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adVENTitiious chapter 22 . 9/2
Ah, a fantastic epilogue for a fantastic story. :)

I loved this so much. The writing was insanely clever, I adored *every* single one of your characters, and I wasn't bored for even a second. It was funny and cute and touching and smart, and oh so hot. Hah. One of my very favorite Drarry's of all time.

Thank you!
adVENTitiious chapter 21 . 9/2
So great.
Artemisgodess chapter 22 . 8/26
And done! Sorry I didn't do a chapter by chapter review, I tend to just keep reading when there's a next button...
I really liked it! Drarry js very promising ship! I love that your story was sweet but never cheese. The boys weren't feminine (which I don't think I would personally enjoy) and the progression was very natural! The characters were believable (weirdly mature, but I could see how they got to that point in their lives). And both the romance and background mystery were very good!
I had a great time reading it!
Rusticheart chapter 1 . 8/26
Rereading your story because life got in the way of updates and I never finished. This chapter reminded me why I liked it so.
Artemisgodess chapter 14 . 8/23
It did! Ron's interruption actually made me laugh out loud. They are all so grown up about everything is soo weird!
I'm usually a Dramione shipper and there's so much drama involved...
I like that there's a suspense/mystery running parallel to the love story, makes everything more interesting.
Richard Smith chapter 22 . 8/22
This was amazing, a really good idea and I loved that they were to discuss their time at school, I always imagined they would do something like that and you depicted it so well. It was a pleasure to read. Many thanks. xx
Artemisgodess chapter 8 . 8/22
Awn, this is sweet! This is the first Drarry I've ever read found at a Rec listfrom ShayaLonnie. And I'm glad I did, it's great!
Sorry this is the first time I pause to review, I have been reading non-stop.
Mo-chan98 chapter 22 . 8/21
I have never shipped Drarry. Not ever. I thought everyone who did was daft. This fic has changed that completely for me. It's so beautifully written that my heart ached along with it and I don't think I'll ever find another Drarry or Wolfstar that is up to the standards of the stories you have written.
FanFictionLover9 chapter 22 . 8/20
This story is the absolute best. I'm so glad you wrote it. Thanks, you did a great job
WritingIsTheMostFun chapter 22 . 8/18
This was a lovely read, well done!
Kindle-the-Stars chapter 22 . 8/11
Loved this, very well written and flows beautifully! But, along with the romance, I think what I liked best was the friendships - I'm glad you didn't make too much drama and angst with Ron and Hermione finding out and Marc is hilarious :) Also, I did have a good laugh about the Middleton thing and sleek easy :p All in all, lovely story :)
ReichenAngel chapter 22 . 8/10
I want to say "brilliant story" but I feel like story doesn't give enough credit. It was very well written and caught my attention enough to keep reading. I look forward to reading your other work.
Haydo chapter 22 . 8/8
The only issue I have with your story is that I neglected other things I needed to do in order to finish it! :-) absolutely awesome writing!
TheAnnoyingTallThing chapter 22 . 8/7
Wow. That was probably one of the nicest stories I have ever read. So this review is basically my way of saying well done. I found Draco a bit out of character considering how nice he was and stuff, but his sarcasm and humour was soooooooo redeeming that I stopped caring after three lines.
Marcus was a riot. I honestly wish I had a friend that obscene and vulgar just to make me laugh and to see my mother's reaction.
Oh and good job since you managed to successfully write a story with adultery with me not noticing until the end, when Draco was getting divorced. I do hope you keep writing.
lunetta19 chapter 22 . 8/6
i was so excited to reread your story with the new epilogue and i sincerely prefer this ending, It was great.
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