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GeneralPanda the Chibi chapter 23 . 4h
A Fawkes Named Kurama chapter 1 . 7/20
awesome first chapter 10/10 would read again, haha i keed, this is my 2nd read through
Milan Liepke chapter 25 . 7/19
Damn...just DAMN. Now I'm def more concerned about Naruto with Naasica. I mean it's cute and all, but she's batshit insane. That little ball of sunshine doesn't need to be exposed to 'red' too soon. It gets me wondering how she'd be influential to him when he grows up. Aaaand since guilt is involved, maybe she'd be supportive?
Lucy the queenofstars chapter 25 . 7/19
Her descent into insanity was rather interesting
argentorum chapter 25 . 7/17
It's interesting to think about what the end of this all will be. Will Naruto be able to save her? It doesn't really look like it, right now, does it.

Didn't Madara die at some point in canon? I wonder what Naasica will do once that happens, with only her own judgement to guide her.
FireInLife chapter 18 . 7/17
Aaaand I wrote that last review too soon. I regret suggesting more male victims. And Naasica's response was more understandable this time. And her motivations much more understandable.
FireInLife chapter 17 . 7/17
May be worth adding the warning in this chapter to chapter 2. I really don't like stories that feature rape unless it's about healing and survival and what not. Tbh, if you featured rape more graphically, or focused on it more, or had Madara or the main characters rape others, I would probably drop it. In a world that's already unrealistic, I think authors can get by with making wars just a bit more unrealistic.

But I know this story was going to be dark, so I normally wouldn't say anything about it. That said, the warnings in chapter 2 kind of implied that rape and child molestation wouldn't occur at all. May be worth changing it to say "graphic depictions of rape won't be written, but the topic will come up. The world of Naruto isn't peaceful and the harsh reality is that rape and other sexual crimes do occur. None if the main characters will be raped, but they will come across victims of rape as in any war."

Or something like that.

That said, I would like if Naasica showed more sympathy to victims. Or anger. The way she treated the men and women who were sex trafficked a while back was rather disgusting. I can see her not acting like Obito and trying to save them. But I would have expected her to express disgust at the world, not call them trash. A good antagonist is one we can still relate with (even if we'd hate their actions).

(And as much as it disgusts me to ask for more victims, featuring more male victims would be a bit more realistic. Especially in a world like Naruto. After all, rape isn't about sexual attraction, even if it plays a small part.)

The puberty is a nice touch though. I was worried for a bit that it would result in some unrealistic pre-teen romance (which is But using it as a humor device is really nice and helps us relate a bit more. Admittedly, my puberty was easy with no real "rampant hormones" issue, so I often feel it's exaggerated in many stories to the point of being annoying. But you did it well by explaining about how chakra and ninja!genetics makes it really bad for Naasica. Makes me feel sympathy for her, despite being an insane sociopathic narcisist lol.

Sorry for the rant. Just wanted to mention this. And I really enjoy this story, as dark as it is. I just wanted to send my thoughts on this topic. I hope I didn't come across as flaming you or whining about things you alrrady gave warnings for.
The Solitary Tempest chapter 25 . 7/17
Thankyou for updating! I am really excited when I had found out you had updated one of my favorite fics! This chapter is very emotional, and sad for one of the major events had already happened, although there are ripples because this is not Canon version of Naruto, which makes it more exciting and thrilling. Good job in writing this chapter! Looking forward for more!
aKookie chapter 25 . 7/16
Whoa, Kushina died fast, like a snap of a finger-snap, but in this case her neck did the snapping. I couldn't not. But I guess Naasica did have to do it fast or else it would really really get to her and she wouldn't want her goodbye to be slow and painful.

Looking forward to the next one! Keep up the good work!
aKookie chapter 24 . 7/16
Oh there's a chapter after this one yay!
Callahian chapter 25 . 7/16
Excited for next chap! Keep up the good work.
JakOvsumTrade chapter 25 . 7/15
I love your stories, this one especially. I've been following Rowan from the start. I half expected Naasica to not be able to go through with killing Kushina and stop the plan, but I think it's better this way. A more interesting story.

Even though I've read most of not all of your stories, i don't remember ever answering one of your ending questions as I usually skip the author's note out of impatience (character flaw I am working on). I really like the Skaven from Warhammer and I think they would make for a good antagonist. They are very evil and ruthless, and I'll be kept on my toes searching for cunning schemes, but watching their plots fall apart just in time to save me because of their convoluted plans within plans would be quite fun.
Guest chapter 25 . 7/15
Oh man what a great chapter! Looking forward to the next one even more now!
Guest chapter 25 . 7/15
Please can we have some more cute Naasic & baby Naruto scenes?
Chiikaru chapter 25 . 7/14
Man, this had a strong start but between the protagonist being bat shit insane and not capable of dealing with grief in any way at all every chapter is starting to just feel like the same thing with different words. This also doesn't help because most of the focus is on Naasicas internal struggle which are cyclical and never going to be resolved.

We had a few paragraphs of the nine tails attack then the rest of the chapter was reading Naasica think the same stuff over and over again.

As a reader I don't feel for Naasicas struggles at all or actually care for her because she's literally just insane, there's no reason to since her character has basically stagnated into this creepy "red red red" shit and there's no hope for her to develop because she's fucked in the head.

I'm hoping I'm wrong but it's a huge problem when the protag is OP with no one else posing a threat, no character development can happen, and nothing makes you feel for the character.
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