Reviews for Queen of Hearts
Sofie chapter 26 . 3/12
Amazing as always! :D
DriftIn chapter 26 . 3/12
Love olicity, duh but I really love the sweetness of Thea and felicity's interactions. Great update.
westernbeauty chapter 26 . 3/12
Absolutely loving this story. You know exactly how much to give x
Katibrowning7 chapter 26 . 3/12
YES! This is my favorite fanfic that I have ever read! I am so excited to see what Moira is thinking these days! Eeekkkk! This is just SO GOOD!
rebfan90 chapter 26 . 3/12
Great chapter!
famiza chapter 26 . 3/12
Oh my god this is so gooooood! I love this story it's actually one of my favorite ;)
zoangig chapter 26 . 3/12
stupid cliffie lol :p can't wait for Moira's reaction!

For a second there I thought Oliver was going to ask Felicity to marry him! :o how he rushed into that bathroom and with the intense gaze and all!

Can't wait for the next chapter!
scorpio38457 chapter 26 . 3/12
Really enjoying your story
sin.bella.9 chapter 26 . 3/12
Yeaaaaa have been impatintly & eagerly waiting for this chapter. Thank you so much. It was everything I had hoped more and more. I loved it and definitely was worth a wait. My only problem was that I did not want it to end.
Brilliantly and beautifully told! Cannot wait for chap-27.
To kill the time shall keep re-reading previous chapters. I know crazy obessed but can't help it.
Miss Savvy xoxo chapter 26 . 3/12
Well good on them being all hot and happy! And that is a cliffhanger, I want to see how Moira will react! Thanks for updating!
bjq chapter 26 . 3/12
awesome please update soon
ChiefPam chapter 26 . 3/12
Lovely... and oh, what's Moira thinking.
Also, when is Oliver going to realize that getting married would be a good thing? :)
XMisfitLeaderX chapter 26 . 3/12
Loving it. As I think I've said before I wait with bated breath for your chapters. I get pretty upset when life gets in the way and I can't sit and devour it (it's never long enough).

I was wondering are you going to do the whole 'Oliver has a kid already' bit? I think it would be good story but I'm not sure if I could handle the possible conflict/tension that might arise from that storyline.

Next, please!
Swallow in the Cloud chapter 26 . 3/12
So cute between Thea, Oliver, and Felicity! I'm not sure if that last scene with Moira will spell trouble or cause her to have a change of heart but I can't wait to find out! Thanks for another awesome chapter!
totalqt91 chapter 26 . 3/12
Ooooh Mama Queen... intriguing. Eeek, so excited for more!
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