Reviews for Pokemon: The Origin of Species
Lord Xaos chapter 79 . 11h
Thank you for continuing the story, its great to hear from you! And your concerns about coronavirus were right on the money. I just wish people would stop hoarding due to herd mentality...

This was a very nice insight into Blue's psyche. He really is just as smart as the other two kids, he's just pursuing a much more extroverted goal, and has to think about social interactions with important people and how it changes his plans.
ruisancho chapter 79 . 4/3
Read this one in one breath last night. I've pictured Erika just like that (including the rumours...) and the clash between her and Blue is a natural one. I also enjoyed the conversation, how she kept appealing to Blue's ego.. Relentless! A true rose with her thorns.

At this point, Blue's my favourite storyline. I can relate the best with his issues and the League Challenge is why I'm here. Red's probably the best written, or at least it feels richer. The relationships and char. development are deeper and his issues are complex. I think that your development of psychic phenomenae is impressive. I feel the most distant about Leaf. I can relate to her concerns a lot, but it's a bit painfull to think how the changes she wants to bring will change the way the pokemon world works, even if it is the right thing to do.

Looking forward to the next chapter already!
Stay safe!
turntekGodhead chapter 79 . 4/2
Alicoe chapter 79 . 4/1
Great chapter! Really excited about this new pokemon, they were always rather vague about its abilities (assuming I guessed correctly and its the man-made one).
I wonder if you can ramp up the update schedule with you-know-what going around in case it is more feasible in these strange times. Well, just my two cents.
Sana Lama Samaha chapter 79 . 4/1
I know I don't often review, but I seriously do look forward to every new chapter that comes out.
Parselmaster chapter 79 . 4/1
That's awesome. Also, I should have known that even as innocuous a detail as those guys who talk to us about a gym challenge was going to be touched on, even if it is instead in their formulation. Fantastic.
roukoups chapter 79 . 4/1
really great chapter. I wondered for a while if in your interpretation of the Pokémon universe human can learn the move miracle eye?
eneath chapter 79 . 4/1
I really loved what you did with Erika and Blue here!
LapisLaFaye chapter 79 . 4/1
Excellent work as always. Erika's characterisation is a great take on the character (if she can be called that, apart from the manga Pokemon as a game series doesn't really develop its characters, so even more props), and her conversation with Blue is so delightfully complex, it feels like a spiderweb of psychology and theory of knowledge that they're both trying to weave and I love that. Also, yet another member of Blue's Champion team is added to the party! Admittedly it really did feel a tad anticlimactic, but you've addressed that, imo, in a satisfactory way. Stay safe.
noosplinters chapter 78 . 3/31
Finally getting around to commenting on this! I loved this chapter even more than I usually love your chapters :)

It's always really cool to see Red developing new powers and this chapter was especially exciting for me given how scary it could be if a psychic could actually lie.

I'm also really appreciating how you're building the tension with Mewtwo's story in parallel. It's really good!

Hope you're staying safe and healthy.
CMY187 chapter 21 . 3/28
“Museum of Paleontology…one of the city’s crown jewels”
A long time ago, pokemon such as Aerodactyl, Omastar and Kabutops were much more common. (looks at the Jurassic Park series) Maybe bringing them back to life isn’t the best idea…
“the surrounding mountains”
Pewter is one of the northernmost settlements of Kanto. How far do the mountains extend? Has anyone attempted to traverse them on foot? According to the Jurassic Park series, the biggest and/or most dangerous dinosaurs tend to live in the interior/central regions of the islands. How many trainers have dared to venture into the deepest/furthest reaches of the wilderness or the seas, far from any human settlement, hospital and pokemon center? How many have disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again? Are there any people in the Oak, Verres, Juniper or Sakaki family tree who have vanished in such a manner? Do any of the Leaders or Elites have relatives/loved ones who have never ‘officially’ died and instead disappeared?
“mansions of the city’s most wealthy inhabitants”
I’m now curious of the homes/residences of the Leaders and Elites.
“swiftly dwindling funds”
Money. Red needs it, and lots of it, if he hopes to achieve his dream of discovering and proving the origin of all pokemon species. What if he were to find and earn the trust/liking/friendship of a wealthy person who’d become invested in his dream? (looks at Giovanni) …
“his savings…his dad’s pension”
I thought of Vladimir Lenin; he needed lots and lots of money to fund his political campaigns, and the sheer necessity of said funding meant that he took money from people like Stalin and did not ask questions of how it was acquired. Would Blue do something similar out of desperation?
You a doctor who needs organs to save lives? Well we have some right here. You want to know how we got them? Look, do you want to help your patients or not?
…and now I’m imagining crazy people wanting to have their own human organs transplanted/replaced with pokemon organs. (shudders)
“one of the best ways to exercising self-control is to have such artificial limits”
I thought of Mewtwo concealing his full power. He knows that Giovanni and the other humans are afraid of him. Mewtwo is going to wait until an opportunity comes, and in the meantime, he would train, study, learn and listen.
“apply to a research institution”
Does Saffron Gym have ties/relationships/connections with any research institutions? Has Leader Sabrina contributed and/or participated into research studies and/or experiments regarding psychic power, be it pokemon or human-related? I’m pretty sure that creating a creature like Mewtwo is very, very illegal, and probably not the first time that such a feat has been done or attempted.
“his own supposed psychic trauma could explain why it was so strong against him”
How would Mewtwo be affected by Ghost-type attacks?
“indication of powerful ability”
The world of pokemon is an endlessly fascinating one. Why would a poisonous Bug like Spinarak/Ariados be able to utilize power similar to that of Ghost-type pokemon? Why indeed.
“Such failures are integral”
Red will be mocked, insulted, ridiculed, belittled, etcetera. He needs to accept that. I am curious of the people who’d genuinely respect his studies and theories while at the same time not hold back on criticizing his methods and practices.
“his wallet feels lighter”
…there’s a horrific and despicable industry involving Meowth and Persian, is there?
“an aerodactyl”
If you intend to follow a certain part/aspect of the Adventures manga, DayStarELD, it may mean that Red Verres may eventually bring an Aerodactyl into his primary team. (looks at Lance having an Aerodactyl in-game) (shrugs)
“people working to unearth some unidentified skeleton”
…please tell that there isn’t an expy of John Hammond in this story who intends to build a theme park for pokemon that have previously been extinct, because I have a feeling that it would go just as swimmingly as Jurassic Park did.
Robert Muldoon: (referring to the velociraptors) ‘They should all be destroyed.’
“the sense of wonder it evoked”
DayStarELD, if you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend The Punisher: The Tyger, which is a one-shot comic. In it, a 10-year-old Frank Castle visits a museum.
Are there humans who believe that HUMANITY can evolve into something ‘greater’? How many humans have attempted to fight pokemon themselves instead of other pokemon?
“a lot of renovations and new exhibits”
I look forward to re-reading and reviewing the Mount Moon story arc. I suspect that there may still be something in that mountain that has yet to be uncovered.
“each chamber focusing on a different topic”
(looks at the Ruins of Alph in Johto) Hmm.
“each tooth the size of his fingernails”
…and that’s just an infant.
“350 million and 400 million year stratum”
I’m guessing that in this story’s world, the majority of the planet – like Earth – consists of water.
Hm…there probably is an entire project/facility dedicated mainly to the care and study of Magikarp. ARE they young dragons like Dratini?
“there are more Water pokemon than any type”
As far as humans know, anyway. And that’s the beauty and frustration of it; they know so much and at the same time so little. And perhaps what they do know is wrong.
(looks at the final arc of Deus Ex: Human Revolution) …what if N were to do something like that; cause all the safety/domesticated protocols of pokeballs to be disabled and thus allow all captured pokemon to be able to attack humans including their owners and trainers?
“the ocean is…discovering secrets of the potential origin of life on earth, and clues to the origin of species”
Underwater travel. Red is definitely considering it.
“far too organized to have just popped into existence on their own”
How many people in this story insist that Magnemites are crabs like Krabby but different?
“which many like himself find outright repulsive”
Would Red ever be able to overcome this revulsion? If so, how? At the very least, it would be anything but easy.
“so volatile that they often live short, fairly pointless lives before exploding”
Self-destruct and Explosion. I’m guessing that there are taboos surrounding such moves.
“a particularly wasteful and pointless design, the result of chaos , not order”
Who’s to say that there is only one organized creator, Red? (looks at Takeshi/Brock’s beliefs in the creation of the world and pokemon) I love this story.
“admires the path of the helix spiral”
Now I’m imagining an Omanyte becoming uncomfortable with Red taking a magnifying lens to its shell.
“I thought that was proven unlikely: any bacteria that can travel by radiation pressure would be too small to survive in space without protection”
How frustrating can it be to be a Pokemon scientist; to spend your whole life studying, researching and finally proving something only for a new discovering to overturn your life’s efforts? This has probably happened to Sam Oak, possibly even more than once.
(looks at Adventures-Giovanni) Despite being a specialist in the Ground-type, he also has a Beedrill that has been with him for a long time (and whom Giovanni used to threaten to kill Adventures- Red if the latter were to reach for the pokeballs at his belt). Considering the trio’s experiences with Beedrill in this story…
“What bacteria can survive in space? And planetary re-entry?”
(looks at psychic power) I’m getting dizzy again.
“but Leaf walks around it”
I love Leaf. This is what it means to be an intrepid journalist! I’m guessing Leaf wouldn’t be impressed by tabloid journalists who attempted to photograph or film sex scandal-related stuff. The reality is that stuff like that sells. People are often more aware of the backgrounds of movie and sports stars than they are of historical/political/military figures. They know all about Tom Cruise but ask them about Augusto Pinochet and they’d say, ‘Who’s that?’
Leaf is gonna end up hating her job, isn’t she? She could put herself at great risk, career and health-wise, to uncover and expose a major criminal conspiracy, only for the general public to not even care all that much about it.
“A worker is at the top of a ladder”
Are there workers who grumble that pokemon are taking away their jobs?
“jeans, a t-shirt and flip-flops”
I wonder if Dr Brenner knows and is an associate/acquaintance of Bill.
“marveling anew at how normal his arm feels”
(looks at Adventures- Yellow) Red Verres may believe that abilities such as hers stem from psychic power.
“Officially it’s microbiology, but lately I’ve been branching out”
Giovanni’s organization has a file on Dr Brenner, don’t they?
“Oh, no, not at all, I’m glad for the company”
This made me grin thinking of the reclusive Bill. He is arguably one of the most brilliant minds of his generation, but said mind did not come without cost.
In the Adventures-manga, the Elite Four attempt to assassinate Bill by sending Bruno’s Hitmonlee to demolish and collapse his home with him (and Green) inside it.
“Dr Brenner laughs, a full, rich sound”
I recently watched the Altered Carbon: Resleeved (2020) anime movie. In it, a person’s manner/type of laughing is important to the plot. Man, I love Altered Carbon. Due to its premise, you can have the same character be portrayed by multiple actors, be they live-action or voice. This provides opportunity for an actor to, in the same story/project, portray brave, cowardly, good, evil, sane or psychotic.
“the clarity of youth”
What was Brenner like as a child?
“mere study of rocks”
Rock-type pokemon look up and frown.
“you were raised in very educated circles”
What are the levels of education in settlements like Saffron, Celadon and Fushia? What are the slums like?
“his perception of what’s normal is skewed by the company he kept”
(looks at Silver) …
“Pewter has always had a bit of a conflict at its heart when it comes to the science it specializes in and the beliefs of its people”
There are people who genuinely believe that Aeosis is a living god…
“if that was just a side effect of the resurrection process”
(looks at the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park being spliced with frog DNA) Hmm.
“always used to put a lot of pressure on the museum board to keep the controversial exhibits from opening”
Religion in Pewter City clashing with scientific progress and development. I love this.
“Red is struck by his friend’s intensity”
What would Leaf get involved in at Celadon City? Is the Game Corner a full casino ala Las Vegas? How much money goes through that place? How much fire could Leader Erika be currently under for having (allegedly) participated in a raid on it?
“Power struggles between mayors and leaders”
I’m just gonna listen to the Game of Thrones opening theme now.
“and hopes Pallet doesn’t get a Gym anytime soon”
PALLET TOWN GETS A GYM. (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia opening theme plays)
“the slightest of emphasis on the title”
Brenner becomes a more interesting character with every line and paragraph she has.
“always done what he thinks is best”
Lines like this always make me wary and/or nervous.
“clefairy and jigglypuff came from space”
Getting dizzy again…seriously, ARE they from space? I…I don’t know.
“if it’s proven that life came from rocks in the sky”
Why can’t it be both Space AND water? (looks at the Beni in The Mummy movie praying to Jesus, Allah, Buddha and God) I love that scene.
“Blue might not be interested in the dig”
I love that throughout this story, against his own wishes, Blue seems to be drawn to scientific pursuits/projects, especially after observing Red’s own studies improving his capability in battle. Here’s hoping nobody else who is inspired by that display ends up going too far with mind-melding/bonding with their pokemon…
“your first day there…we kind of fought already”
That’s gonna make the news. People are gonna talk about it.
“you what?!”
I regret that I could (mostly) only review this story once per week.
Looking forward to Chapter 79 next week!
CMY187 chapter 20 . 3/22
“to the Pewter Gym”
Looking forward to your writing of the Celadon Gym, DaystarELD.
“Leaf is checking out the museum”
Would Leaf investigate the recent Grimer/Muk rampage? Celadon is notorious for its pollution. Also, what’s with the Game Corner offering rare pokemon like Scyther, Clefairy, Abra, Dratini, etc…in-game that is. I wonder how you would write the Game Corner in this story.
“local psychics that offer their services”
Red’s study of psychic power, in general as well as his own…he truly believes that therein lies the secret to the origins of pokemon and possibly also human beings. (looks at Lugia) Hmm. In my opinion, Red would HAVE to study Bug-type, Fighting-type, Ghost-type and Dark-type pokemon as well. I look forward to his future articles and dissertations.
“Assisting trainers with challenging pokemon or difficult to learn commands”
I love the set-up of the Saffron Gym. It is so different to that of Pewter, Cerulean and Vermillion. (looks at Fushia City) Hmm. How does Koga run his Gym?
“willing to potentially get attacked by spinarak”
Red’s going to develop a reputation as a mad scientist, isn’t he? There already are people who are nervous and/or afraid of him bonding mentally with his pokemon to a point where he is thinking and FEELING the same thoughts and feelings as them. How many fear that Red may become as feral and hostile as a wild pokemon? Hm…are there psychics who had become like that and are now in mental asylums awaiting/receiving treatment?
“testing his spinarak’s mental attack”
I wonder if Red would cause interest in Spinarak and Ariados to increase. I look forward to his Metapod evolving to a Butterfree. Considering that Butterfree in-game immediately learn Confusion upon evolution…I’m guessing that Red would be setting up equipment and/or a video camera to record Metapod’s evolution which could come at any time.
“Colan Narud”
I wonder what Colan thinks of Red being one of three people responsible for catching so many Abra and also of him meeting Sabrina and being invited to study and train at Saffron Gym.
“psychics can be difficult to interact with”
Heck, RED can be difficult to interact with. (looks at Harry Potter-Evans-Verres) Yep.
“He tends to ignore most of them”
Red may do well to research some of the worst disasters that have occurred because of psychics.
“superstitious fears”
Who knows what superstitions Leaf would study, investigate and pursue in this story. Why am I now thinking of Tintin?
”a distaste for the attitude or personality of psychics”
Some people may have noted that Red Verres is psychic while Blue Oak is Dark. (looks at Silver) Huh.
“dealing with someone from a different culture”
And now Red is currently working and studying with other psychics.
“mentally hug me”
…I wonder what the Dark-type Crunch attack is like. Dream Eater is a psychic attack. It damages the target and heals the attacker.
“always a conscious choice”
It may not always be for some psychics.
“take extra steps to ensure your privacy”
I suspect that for Blue, when/if he challenges for the Saffron badge, it’d be just as much of a psychological battle as it would be one between his and Sabrina’s pokemon. And yet Giovanni is reputed to be the most skilled of all the Kanto Leaders…
“a pink donphan”
Why ARE Clefairy, Snubbull and Jigglypuff pink? Also, Whitney’s Miltank is probably one hell of a force to be reckoned with. It is stated to be one of the toughest Leader pokemon of Gen 2.
“something specific you desperately don’t want him to know”
Sabrina may fear that she may eventually let slip her knowledge of Mewtwo to her psychic peers.
“his memories or thoughts dredged up”
Does Red hope to delve into and study the memories of ancient pokemon? (looks at the Stormbringers) …oh, no. (looks at the Pewter fossils) Hmm. In-game, Team Rocket excavates two fossils in Mt Moon.
“he appears to be much younger”
Recover is a psychic attack. (looks at Staryu) Huh. Misty is a psychic in this story.
“an old mind in a young body”
Altered Carbon.
“the universal Unown”
I love this.
“encouraging to see a psychic so dismissive of fortune-telling”
“an excuse to justify…one clearly isn’t forthcoming”
Narud is clearly a person who looks out for himself and makes no apologies for it. He appears to have seen and been through much, and may be more than a little cynical.
“quick reminder of his refund policy”
Gene in the Barry TV series.
“being uncharitable”
In my opinion, the trio would have to make more money soon. They can’t sustain themselves on the Abra-money forever, and their expenses may be starting to hurt them. To succeed as a trainer, researcher, coordinator or journalist, you still need to follow the universal law/religion that is money.
“Please sign here”
I’m guessing Narud has an attorney.
“Red can feel something”
He’s created a partition now…it may be that nothing would ever be the same for Red again. If/when he meets Blue again, the latter may have a very strong reaction to him.
“like watching a movie of yourself doing something you have no memory of”
Would Red and/or Leaf study the legend(s) of Lugia? What does Sabrina know about Lugia? And what would the Kimono Girls be like in this story? Also, what would it be like to delve into the mind of an Eevee? ARGH, too much, I’m getting dizzy again!
“suddenly feels like it has company in his skull”
Jesus Christ…
“his left hand trembles a bit”
This makes me think of Professor Quirrell’s lessons and training involving Dementors in Methods of Rationality. (looks at Elite Agatha) …
“he can barely think”
Is it allowed in Saffron Gym to psychically attack the trainer?
“if his body’s reaction is a ‘real’ one”
I wonder what this story’s version of Super Nerds would be like.
“a honey flavored cube”
Some pokemon are edible. Others aren’t. Are there pokemon that are unhealthy or even deadly for Onix to consume?
“Narud actually smiles”
What makes Narud happy? What makes him sad? Why does he live in Pewter City? What does he think of the place?
Also, which concerns Brock more; Viridian Forest or Mt Moon?
“The effects of Night Shade vary heavily, and while the fears it evokes in the minds of most are generally harmless”
WHY are Normal-type pokemon immune to Ghost-type attacks in-game?
“The psychic’s face smooths out”
Are there psychics who are trained psychiatrists in this world?
“Psychics can only pick up surface emotions and vague impressions”
As far as you know, Red. There may be ruthless psychics who’d tear straight into a victim’s/target’s memories without restraint.
“it helps you look more mystically all-knowing”
Money and social status. That’s the key, as it has always been.
“People fear what they do not understand”
Maybe one way to make people not fear psychics or to at least fear them less is to give them something to fear even more.
“be as honest and upfront as possible”
Sabrina certainly doesn’t practice this.
“some traumatic experience halted the natural development of their powers”
Hmm. So it’s like a mental ‘crippling’ or disability of sorts, like how having a wrist injury impedes one from practicing swordsmanship?
“fully develop every aspect of your powers”
…Mewtwo is too powerful in my opinion. The more he learns…all the security in that facility may not be enough to contain him. For all I know, he may be neither killed nor imprisoned by the end of this story.
“The Gifted”
‘This is your gift. Your gift, and your curse.’ – Hitman 2016.
“The discovering of one’s Gift”
When did Misty discover hers?
“as is convenient to trainers”
If this story pits the trio against Giovanni’s organization…it would be NOTHING like being in a sanctioned Pokemon battle. It’d be kill or be killed. Not being willing to use lethal force is a weakness that the enemy would exploit.
“that runs through the very core of your identity”
Red’s traumatic experiences throughout this story are affecting and developing his psychic ability.
Hm…how does one train a Psychic-type pokemon?
“Your latent powers devoted themselves”
That… that is scary. And the human mind in real life is fascinating enough already.
“weakened by the spinarak”
Hmm. Bug-type pokemon being resistant to Psychic-type attacks…why is that? It is clearly still a mystery to many in Kanto.
“his mind shies away from the thought and comes up with excuses”
Urm, isn’t this just how most human minds work? Eh, never mind, I’m just being misanthropic again.
“To get back to some semblance of objective thought”
Does Bill practice mental exercises like Red does?
“If the truth hurts, it’s time for change. If the truth hurts, it’s time to grow”
Hikigaya Hachiman: ‘If to be truthful is to be cruel, then lying must surely be an act of kindness. And so, kindness is a lie.’
“he’ll have to change to accommodate it”
Red wants to change himself, while Blue wants to change the world around him. In my opinion, they are both right, but their chosen paths, while helping them in some ways, are damaging them in others. And the consequences are not confined to just them. They convinced Aiko to pursue her dream. And she ended up like so many other people who decided to become pokemon trainers.
“Narud shakes his head”
And now I’m loving the idea of Narud being dragged around to aid the experiments and tests of Mad Scientist Verres.
“sounding more curious than irritated”
Narud may one day decide, seemingly at random, to travel to Pallet Town and visit the lab there.
“that does not leave you a weeping wreck”
This has happened to Narud, hasn’t it?
“Unprovoked Mental Harm by law”
Are there pokemon that are utilized in legal disputes/court sessions?
“he rushes to add”
“remove my own partition, and then build it back up”
If Red discovers a way to resist or even counter Pressure…
“those with the Gift have our own powers turned against us”
What is it like in the Ecruteak Gym?
“make yourself forget things”
I thought of Death Note. That notebook drives people mad…
“while it is up, your Gift will be significantly weakened”
I thought of Blue and Red in the Adventures manga respectively utilizing Golduck and Pikachu during the Sliph building arc.
“does some research online”
I suspect that the most important secrets of psychic power wouldn’t be shared online. Red’s going to have to find them via other ways.
“Dr Willow mutters something under her breath”
I like Dr Willow.
“Psychic Laurie. Brilliant man, but not the greatest people skills”
DaystarEld, if Psychic Laurie’s name is revealed to be Hugh, I’m going to scream. Also, Dr Willow seems to have a personal history/association with Dr Laurie.
“When the truth hurts”
What kind of truth ended up being hurting toward Giovanni?
legion29 chapter 12 . 3/15
i started reading this because people were saying it was good i read a couple chapter but got bored i decided to give it one last chance and so here i am bored out of my mind and dropping this waste of time.
CMY187 chapter 19 . 3/15
I have been playing the fan-made Pokemon Chapter Red, and it is AMAZING (in terms of main plot it just follows the Adventures manga which I wholeheartedly approve of). What surprised and intrigued me most are the fanon Pokemon in it; Sarapi, Kangaskid, etc.
Kangaskid evolving into a Cubone if given the skull of its mother, then later – due to lack of nutrition or something else provided by its parent – evolving into Marowak. I can’t stop thinking about that.

“it’ll take about a week”
Technology has come a very long way. Medicines and drugs such as potions, antidotes, ethers…and humanity still suffers casualties when groups or even just individual pokemon rampage or, worse, deliberately and knowingly set out to attack them. Those shiftry…
“She was tenacious in finding out how you were”
They went through a terrifying event together, warding off Pikachu and Raichu.
“His pokebelt is hanging from the wall beside him”
What do you do with the pokemon of a dead comrade? Somehow, releasing them into the wild doesn’t strike me as a feasible idea. Pokemon…change when they are captured and, essentially, indoctrinated. How many people can claim to have pokemon that chose to follow and serve them without being caught in a pokeball?
At the same time, the programs of a pokeball are not infallible, as Blue learnt the hard way with his Beedrill. Not to mention that stressing, pushing and/or abusing a pokemon too much may cause it to turn on you.
“He never studied any medicine”
(looks at Adventures-Yellow) Hmm.
“how u doin?”
I love that Blue texts like this while Red types with proper punctuation and grammar.
“Twenty seven dead, over fifty wounded, and six still missing”
And this is WITH Ranger and Leader support and aid…
“under deceased”
I imagined trainers in other regions such as Hoenn or Johto carrying the equivalent of military dog tags that are designed to be durable, as depending on the damage a body may be unidentifiable by other means. Though if one were to switch the tags…
“Each death is a tragedy”
Red Verres has clearly never met Stalin.
“One less person who might create new art, spur new research, or just share a companionable night around a campfire with”
‘If you don’t shoot, you’ve got a death on your conscience. A death you could have prevented. If you do shoot, you’re a killer.’ – Welcome Back, Frank comic mini-series, issue 03.
Sometimes there is no ‘good’ or ‘right’ choice. Sometimes it is letting a Renegade kill others or becoming one yourself. So, again, probably at least a few interesting debates and court battles.
“he wouldn’t be able to expand on them”
Bill had to point out to Red that there is such a thing as going too far with helping others; that too much good can be a BAD thing.
“The major issue is where there’s no local apex hunter”
I smiled at this.
“carefully controlled exhaustion”
I can only imagine the necessary studies and qualifications that are required to become a doctor in this world. Sam Oak may have associates and/or friends who are in the medical field.
“Feels strange being called that”
I thought of Minerva McGonagall in Methods of Rationality.
“There’s work he can do in the meantime”
Yep, that’s our Red. Nearly loses his life a few days ago, goes right back to the research.
“doing some experimenting with his”
Red’s relationship with his spinarak is honestly one of the more interesting ones of this story for me. He STILL finds it difficult to form an emotional bond with Bug-type pokemon.
“Your father would be proud”
I thought of Adventures-Ruby going against the wishes of his father; rather than study and train to be a Leader, Ruby wishes to become a champion of pokemon beauty contests. I wonder what Red, Blue and Leaf think of those; not battling, but being stylish, beautiful, cool, unique, etc. I’m guessing that the trainers of such pokemon often receive offers for movie deals.
“I might decide against trying”
Re-reading this…yeah, Red was never going to follow Aiko into that building.
“if he’d been just a bit less good”
The Better Call Saul TV series. Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Varga. The reason that he loves his father so much is the same thing that frustrates him in equal measure; his father is an honest, moral and upright man, straight as an arrow and not crooked in the slightest.
“he just got unlucky”
It’s just how it is. The Leader or Elite dies while the amateur with less than a month of field experience survives.
“However many lives he saved that day, he might have saved more if he lived past it”
I thought of a scene in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway - the heated argument between Staff SGT Matt Baker and SGT Joe Hartsock over the actions of LT COL Robert Cole that led to Cole’s death.
“Glory, the pidgeot”
In the Adventures manga, while Blue rides atop his Charizard’s back, Red’s Aerodactyl carries him not on its back but in its claws/talons. There may be trainers who ride on their Pidgeot’s back while others prefer to be carried in their Pidgeot’s talons.
“dozens of other trainers fresh from the forest”
I thought of the conclusion of the movie 1917.
“No permanent damage. The shock didn’t go anywhere important”
There may come a day when Surge dies via electrocution. It’s a risk you have to accept when you choose to specialize in Electric-type pokemon.
“diners at pokemon centers are usually better than the stuff at hospitals”
“It doesn’t matter to them if they wait an hour or a week”
Blue is not Leaf, and has yet to form a ‘true’ bond with his own pokemon. Makes me think of Adventures-Blue whose approach to Pokemon is like that of an officer in a military unit; Adventures-Blue’s Scyther is a highly-disciplined and serious being that can damage Ghost-type pokemon with a Slash attack.
“a distant look on her face”
She wants humans to see Pokemon as being just the same as them. Would she succeed? We can only wait to find out.
“Blue shifts in his seat”
“it’s not for the pokemon. It’s for the humans”
Blue, seriously, watch John Wick (2014).
“Pewter is very different from Viridian”
I wonder what the differences between Saffron and Celadon are.
Pets, not battle comrades or bodyguards. (looks at Raff) That one confuses me.
“Makes you wary of them all?”
When you’ve almost been killed by a tiger, you’re never going to look at them in a zoo the same way again.
“an assessment room”
…oof. Yeah, this could have gone very badly for Blue.
“I’ve seen thousands of pokemon injuries”

“I tried to use a pokeball, but it was too big”
Hmm. So the size and mass of a pokemon is a limit for pokeballs. Why is that?
“grass types can heal almost any wound”
I am SO looking forward to this story’s Leader Erika.
“she gives him an apologetic look”
There are other doctors who wouldn’t have been fazed by Sam Oak’s appearance and would have persisted in investigating the case of Blue’s shiftry.
“cheerful demeanor…weaponized form”
Sam Oak is an interesting person.
“the grandson of Professor Oak would of course have the best intentions”
I thought of Tywin and Joffrey Baratheon.
“all hands on deck from the surrounding cities”
I wonder what the rest of Kanto thinks of the apparent raid on the Game Corner. A lot of money changes hands at that place.
“give them something else to talk about”
I thought of Cole Phelps in LA Noire being demoted and reassigned to Arson.
“I wanted to hear your stories personally”
Sam works tirelessly to improve the lot of trainers everywhere.
“Training a pikachu can be dangerous”
(looks at how fast Pikachu can be) Oh yeah. It’s their main weapon after all; not their power but their speed.
“A cup of the stuff can sell for as much as a hundred dollars”
Being me, I immediately thought of Prohibition. If someone were to outlaw combee honey…
“plant pokemon are very adaptive at incorporating the effects of new substances in the plants and seeds they grow”
In my opinion, all three of the trio ought to consider taking the time and effort to focus on acquiring and training Poison-type pokemon. Leaf in particular should train and experiment with Raff more.
“hit the gym…research I need to do with my spinarak…The museum”
I love all three of these dex-holders. (looks at Silver) …who knows how he would go about a journey, if/when he embarks on one. In the Adventures-manga, Blue had been training all his life to protect Pallet Town from organizations like Team Rocket, while Silver in Johto relentlessly pursues a particular goal. And then there’s Ruby and Gold…
“largest fossil collection in the region…Cinnabar might rival it”
…you’ve got something big planned for Cinnabar Island, don’t you? I just cannot buy the possibility that Blaine does not at least suspect that something like Mewtwo exists. If he isn’t already on Giovanni’s side, he would definitely be a Person of Interest. Now I’m imagining Giovanni explaining to Blaine his (Giovanni’s) plan; to biologically manufacture, raise, train and hone a single entity toward the goal of stopping the Stormbringers. Who knows if others have tried something similar in the past and failed. Also, Ditto are terrifying.
“know more about your region’s myths and history”
(looks at Lavender Tower) Huh. Would Leaf find herself exploring the Rock Tunnel?
“Seen it. Pretty boring”
Blue’s vision of power and influence does not involve pokemon fossils. Imagine the look on his face if/when one or more of them are (somehow) resurrected…
Also, if Leaf in this story were to discover what Team Rocket in the Adventures-manga had been doing with Eevee, she would have become ENRAGED.
“she tries to think of what to say”
It is obvious that the relationship of the Juniper mom and daughter is complicated. They both have their own goals that they are working towards. (looks at Ruby and his dad) Goddammit, Ruby.
Guest chapter 6 . 3/11
So Red's mother is an expy of Louis Lane? I can dig that. Looking forward to seeing how she gets tangled up in the potential events at Silph and with Mewtwo. Very interesting start to the fic; I'm glad you haven't (as of this chapter) been subsumed by your own ego at your clever characters (as I felt happened with the HP fic that inspired you). This fic looks like a monster; if it maintains this quality throughout, then I'm very excited to read it!
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