 19 . 2/15
I'm glad you gave Amie a chance to try and rescue herself. Good chapter.
Rae Roberts chapter 18 . 2/15
Ah, I love Dean's little slip, there. Katarina is in for a surprise, I'm guessing.
MrsGooglyBear chapter 38 . 2/12
Damn, I absolutely HATE this ending (no offence though)! It's not your writing or anything, FAR FROM IT, but the fact that he just up and left!? UGH! But I guess he just needed some time to think. Poor Amie too though. She has no idea why he left her there. :( I've already started the sequel (and it's amazing, I might say!) and I can't wait for another update on that one! I absolutely LOVED this story and I absolutely LOVE the sequel as well! AMAZING job in every chapter and AMAZING writing skills as well. :) Can't wait to read more of yours! :D
MrsGooglyBear chapter 37 . 2/12
Awesome! Loved the whole "Save Amie" thing! I loved all the action going on in this chapter, as well. :) Great job once again! Loved all of it. ;)
MrsGooglyBear chapter 36 . 2/12
Oh no, getting kinda serious now huh? Though I doubt it'll be for long, considering who Bartholomew is messing with and who's girl he's taken in "interest" in. Great chapter, all the same though. :) Loved that ringtone scene too! xD
MrsGooglyBear chapter 35 . 2/12
Damn, Cas is such a cock-blocker! xD Hopefully they can FINALLY get their alone time together, and soon. ;P Great job and great chapter! Enjoyed it, as I always do. :)
MrsGooglyBear chapter 34 . 2/12
Another great chapter, just like all the rest. :) Hope our favorite couple patch things up soon. I always hate seeing them arguing or not getting along. Anyway, great chapter and great writing, as always. :D
MrsGooglyBear chapter 33 . 2/12
Uh oh. Not good. The Cas not liking Amie thing and the Cas getting taken thing too. Still great though, as it always is, and the writing was great too. :) Can't wait to read what happens next!
MrsGooglyBear chapter 32 . 2/12
So happy they finally killed that mother F-er! Glad Amie finally got her revenge and by doing so, avenged her family. :) Great chapter! Hope Amie is okay though...
MrsGooglyBear chapter 31 . 2/12
Kinda angsty in this one. I'm glad we got to learn even more about Amie's past. Great job on this one, as always. :) Hope they eventually find that f*cker and kill it! Great job and great chapter. :)
MrsGooglyBear chapter 30 . 2/12
Loved this chapter. :) Always love those two when they're lovey dovey. lol Even if it's brief. Anyway, great chapter and I enjoyed it, as always. :D
MrsGooglyBear chapter 29 . 2/12
Damn glad that Bill is gone for good. Can't wait to read more chapters and see what's gonna happen now that they found the pureblood who killed her family. Great chapter, as always. :)
MrsGooglyBear chapter 28 . 2/11
Absolutely LOVED this chapter! So happy they FINALLY made up and that he finally told her how he truly feels about her! And the smexy scene was a nice read as well. ;) Amazing job!
MrsGooglyBear chapter 27 . 2/11
Ahh! So glad he's back for her! Couldn't take much more of Bill. :P Great chapter, overall though. :)
MrsGooglyBear chapter 26 . 2/11
Loved this chapter! I do hope they work out their problems though. :\ But I loved seeing Kevin in this chapter and I also thought it was funny how Amie tied him up and snuck out. lol Great chapter!
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