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Guest chapter 15 . 10/31
Guest chapter 37 . 10/28
Any chance you're coming back to this story? Please!
MissingThis chapter 37 . 10/16
Hi, I know you may not get this, but have you abandoned this story? or all your fics? I really enjoyed this one when I first read it, and was sad that it was not finished. I have just come back to it, and it is still one of my favourite harry potter stories I've read (excluding the originals of course). I was hoping you would consider starting up writing again? or if not, you would consider adopting out this story to someone else. Thank You for Listening!
tequilla45 chapter 20 . 10/10
Big Leg chapter 2 . 9/25
Harry passes out, wakes up in a strange place, surrounded by strangers, then he's told that he has to join their (brotherhood, cult, school) for 2 YEAR. and at no time does Harry question any of this, ask to be taken home or try to escape? Seriously, you coudn't have added one token conversation about this?
FotoDi chapter 26 . 9/21
Plot question: why didn't Harry use his Fire Element to fry the two Chimera? Or the XL Mointain Trolls?

Why didn't the people of Hogsmead have portkeys to The Gates of Hogwarts?

As it is July in this Fic's time frame, is Harry turning 16 at the end of the month?

HARRY'S PROBLEM: BEING SEDN & FOLLOWED AS A LEADER BY Human Magicals, who only see a partially-educated, 15-year-old, powerful but broken orphan... (Hero/Savior)... (Sacrificial Lamb/Scapegoat)... (Chosen One/Child of Prophecy)... (Boy Who Lived/Magical Anachronism)...(Impetuous/Lacking Survival Instincts) ... (Cursed/Horcrux Carrier) ... (

Would not Harry going (albeit unwillingly) to the Dragon Rider's School in the Hidden Realm and bonding with a sentient Dracken Member of the Anciet Counsel) achieving the status of co-ather, grant Harry a special legal status? Granted, Harry may still be in legal-status-limbo as he only completed 1 of a 2-year training program. Also, Wizards would be sure to point out that Harry did not take any OWLS. Wouldn't MAGIC grant Dragon Rider Ather Harry a special "adult" status?

I am curious, why would Harry Potter's Patronus remain a stag, albeit a powerful, Demontor-goring opaque-white beacon? I would think that being kidnapped and basically tortured by the Elves (et Alia) would qualify as a Life Altering event thus encourageing his Patronus to mutate. I would expect Harry to generate a monstrously large & deadly Dragon, (or at least manifest two Patronuses)!.
freeasthebirds chapter 37 . 8/25
Hi! I have to admit, this is one of the best stories that I have gotten the pleasure of reading! There have been a couple of times when I went to search for your story again to re-read a few chapters that I loved, but this time I actually re-read the whole thing over again! And I've got to say, I love your plot and original characters(which is big for me, as I'm usually not a fan of OCs) as well as the interaction between Harry and Teneb.
I know it's been years since you last updated, but hopefully you would be able to do so sometime in the future as I would really love to know how this story ends.
Fury of the Dancing Flames chapter 37 . 8/22
please update this story
Anna Mackey chapter 37 . 8/22
Wow, what a story! I almost had a stroke when I saw it was not completed! Then I read your profile and, well, I definitely understood. Med school is a pain. A lovely one, but a pain nonetheless!

I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job with this story, and I'm really glad you're finishing your studies! Hopefully you'll find some time to write between patients! But lives go first, so I'll pray and wait lol!
Abi783 chapter 1 . 7/28
Hi. I noticed that you updated anarkia relatively recently. Could you please consider updating this story too? This is the first fanfiction I ever read, and I've never found another one like it. It is really amazing and I love the whole concept. I remember thinking when I first read this a few years ago that it was even better than the original series, and I still think that. I understand you're really busy and have a lot of things on your plate, but seriously, it would mean so much to me and many other people if you could just finish this story. There isn't really much to go to finish, and it would be great to finally know how the story ends. Please, please update.


PS: If possible, could you reply to this message? Again, thank you.
njaliya chapter 8 . 7/20
For a pairing Harry/Daphne or maybe Fleur would work well
asingh123 chapter 2 . 7/10
your story is filled with snapes... you must feel very proud...

insult A human, how refreshing, a human who without any training fucked a 1000yrs old basilisk
Guest chapter 37 . 7/6
It's been almost eight years. Is there more to this story? Please?
Alex Clown chapter 36 . 7/3
I need to ask a question that I should have done since i started to reed the story XD (2003) if any of you can help me. I'm would apreciate forever.. which lenguage harry and Teneb used when they say ...
"Desen hela athia" (Death and life)
"Lith tarx jomi" (Linked through all)
TheWTFNikie chapter 10 . 6/26
thanks god! now i figure out chats
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