Reviews for The Broken Doll
Guest chapter 11 . 9/25
Amazing. Loved every minute. Especially awesome backstory for Levi.
Cat Beats chapter 10 . 9/17
This made me hate Erwin
Sarvin11 chapter 11 . 9/5
Your story was AMAZING! First, I didn't want to read it because it was too long but when I read the first chapter, I simply couldn't resist! It was beautiful how you described Levi and Mikasa's feelings toward each other! And please don't stop here, I would love to read the next chapters you've planned! Thank you for your stunning fanfic!
Tia wow chapter 11 . 8/23
This was the best fan fic story out of the 213 iv read would love to have the capability of writing like u enjoyed this so much I read it about 50 times it was absolutely amazing it had a good background and theme to it
Thank you for writing this story
Readers congratulations
Tia Thexton
Heartofpunkss chapter 11 . 8/1
Ugh this was so good and satisfying to read, such a warm story
demigoddesses chapter 11 . 7/3
I really liked this story! The AU idea was unique and well-delivered. I love the character relationships as well as character development. The fairy tale motif was cute as well :)
ImJustAFangirl chapter 11 . 6/27
It's been awhile since a fic has made me as emotional as this fic has. I really loved this story. It made me stay up way too late and it was so hard to put down. Thank you for writing it.
gtgrandom chapter 11 . 6/27
Wow! Such an amazing story. (I love eremika, but I could have cared less about that ship during this story) Levi and Mikasa were written so well and in depth and...I love this story. It's my new favorite. Thank you for sharing such a sweet, tragic, beautiful and cruel fic!
gtgrandom chapter 10 . 6/27
Such a tragic backstory! But it all made a lot of sense, and I LOVED TEENAGE ERWIN! So cute to Levi.
After reading the manga **spoilers** it's so sad that Kenny left Levi kind of like how Levi left Mikasa in this story.
gtgrandom chapter 3 . 6/26
The 'don't be f*cking with my name' part had me busting up laughing and my parents were like...what's wrong with our child?
Soooo good so far. You should be a real deal writer.
gtgrandom chapter 2 . 6/26
I saw a post on tumblr that said this story was one of the best on fanfiction.
After only two chapters of amazing writing...I think they were totally right. I love this so much! Seeing Levi interact with a kid is hilarious and adorable and I am so going on a binge read.
Levi1Fan chapter 11 . 6/7
NOOOO PLEASE DON'T END IT HERE! Please please release more chapters! It can even be 1 chapter but please please!
hatsukoi chapter 11 . 6/5
Holy shit. That was an amazing work, I absolutely loved it. qwq I read this all in around three hours, and I'm pretty positive I cried somewhere along the way- yeah, I sure did.

Mentally, I feel a little blank now. So I don't really have any constructive criticism. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this-

(And, also, maybe because my name is Angie as well.. :)
Aesanna chapter 11 . 3/4
This. This.

I've read this a while ago and decided to revist. It still puts a smile on my face. I understand it more deeply now, a year later, and I can happily say that I love this story with all my heart.

That being said, I'd love to see those next three chapters, perhaps as a separate story! I admire your style of writing, and the way you left off the story is killing me inside. Many parts of this story brought tears to my eyes.

I will admit though that I did sigh when Mikasa said that she will protect Levi no matter what, which seemed to me like a remake of what she felt to Eren. I understand that they rescued her from the same situation, but I did get tired of it in the canon story when she kept insisting on protecting him. At least Levi is capable of using words and straight up tell her that he doesn't want that in a way she will understand.

Nonetheless, the story is beautiful in my eyes. Very in tune with the characters, and I liked that you kept OCs to a minimum (read: significant OCs that have a large role in the story). Keep up the great work, and I sincerely hope that you get around to making those last 3 chapters for satisfying closure. I was actually thinking, "Where's the rest of it?" when the story abruptly endes on the author's note.
everyday-deeds chapter 11 . 2/22
This was such an amazing concept for a story, and I'm so happy I ended up finding it. Having gotten to the end, I'm dying to see how the plot of the story would be impacted by Mikasa's focus on Levi. Especially if he's considered humanity's strongest and she's going to imitate him- the one-two punch they would make would be just amazing to see. Not to mention the possibilities for both of them dealing with each other as they got older. And I adored Mikasa's interactions with Eren and Armin. But really, the way Levi and Mikasa deal with other, and how Levi ends up inadvertently raising her, was just perfect. I'll definitely be reading this one again. Thank you so much for writing it!
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