Reviews for Awake
BIackrose13 chapter 17 . 11/12
This story is great! I love the way you make Sunstreaker standoffish yet 'friendly'. I also loved the bookstore/picture part. lol Sideswipe seems to get a bunch of chances with Katie but then messes up. He's really sweet though and seems to be perfect for Katie. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Yami-The Lord of Darkness chapter 17 . 11/8
Please update soon :D
professionalemail101 chapter 17 . 11/5
1. And even-toed ungulate

Autobot-Bre-Lightblast chapter 17 . 11/2
Artiodactyls are even-toed ungulates, hoofed mammals.
CharitinaX chapter 17 . 10/30
An artiodactyl is an artsy pterodactyl! Jk, I have no idea. I'm guessing it refers to animals like antelopes and moose...etc.
DarkshadowXsunny-sides chapter 17 . 10/30
An animal with two toes/hoves like camels, llamas, pigs, etc. Happy Halloween!
I'm Nananana Batman!
Leonixon chapter 17 . 10/30
I do Solarflare...whatsoever...grrr
Alice Gone Madd chapter 17 . 10/30
Awww The Turtle joke...BHAHAHHAHAHAHAA

An Artiodactyl? the even-toed ungulates are ungulates whose weight is borne approximately equally by the third and fourth toes, rather than mostly or entirely by the third as in odd-toed ungulates, such as horses
CastielLunaWinchester chapter 17 . 10/30
Isn't artiodactyl a group of hooved mammals? Like they have two toes sort of thing. I don't even know XD
Great chapter! Sunny was so cute staring dead into the one snakes eyes! :) Happy Halloween! Cannot wait for another chapter!
techna chapter 17 . 10/29
A three to four toed huff animal like a horse
nighten-gale1720 chapter 17 . 10/29
artiodactyla are hooved mammals. Things like deer, pigs, cows, horses AND giraffes! :3 yay me I was actually able to remember something from science in middle school.
Bee4ever chapter 17 . 10/29
An Artiodactyl is an even toed ungulate. Awesome chappie! I love snakes and the like. I love visiting the herpetarium.
Jazzilynn Hall chapter 17 . 10/29
Artiodactyls are creatures like Giraffes, pigs, camels, hippos, llamas and deer. They have cloven hooves and are all mammals. The name 'artiodactyl' or artiodactylia as the group of creatures are known, means 'even toed ungulate'.
000AccountInactive000 chapter 17 . 10/29

Thank you so much and great job!
Lola chapter 11 . 9/2
That line was from Lilo & Stitch
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