Reviews for Follow Me Back into the Sun
smalsa chapter 1 . 10/25/2013
I don’t think I’ve ever left a review for you and that’s mainly due to how inadequate I feel one can be for the likes of someone like you, after reading your last BV fic you were added straight onto my the list of my favourite authors. You’re the second BV author to have ever reduced me to tears through the beauty of your writing, thank-you, I hope you realise how tremendously talented you are and I truly hope that one day you’ll write a multi-chapter story for BV, because magnificent isn’t a word to describe how epic it could be.

I’ve read everything you’ve written for BV and every time I’ve been awed, moved and reduced to tears and this set of drabbles had the same affect. I wish you’d actually given each one its own chapter because then I could let you know how breathtakingly perfect each one is, you’re just able to capture emotion so perfectly it’s so hard to describe.

Innocence was perfection. Kiss I had to re-read three times to comprehend how utterly amazing it was. Soft reduced me to tears. Happiness was just that and it was breath-taking to read. Sensual, god, it was sensual and descriptive and I wanted to read more. Weakness blurred my eyesight.

Speed and Wind contrast so beautifully together and both showcase why these two are meant to be. Hands described everything I’ve ever believed how bulma felt about vegeta. Smile, it was one line, a few words, oh but it was so perfect and beautiful.

Fear made me laugh and was a welcome change from the crying. Gift made me cry again. Heaven was perfection once again.

Star made me cry, it was truly beautiful, truly and I can’t even being to tell you it reduced me to tears,-“I once saw a star being born.” There’s so much one can interpret and I’ll keep mine secret. I think that’s what readings all about making our own interpretations.

But, chocolate, chocolate was a whole other creature. A creature filled to the brim with everything that is vegeta and will be vegeta and I don’t think I have ever seen his rivalry and bitterness toward Goku ever written in such perfection as it was here.

And supernova was the perfect way to end a set of drabbles that one doesn’t want to end. It was that breath of fresh air one takes, that small moment of peace and well. Perfection.

I truly hope you’ll be inspired into writing a multi-chapter fic or that you’ll keep on writing for this fandom, because writing like this is rare.
Jamielee0408 chapter 1 . 10/25/2013
Interesting take on a '3year' fic. It leaves a lot up to the imagination and lets the reader take one snippet and form another. I enjoyed it and this may be one of my favorite 3year takes I've read!
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