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knmercy chapter 47 . 3h
i would forever know that isn't real.
And I'm one of the people who can't stand no conflict for the rest of my life
I would commit suicide in 5-10-15 years.
Overall great fanfic
grimmouse197 chapter 47 . 6h
You know what be hilarious if the MC suddenly woke up because the tree was suddenly devoured ending the blood red moon.
Mr. Hide chapter 47 . 7h
Senpai you're soo cooool! What a heck of a journey that was! Loved every second of it. Waited God-Darn-Too-Long for it to end! Sorry can't review in official account( forgot password:-()
All in all, one of the most finest antagonistic oc stories ever created in this site! Thank you thank you THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR CREATING SUCH A PIECE OF ASTOUNDING BEAUTY! Praying for the very best in your personal as well as writing life:-)
yochan123 chapter 47 . 10/24
What a tough question and a wonderful ending!

I guess I want to live in a perfect illusion
TheHolyBlade chapter 47 . 10/23
It ended up being everything and more than I hoped and what a horror show it was. You've given me the best Naruto fanfiction I've ever and will ever read. This was fantastic. Thank you. What a terrifying ending, one I can't help but slightly envy.
SandZdragon chapter 47 . 10/22
Awesome stuff really enjoyed the idea and story. Only wish I could see an epic battle or smt tho it wouldn't make much sense with how naa-chan acts, but it might have been cool.
EraSwap chapter 47 . 10/21
I guess it woud kind of be like going from here to heaven, because heaven is in a sense a perfect reality. And if you arent aware you're in an illusion then its really just a reality. Because everything is up to your own perception. But, the people that died, they dont really come back. Atleast, in the sense that Kushina wasn't revived- she didn't get brought back to life to experience this Utopia. She died. As did Minato. And the Kushina and Minato Naasica sees are illusions. Meaning, this is a selfish reality. This wasnt what was best for everyone, this was what was best for her. She got to see them again, together and happy, and her guilt was assuaged. But Minato and Kushina are dead, they never get to live again, and they wont get to meet each other again. In the end, the conclusion was pretty bittersweet. Because shes happy, shes content. But her happiness xame at the extent of so many, and shes fooled herself into thinking all is well, that Kakashi is with her and so is Minato and Kushina. But Kakashi- the actual real Kakashi, hes gone. In fact, from what i remember of the brief period the genjustsu was active dueing the war- everyone was on their own illusions. So apart from themselves, everything else is fake.

I just keep thinking about how betrayed and devasates kakashi must have been the moments leading up to his death. As he prepares to fight off the two people he loves most. As he dies in their arms listening to the their psychotic mutterings about utopia. How Minato felt having his heart ripped out of his chest, betrayed not once, but twice by those he trsted most. He was killed from behind- his back was turned to Obito because Obito wasnt a threat in his mind. All the way back to Kushina dying after giving birth. Even Gaara and Naruto- who trusted so explicitly, did they truly survive the extraction process? Or did they get led to their slaughter by the people they believed in the most.

That ending has me feeling too many emotions at once. I think I'm going to nap.
Mariusz1988 chapter 47 . 10/21
Awesome work. Long awaited ending finally came. I enjoyed reading and rereading this story.
seanklovett chapter 47 . 10/20
I started following and reading this story years ago, but took a break and waited for it to be finished. A long break. And now it is officially completed! I absolutely adore this story and am glad Naasica got her happy ending, even if it took a lot of bloodshed and sacrifice to get there. Looking forward to reading more of your work!
Aviscia chapter 1 . 10/20
Beautifully written story

I got really bored so i write a long answer to the question

I’d much rather live in an imperfect reality. I’m of the opinion that it is the imperfections in our lives that give us meaning. Without challenges to overcome, what is our purpose in life.

To have a goal implies that something is not perfect, yet it is these goals that define us, our happiest moments in life come from achieving these goals and our lowest points come when failing to achieve our goals, our individual characters are defined by these moments, and without imperfections in our world, we lose what makes us ourselves

This is why an imperfect reality is better than an the perfect illusion
Haldir639 chapter 47 . 10/19
Holy fucking shit I'm so glad I read this, what a horrific payoff
Guest chapter 47 . 10/19
shygirlbobby chapter 47 . 10/19
I knew it was going to happen but goddamn. Kakashi's death (and revival? sorta?) killed me. The ending send shivers down my spine because everything is an illusion and she's surrounded by dead people. Gods. You made one of the most devastating happy ending come true. Hats off to you.
Slateorbstudios chapter 47 . 10/18
its taken me awhile to get to the end of this story but GOD EVERY WORD WAS WORTH IT darkpetal i ADORE your writting and your characters and how you make everything somuchmore real then it is. i had an amazing time reading this and i wanted to say thankyoufor publishing it all.
War6088 chapter 47 . 10/18
Ho-ly-hell. That was so well done. I loved being able to watch the slow decent into madness, obsession, fear, love, everything. I can’t even describe how wonderful this whole story was. Well done. Seriously. Thank you so much for this. War
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