Reviews for Pokemon: The Origin of Species
Guest chapter 55 . 7/11
Small thing, but what form of tense are you using in the text?
Snow Guardian97 chapter 57 . 7/13
Just finished binge reading all of this and I gotta say, this is an amazing story! The beginning was a bit rough and hard to get into, but it became captivating very quickly after. I love how you are approaching a rationalist Pokemon world while still trying to include a lot of the important things from the games. The character growth in Red, Leaf, and Blue is amazing and has really helped to make them feel real. I like that you've allowed them to have actual consequences to their actions and that they don't just succeed on the first try and learn from their past mistakes. I also really like the social implications of Dark and Psychic people that you've explored, as well as the thought you've put into how the pokemon do what they do, like the discovery of the flying particle. The moral dilemma of whether pokemon should be placed in pokeballs (having their lives put on hold), having them battle, and eating them has been very well done so far. Even made me consider more about vegetarianism and veganism myself.

I eagerly await the next chapter. I can't wait to see how you handle Leaf, Blue, and Red splitting up, Red's psychic training under Sabrina (especially since he already had a tantalizing near glimpse of Mewtwo), Blue's travel with his new followers and badge earning journey, and Leaf's future investigations. I am also hungry for more about Mewtwo, the tension between Silph Co and Giovanni, and how Janine and Laura are going to handle their own investigation into that without endangering themselves more than they already are. Oh, and figuring out how long Misty can keep that cave hidden. You're an amazing author and I love the growth that I've seen in your writing abilities throughout the story!
Wesley chapter 57 . 7/7
Hey, Daystar! great chapter as always! I have a quick question: have you ever heard of something called Mindfulness? It would be interesting to see Red using it in his investigation of the link between emotions and motivations, as that's basically what mindfulness is when looked at from a scientific perspective: using meditation and other mental exercises to become more aware of your emotions and they're affects on you. For example, a study was done where doctors taught nicotine addicts mindfulness techniques to teach them to disconnect their withdrawal symptoms from the negative emotions they've always associated with them. I personally have been using it for about a year to deal with anxiety.
maximusrexmundi chapter 57 . 7/9
Not the real point of the argument but I'm surprised Red didn't consider psychically linking with his potential future clones to have shared experiences lol. Seems like a good solution!
Great chapter! Looking forward to day 3 :)
World Theory chapter 56 . 7/4
When they talked to the Cruise employee, and he'd say “we're on a boat”, I couldn't help but think of the rules for combat on a spaceship: Don't use anything that can damage the ship. (Or the more memorable version: Don't shoot guns on a spaceship!) I surprisingly don't see that advice being given out as often as it should. My memory might be a little foggy on this, but I think I first heard on on an anime series called “Outlaw Star”. (There was ironically actually a lot of shooting on and at spaceships, involved.)

Back to the cruise ride though… I wonder if it's some kind of secret tradition to send psychics to the event. And Bill sent Red as a joke. I could see it as some kind of weird corporate espionage tradition, maybe? Although, with the last words of the previous chapter, I'm worried it's actually some kind of secret operation that they've stumbled upon. (Not that it seems like a very secure secret.)
Guest chapter 57 . 7/1
I couldn't help but do a combination of snickering and coughing when Paul insinuated that red and leaf were banging hard enough as if they had a dinosaur in their room.
World Theory chapter 54 . 7/3
After their first encounter with the Absol, when they finally got around to describing how they felt, I thought: it sounds like they're being put under pressure. Then I remembered there's an ability called Pressure. And I might have even seen an Absol I caugh on a game, with Pressure for its ability. And so I just had this feeling for the rest of the chapter, like Hermione does, when the teacher asks the class a question, and the knows the answer. It was ever so slightly distracting.

Also, I find myself wanting to use the PRT's parahuman threat rating system (from the web serial “Worm”) to classify Absol's Pressure ability. I think I'd give it a Shaker-Master 2, rating. Although, the rating system is usually used to rate a parahuman, not just a parahuman's power. So Absol would probably get some Brute, Mover, Blaster, Thinker, ans Trump ratings put on as well.

This chapter was, and is, rather nerve wracking to read; there's a lot of tension.
Inconclusive chapter 57 . 7/2
Nice chapter. Looking forward to the next.
Sengachi chapter 57 . 6/30
Thank you for another wonderful chapter.

I wonder to what extent this possible covert psychic spying is unusual and to what degree it's just standard operating procedure.

The technology in this story goes some fascinating places. I especially love the dialogues on what can be done with it and how the characters recognize the importance of having an ethical dialogue about this stuff and hearing other's concerns. (Even if the answer might end up being: eh, no big deal).

Also, has anyone ever considered using slings to throw pokeballs faster? Do some people do that or is there a reason it wouldn't work?

On another note, I had a question for you about the idea behind Raikoth. I'm a quantum computation/communication grad student. I do theory work, with a side of experimentally realizing the new photonic circuitry stuff that theory says should work. And, well, to put it bluntly Raikoth wouldn't work at all for the work I do (though I don't think my field is the target field for this idea). Theory can't reasonably be tasked to randomized researchers this way, and getting uninvolved researchers to experimentally realize someone else's theory could easily add a year or more of "wait explain to me how this is supposed to work?" time to every experiment.

But like I said, I didn't get the impression my field is the target field for this idea. This idea seems much more suited to fields like medicine, neuroscience, psychiatric drug treatment, and stuff like that. (Where, as much as I can say this as an outsider to those fields, it seems like it would be a huge improvement). However, there are going to be parts of those fields which operate like my field does. Surgeons who are inventing new techniques, neuroscientists pioneering new imaging technology, etc. Experiments which simply cannot be done as effectively by researchers who weren't involved in the experiment's conception. And I imagine those researchers would be somewhat left out in the cold by a program like Raikoth, unable to fit their experiments to the new system, but also unable to simply operate as they had as the rest of their field begins to demand this kind of accountability. I imagine such a program would get a *lot* of pushback from such researchers, not merely the pushback of "change is hard to deal with" but "my survival at a researcher is on the line". How would you envision those researchers and their projects being incorporated/dealt with/placated? Or do you think Raikoth would mesh with such research better than I do?
grahamgarrett.powerofanime chapter 57 . 6/30
Lots of emotions running through this. I love it!
flamanipulator chapter 56 . 6/21
This is so good! I've loved reading this, and I almost died when k realized it wasn't complete! The update notification just says "june" and I dont know which June! Hopefully the one were in, cause that means you're still writing! I look forward to whatever comes next!
T. L. Veselka chapter 5 . 6/18
Another wonderful chapter and interesting to see the characters’ perspectives on how valuable a Pokémon’s life is, I think I am somewhere in between Red and Leaf in ideology if pokemon were real. I know I get ridiculously close to me pets and definitely think they matter a lot but as much as a human? Well that is very circumstantial in my opinion. Anyway we’ll done, as always, and keep it up.
Aqua chapter 56 . 6/13
Awww... Poor Red... Good story.
Guest chapter 56 . 6/12
Damn I can't wait to see how bittersweet you make this. I am almost positive Red is goinG to stay with the group.
Cyberchao X chapter 56 . 6/8
Ah, how cute! This story is always really incredible, it's just so mature.
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