Reviews for Free and Forgotten - The 53rd Hunger Games
Clove'sAllies chapter 7 . 6/28/2014
Sorry it took me so long to review!
2-I like this relationship, its seems to me that Almond will annoy Laurel throughout the games and it makes me wonder if they will ever get that district camaraderie you see in the careers so often. I liked Melisent's reaction to Almond, she was already one I liked due to her being Sophie Turner and I like her attitude towards the careers.

4-Looks like we found our resident psycho for these Games. Regardless I do hope to see more of these two if only for their variation in weapons. With four of the careers having swords as their weapons I would love to see what Denver can do with a staff.

6-Very cute, a more boring segment in this chapter but I liked the details and the fact that Nym's nerves caused this interaction. I think these two will definitely draw at least one more tribute to them during training.

8-I enjoyed this part, I liked the juxtaposition between one tribute getting scolding and the other one almost being jealous that she didn't get scolded because she just wants the attention from his mentor. I also liked how you wrote Kelvin bc I think that watching old videos and trying to emulate strategies would be something he would do to try and win.

10-Melisent is a pretty cool tribute, stern yet can get close to others, I hope she goes far I can see her getting a cool character development arc. As for Caleb I don't know him well enough and don't really care to at this point. Honestly, he kind of annoys me.

12-I actually really like Everett in this story, he's on of my favorite tributes as well. He just comes off as cool and confident, before he grabbed Anicia I thought he might have a chance to get welcomed into the career pack. I still think Everett could end up in a powerful alliance while Anicia will end up probably finding whoever is left.

Characters that stood out to me Almond, Laurel, Minet, Kelvin, Melisent, and Everett. Update soon! Can't wait to see training and see alliances form!
TallTalesInk chapter 7 . 6/10/2014
Alright, I'm back at 'cha with another review.

D2- Almond is kind of creepy. Clearly something is very off there, but I can't really say what. He could be a psychopathic killer, or he could just be unnaturally childish for his age. Or maybe a bit of both. Laurel seems to be a bit of a control freak. She was really fast to start talking about kicking Almond out of the alliance. I bet she does end up in charge of the careers this year.

D4- I get the same feel from Denver as I do from Almond. They seem to be very similar characters. The difference is that Denver seems to have a bit more sense than Almond but have more of the serial killer edge. While Almond has less sense but is also less bloodthirsty. Minet meanwhile seems to be a little whiney, but I'm not going to hold that against her since she is currently surrounded by some very odd people. I want to see more of her during training to get a glimpse at her real character.

D6- This was a cute segment. I like that we're seeing alliances already, and these two seem to be a good fit for each other. Nim is a little bit negative, but Cambric balances her out well. I liked the setting here too. I could totally see two kids not being able to sleep and then stealing their mentor's stash of cookies. It was sweet.

D8- I loooooovvvvved this part. I can't even explain why. Kelvin's part specifically just seemed very original to me. It fit, of course, that Kelvin would watch the tape to your last story. The part with Roman though I think really just made sense. His advice that watching other victor's paths to victory wouldn't help Kelvin find his own path was very true. And then I could totally see Ivanna sitting in the other room jealous because Kelvin sort of stole her mentor (even if it was just for a few minutes).

D10- I liked this segment too. The way you're including all the mentors is interesting. I think I liked Mellisent better than Caleb here. Caleb wasn't a bad character, but I really liked the whole tough-girl-who-knows-when-to-be-quiet thing that Mellisent had going. I do like that Kia told Caleb to chill with Mellisent during training though. I know they aren't officially allies yet, but I think they'd be good together

D12- The tension in the elevator was fun here. Anicia made me curious about what was up with her arms (I can't remember whether that was said during her first intro bit). I like Everett. He seems tough, and a bit hard, but you can tell that he does have a heart by the way he sort of shielded Anicia from Pompous. And of course we got to see Pompous being a little off his rocker here as well. His little creepy 'good luck twelve' was the perfect little remark to end the chapter on.

Anywho, can't wait for training. It's always fun when tributes actually start interacting. (and I'm all caught up on reviewing now too!) Update soon! Can't wait for the new story too :)
TallTalesInk chapter 6 . 6/8/2014
I know I am a little late on the review but life has been crazy recently. I am doing a little catch up now though to make up for it.

D1- So I really like both of these two. With Pompous I like how you sort of kept o it of his head. I know he is a bit of a manipulator and has something ugly underneath his front, but you never really let us see that ugly from his pov, and it made him more mysterious. We did though, get to see what I think might be his fatal flaw. Ironically, Pompous is a little pompous. I am interested in hearing more from him now. As for Peridot, she seemed very normal for a career. Like if you took your average Joe and put them through combat training, I could imagine them coming out like her. It made her relatable though. So I can't wait to see more from them

D3 - I think I got a lot more from Huxley in this chapter than from Zaria. He seems a bit more out going though so it makes sense. I liked how you are using this chapter to close gaps that the HG left. This segment specifically when you dealt with the in between from train to make up center was definitely interesting

D5- Dune :)You wrote him very well here with the friendliness and everything. I did feel that the focus went more into the depth s of Shaleh's character though. The whole fire thing is definitely weird and creepy. But I didn't get the serial killer sadistic vibe from her. So it'll be interesting to see exactly how she deteriorates in the arena (cause you know characters like her were presented with the purpose of deteriorating)

D7- Liden seems like the usual adorable little kid. But for whatever reason he didn't seem as obnoxiously naive to me as most little kids do. I think it's because his mentor said something about it. Speaking of Lana, I don't like her. I don't usually like manipulators though so this shouldn't really be a surprise. Hopefully she doesn't get her claws into Linden

D9- So I think I liked Taegan the best here. She was a bit cut off but she did show a little bit of a heart here and she seemed smart. Dillon hit the young naive optimist a bit too hard for me. He crossed the line that I mentioned Linden didn't a moment ago. I think there is potential for him though to grow. I suppose it will depend on the alliance he is fitted into. Somehow I doubt he will be with Taegan. Also loved the Burton/Ares reference here. Always fun to make little references to past Games

D11 - These two reminded me a lot of D9. Charlie seems similar to Taegan but with a bit less of a hard edge. Harris meanwhile is also really young like Dillon but he has the exact opposite attitude. He as almost too negative for my taste but then again who could blame him. The poor kid.

I think of everyone here D1 stood out the most to me. Probably because I think Pompous is really interesting and his dynamic with Peridot was great as well. Hopefully I will get a review on the next chapter ASAP
Acereader55 chapter 5 . 4/30/2014
Reapings are usually quite boring, despite how much action goes on during the Reapings. I liked how you incorporated the little arguments and discussions that Zelda had with Franco. I found it interesting how they had differing points of view when it came to the tributes and how they reacted to being reaped.

I think the district that stood out to me the most was District Eight, just because of how heated the debate became between Zelda and Franco about the rumors surrounding their relationships and how Franco could rig it for Zelda's tributes.

Melisent or Dillon stood out the most to me because Dillon tripped and fell on his face which was a memorable reaction, and Melisent screamed at the crowd of boys to shut the F*** up. I found those two memorable because they weren't the typical reaping reaction of outer district tributes.

Acereader55 chapter 4 . 4/30/2014
Hey jess! With less tests this upcoming week I finally have time to get around to reviewing so here we go!

District 4:
Denver- I found Denver to be quite good actually. I think that he was definitely the better of the pair from 4, and I liked how he went up to the cliff to release the tension that he has pent up inside him. It's interesting that he sketches things, and I like that his sister is the convict instead of the usual tribute being the convict. I wonder how he deals with an alcoholic and convicted killer for a sister and an overprotective lady for a mother. I actually really like him and I can't wait to hear more from him!
Minet- Minet just plain annoys me. I'm sorry, she's just really annoying. First of all, it's already a turn off for me that she's 15 and volunteering. In my opinion, it's unrealistic for a training academy to allow a young volunteer to happen, and plus I'm asusming there are 18 year olds that want to volunteer because it's their last year and I'm sure they'd get to the stage first. Also, her personality annoys me. I like how she's determined, but that's about it. She's too cocky for my liking, and I have a feeling her belief in her skills will be her ultimate downfall, and I'm looking foward to the other careers putting her in her place.

District 9:
Dillon- Dillon was sort of average to me. I can see he has a little bit of a short fuse, and maybe that will get him into trouble with the other tributes. I find him to be alright, I think he could provide some comic relief to the story if he is paired with the right allies. I think he's very normal, and every person can relate to talking about someone they feel is hot and they'd have no chance with. Normalcy can get boring very quick, but sometimes being normal can really be good because there are just too many extravagent tributes, and normal tributes can bring us back down to the ground.
Teagan: If I thought Dillon has a short fuse, Teagan barely has a fuse. She seems to have a sort of angry type of personality, and I think it's going to be very hard for her to find some allies when the time comes. I don't hate Teagan, but I also don't love her. She's very average to me, and overall I really think District 9 is very normal and will provide some normalcy to the story. I wonder why her friend was worried about her seeing her father?

District 11:
Harris: I'm glad we have a little tribute in the Games, they're always fun to read about but alas never last very long. He seems like a very serious little kid, but I also think he has a fun little kid side that we will soon see. I don't get why his mother wouldn't want him hanging out with that older lady? She seems very nice and Harris clearly likes him so I don't know why she wouldn't want him to go over to her house.
Charisma: Yeah, no. I literally cannot stand her. Probably even worse that Minet. I'm not a fan of the really rich outer district kids, unless they have a really good reason to be. Especially so rich that they have a butler -.- The voices in her head I presume to be a split personality, and that's where the headaches and such are coming from. I really just don't like her or her character's premise, but we will have to see how she develops.

District 12:
Everett: Again, he seems very average compared to some of the other tributes. I can relate to him though, just hanging out with friends and having friends have a friendly, witty arguement and being worried about things together. I actually really like him, despite nothing interesting happening in his POV. I can't wait to hear more of his story.
Anicla: So I'm biased because I still loathe her from her blog post with her mechanical arm. She refers to a mining accident or something, and I am assuming that's where she lost her arm only to get a mechanical one. I just really loathe her, and can't get past the whole malnourished but I can afford a mechanical arm thing from the blog.

Overall, I really liked this chapter and I think that you wrote everything really well. District 9 was my favorite to read about in this chapter.

ComedyGirl chapter 6 . 4/29/2014
Wow this is great! This is Fuzzycat901 on my other account. I love what you have done with Charlie! Fantastic! I've been reading all this time and don't worry, I'll review longer for the upcoming chapters! Keep up the good work!
Clove'sAllies chapter 6 . 4/28/2014
D1- Oh Pompous, stupid fool. I would like to see this trend continue though of Pompous trying to manipulate everyone only for Peridot to come in and have to save the day, makes for an interesting arena. I don't think I need to say I like Peridot more but Pompous creator was definitely going for a pain in the ass tribute.
D3- The theme so far of the chapter seems to be forcing District partners to work together to survive. Regardless I don't really have an opinion of these tributes, there's nothing that reminds me of them. :/
D5- Liked the interactions behind these two tributes, Shaleh sticks out to me still mainly because her backstory is so different. As for Dune, he's smart but hopefully he'll get more character besides just a smart tribute.
D7- Gotta Love Lana, theres a part of me that likes the character so much more because her blog picture is so sweet and she looks very innocent. Linden could be the young tribute as well who doesn't get any allies unfortunately. I liked these two tributes and they both stand out to me.
D9- I really liked these two tributes, Dillon's innocence and eagerness clash and blend very well with Teagan's stoicism. I also like Teagan a lot more in this chapter and want to see the cunning side of her. She could be a mid level competitor, which is higher than I placed her.
D11- Haha Charlie threatening Harris was great and I can't wait to see how Harris avoids Charlie throughout training. I also want to see how Charlie stacks up in the games, she could definitely be someone to watch.

Great Chapter Jess! Loved reading it and can't wait for training to start!
li'l fat necrosis chapter 4 . 4/28/2014
Oh, you're updating! Yay! Were have you been?

I'm not sure I'm into District 4's tributes this year? They're a bit boring to be honest. I like both their names, Denver and Minet, they're cool. (Though I'm seeing the name Minet a-lot these days...) Denver sounds like a nice guy- okay, maybe not totally a nice guy, but he seems like a good character. I mean, who hasn't threatened their family memebers with breaking their bones if they didn't stop touching them? It's a common threat in my opinion. He's gonna be an interesting one in the arena- training days included. I'm not getting much off of Minet though- she's going to snap quickly and I just can't like her for that. (We have Alana for that. ;) ) She may be interesting to read in the arena, but she may not. :\ Let's just see how you take her and I'll make my full opinion on her.

As cute and loveable as his FC is, I'm afraid I can't get into Dillon. He seems like a regular 14-year old boy, which is awesome because they're typically shown so much younger in most stories anymore. :) But he doesn't stand out that much compared to our other tributes. (Lana, Denver, Mels...) Taegan well.. I don't really get much off of her yet. :\ She seems a bit grumpy, but that's okay I guess. I don't know. I'm unsure of her. She seems like in the next few chapters she could be cool, but if not, I wouldn't mind her getting killed off.

Harris is such a cutie, I love it. Oh my gosh. *glomps* So cute, aww. I'm not really sure what to do with Charlie? I can easily see she has something mentally wrong, but I'm not sure that's enough for me to like her. I love tributes with a cool mental twist, but this time.. I really can't get into liking her. She might be cooler on, maybe during the arena, but I'm doubting it right now. :\ Harris is so cute though, so seeing them together will be cute.

I like Everett a bit though. He seems like a lazy, perverted modern day boy to be honest. Which I like. :) I don't like Rylie much (The name though, perfect. I've always liked the spelling of Riley this way.) I don't think he'll be getting very far, but I might be wrong. Let's just see where you go with Eevee. This girl is confusing me though.
Acereader55 chapter 3 . 4/28/2014
Hey Jess! I'm on my phone so I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes.
District 2: Almond was okay. I'm not really a fan of his name first of all. I find it really annoying actually. And his whole family names just really irk me the wrong way. I actually found him to be quite bland, and I think the whole twin thing is quite overdone. I don't know but I'm just really not feeling Almond right now but we will see how he develops.
Laurel was a different story. I think she seems very rebellious and almost like a too-cool for school attitude. Its endearing actually and I like that side of her. Interesting interaction and some insight about her mother or is she her aunt? That's interesting and I'm looking to learning more about her.
District 5: Dune was a little bland I must say and kind of typical. He didn't really stand out here other than being observant and intelligent, which is very typical for a District 5 tribute.
you wrote shaleh really well and I'm glad you accepted her into this story! I'm excited to see how people think of her later on in the story cause I promise she is an interesting character.
District 6: So the typical drunk father bit. I'm not really that impressed by her. I admire her resilience to stay awake and wait for her father to get back, but I just find it very boring and more often than not a drunk relative can sometimes overtake the tributes personality and other qualities. We will see how she develops.
*I'm running out of time so these will be short now*
Cambric seems okay. Again we aren't really from these little introductions so I can't get much from him. Seems kind of athletic and fun loving but not much else comes to me after that.
District 10: Melisent... this me cringe sorry I hate it. The whole stealing for family thing is completely out of the original state and I just can't bring myself to like her. I don't think I'll be liking her ever no matter how she develops.
Caleb: I actually find this unrealistic that they have labs in district town. I don't know I just find everytbing about this PoV to be unrealistic especially for him to get in there and find out stuff about the mutts. Don't the Capitol usually make the mutts anyways? I don't know but right now I find his personality to be overshadowed by this little unrealistic lab bit.
and I can't wait for more!
Clove'sAllies chapter 5 . 4/22/2014
Hope that the next chapter will be up soon! I can't wait to see all of the tributes start interacting with each other and see what their thoughts on the others are. I liked the dynamic between Zelda and Franco as so far in the story it's been the most interesting relationship to follow. I hope that some of the tribute relationships, mainly the female-male careers will have a banter as good as them. Still waiting to see whom I will favor and who I will not!

Great job Jess can't wait to see your next chapter!
Clove'sAllies chapter 3 . 4/21/2014
Glad to read about these characters as well!

D2- Laurel's was the more interesting of the two careers but that's probably because her intro had a question that really wasn't answered. As for Almond I liked him much more than the D1 career and can't wait to see him. Also after meeting all the careers I'm excited for the pack and who emerges as leaders.
D5- What a crazy interaction! The arson and the boy who thinks there is something more behind the fires then pure coincidence. I really want to see how Dune does with the Capitol which is chock full of conspiracy theories.
D6- I really wanna see more of Cam's "too loyal" weakness develop in the games because I can easily see him becoming attached to someone and not being able to abandon them or them tricking him. Nim was pretty interesting, maybe she'll end up parenting some of the younger tributes, she wasn't that interesting to me personally.
D10- Caleb's was very interesting, it didn't tell me much about him but with a hint about a mutation, thats pretty cool. Maybe a swamp arena! As my Melisandre...jk Melisent I'm a huge GoT fans I like that the picture is Sophia Turner but I think her profile right now with her story is too clashing, maybe I'll find out more about her later!

Great chapter Jess, and I'm so glad to finish the intros, time to check on the reapings!
TallTalesInk chapter 5 . 4/20/2014
There never is much to say about reaping chapters. I liked how you off set the dull repetitiveness of the actual reaping with the conversation between Zelda and Franco. Their banter seemed very natural to me and I liked seeing them together. Poor Franco though. I have a feeling he's going to be dead by the end of these Games.

As far as the actual tributes go, I noticed that there was a lot of crying and that I really liked how you included Dune's grandfather in it. Most of the careers stood out to me, just because they were sort of the tough ones of the bunch. Huxley also stuck out for whatever reason (it could very well be that I just happen to like the name Huxley).

Nice fast update. Hope to be hearing more from you soon. Train ride chapters are usually good reads :)
Clove'sAllies chapter 4 . 4/20/2014
Glad to see the last tribute introductions put up! Can't wait to see the reapings and start getting to the tributes interacting.
D4- The most interesting careers so far. I loved Minet's teaching moment with Brute and I can't wait to see how Denver is seen by all the other tributes.
D9- Quite the attitude on these two tributes, seeing as they probably don't have the skills to back it up. Hope to see if they offend other tributes.
D11- Liked the relationship between Harris and the older woman, that's gotta be very interesting. It'll be interesting to see this pair get reaped since Charlie looks very intimidating and Harris is anything but.
D12- Anicia is still ehh only due to the fact that I don't understand her robotic arm and what it can be used for and feel that without anymore infer it's unrealistic. As for Everett I love his picture on the blog and after hearing how fearful he is of being reaped I feel really bad for him and hope him the best. It also really sucks that he can't win :(

I also realized reading this that I didn't read Chapter 3 so I'm going to go review that!
Little miss innocent liar chapter 5 . 4/20/2014
For me it was Anicla, like I've been around the block with syots and almost no one had made a run for the exit. I gotta admit it, that's interesting. But at the same time I am interested in the Minet but call it an old lover for a favorite but I still think it was rude for to say that like she could at lest been polite and just say she'd punch her. Everyone knows when you meet a new person you threaten to punch them, it's your friends you threaten to stab. God, it's called manners.

But's lets be honest when the chapter first started, Franco was saying what everyone was thinking let's be real about this. But I would of liked to see his reactions to the tributes and not just the careers but I think he was making fun of them? I dunno I guess that's what I would do if I was head game makers like 'Looks at these children about to go fight to the death lol fcking losers'

But I can't believe you updated so quickly! I am honestly really impressed. And thanks for the pictures, I didn't really have an idea on what they looked like so that was a big help for me. So until next time. :]
The White Tulip chapter 5 . 4/20/2014
First I must say that I really enjoyed the bantering between Zelda and Franco.
The district that stood out most to me was district 7 and within that district Linden stood out to me. The comparison between him and Alana was very interesting.
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