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ZabuzasGirl chapter 18 . 8/3
It's been a year! Where in the world are you?! :(
B4conH4wk182 chapter 33 . 7/23
please update! it's so great x
HPuni101 chapter 33 . 7/3
Please update.
SarevokDothrakiDovahkiin chapter 4 . 6/4
Why in every story with a True Baratheon Princess, they fall in love each time with Robb Stark whereas Jon Snow is send to the wall ? Seriously it's annoying and not original
Boomer1125 chapter 23 . 5/5
To me when I was reading this story over again is that two things stood out to me Elyana ignores her instinct and she should have taken Ned and the girls with her instead of leaving them she new her Father Time was fleeting and yet she didn't follow the smartest course of action get her family out of there. Another thing that bothers me is that Elyana and Arryn should have told her father the king about their findings but once again Elyana sticks her head in the sand and acts like the problem will just go away. I get it, she was a child but I am the same age as her and she claimed that she loved her father yet she did not speak a word about what she had found out. One that could have prevented the war of the seven kingdoms and Roberts death. Even the honorable Ned Stark in canon was going to tell Robert but the Lannister killed both. Also the relationship between angers and the Queen needs to be stopped before an Anne Boleyn is pulled just saying.

Anyway other then these aggravations the story is enjoyable please continue!
Xgv chapter 33 . 4/27
Great chapter on Kingdom come, so can you please put up the next chapters to the story now please
Xgv chapter 33 . 4/26
Great chapter on Kingdom come,so can you please put up the next chapter to the story now please
xoxo chapter 1 . 2/22
Cersei made many foul decisions, but to be fair - in a society like GoT, women couldn't just "leave" their husbands, no matter how awful they were or how loveless the marriage.
Lycan Lover 411 chapter 33 . 2/19
I actually love this so much! Elyana is like the coolest character ever! Perfect mixture of the Lion and the Stag :D And I love your other oc's and how you've changed things about, like Stannis joining with Ely instead of fighting against her :D Really really hope there's more soon :D :D
Kaizer-Kid chapter 33 . 1/28
While I appreciate your rivalry between your OC and Margaery, I will actually be the voice of reason here; you have to get rid of Anders or at least separate him completely from Elyana. They are just too close, and even Robb will pick up on the rumours that will surround the two, considering everyone and their mother will be chattering about Anders' relationship with her. The way your writing, he's constantly at her side and while he's a decent character, he's not Brienne, and she's not Cat. Elyana, will have such slurs thrown at her, which will risk compromising the succession, with the north unhappy with a possible second Cersei, and the Trident with the North, they will likewise be unhappy. Just saying, remember that Cersei's shadow is not a good one, and for two such people to be so close, it will draw attention.
Anna.B chapter 33 . 1/27
this is an amazing story! love the OC and her relationship with Robb. It's unique that Stannis has aligned with her, also that the Freys will be hopefully punished before their betrayal although she should inform Robb or Stannis. I like that she has persuaded Renly to attack ,therefore he will face the wildfire and the Tyrells will loose power. Think Oberyn should present an alliance when it becomes clear that they are a substantial force against Tywin. I love how she has her soldiers and her peoples loyalty. Also love how Varys is involved, I really hope he was talking about her ruling the realm instead of a man and not Daenerys. Also I hope along the way home or at camp Sir Barristan will pledge himself, think he should save her love from a bounty hunter. Also love how Tyrion and Cersei love her and I hope if she wins that they will be shown some mercy and not be put to death but exiled. Amazing story, your an amazing writer. Be nice to see some more romantic moments with Robb as well as the action. Please update soon.
Guest chapter 33 . 12/20/2015
Looking forward to the next chapter.
sakura1 chapter 19 . 12/12/2015
What the bloody point then if she can't win!
ZabuzasGirl chapter 32 . 10/10/2015
It's been two months! please update!
I love this story so much! :)
ZabuzasGirl chapter 33 . 10/9/2015
I love it! I love it! I love it!
Update immediately, please! you've left this along for way too long!
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