Reviews for Merging our Worlds
Guest chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
Best story ever. I could read this over and over again.
ShanaraRose chapter 1 . 5/23/2014
Alot more detailed!
Loving it!
This is amazing!
CharmedArtist chapter 1 . 4/4/2014
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmh so goooood *happy*
KneazleGriff chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
Oh so lovely! I am so glad I finally found some time to read this little gem and review it too! It was such a joy to read.

Once again our favorite Potions Master shows such insecurity - my heart aches just imaging those black orbs filled with tears, the poor man thinking he's being rejected by the love of his life. So sad. But Harry is quick to figure out the misunderstanding and even quicker to ease Severus' troubled mind and heart.

It's really sad to imagine what Harry is dealing with in this story - mostly because it's pretty darned realistic. An orphan who has lost his parents before he is old enough to even properly remember them, truly has some complex emotional pain to deal with. I suppose he would tend to miss the IDEA of his parents more than the parents themselves since there's no history of recalled love. Poor Harry. It's very tragic. But Severus helps out - offering the boy a way to find closure and release his pent up and misguided grief. Bravo, Sev!

Their evening together was very romantic (and erotic!) Well done! Now perhaps this anniversary will offer even more significance to the both of them. :)

Nicely done. Liked this VERY much. :D
Tlcatlady chapter 1 . 11/16/2013
Beautifully done! TLC
YenGirl chapter 1 . 11/12/2013
Yes, I have already reviewed this lovely story, but I feel the need to address the comments left by one reviewer, my dear writer.

Your use of ellipses was used to denote uncertainty as well as the dawning of comprehension. It did that beautifully and most certainly was not used in every sentence of your story!

Severus not punishing Draco for provoking Harry (even though we all wished he would) is canon and should not even need to be explained. Voldemort is still out there, roaming free and there are many spies in Hogwarts who would only be too pleased to report that Severus was seen – le gasp! – being fair to Potter at the detriment of one of his own Slytherins! Merlin forbid.

Your Severus has been alone after many, many years of pain and neglect. I for one, found his oversight on Halloween rather charming, and even more charming was his wish to make that night a very special one for Harry and himself. I have no doubts whatsoever that if Lily could see the preparations he had made, she would have happily given her blessings and forced James to do the same *smiles* And indeed, my dear writer, you showed that she was a farsighted witch.

Your Harry is correct – he has nothing much to base the memories of his parents from and I found his bewildered detachment and completely realistic. Yet he still showed compassion and sensitivity in not wanting to be intimate with Severus at first.

But as we know, Lily did give her blessings and in a very special way. I already mentioned that in my first review but I’ll state it again here – it was a wonderfully clever idea to pass on a message from her and James to their son that he should let go of guilt and celebrate love and life and find happiness for himself and the one he loves. And I’m very glad he did.

Everyone has their own opinion as to how they find a story they read. Well, I personally found this story utterly delightful and enjoyed being the beta for it, reading it and reviewing it. It is a worthy read done in your inimitable style and sweetened it with love, compassion and your signature hurt and comfort.

Please pay no mind to that particular review, and carry on delighting us!
karlii chapter 1 . 11/10/2013
snake doesn't need to be capitalized. It also might be better for you not to have every single sentence...turn...into...this... It just gets really annoying how you did that so often. After about the fifth time I was ready to scroll down or just hit backspace. I can't believe that Severus didn't even give Draco detention if he could see that Draco was starting the fight. I also don't think that Severus would have forgotten the anniversary of his partners parents deaths. He should have just had a day for them to remember James and Lily not expected them to have sex. I don't know anybody who wants to have hot sex on the anniversary of a loved ones death. 1st year anniversary of a relationship or not.
Sheankelor chapter 1 . 11/5/2013
Oh, you had me a bit worried there, dear. Just a bit. Malfoy can be an issue if you let him. I am glad that Harry came to his senses and figured out that it was Severus that he was ignoring, and just what that could lead too. Of course it was almost too late, but he did do it.

The graveyard scene was perfect. I love the additional words, and wished that Severus had touched the stone. I wanted to know if they left a message for him as well.

The end was a perfect as it could be.

Highs and lows back to highs again. A wonderful ride. Wonderful.
Azrael Jinsei chapter 1 . 11/5/2013
Very sweet. Thank you for writing this.
YenGirl chapter 1 . 11/2/2013
You’re welcome, dear! *hugs you back* Hurt, comfort and romance are what you write best and this latest story of yours proves it! And I like how you always pick the perfect image for your stories :D

I do feel sorry that Harry never got to enjoy a normal childhood but he still grew up to be a wonderful young man with a generous, loving heart. Dudley most likely has a mouth full of cavities by now *shrugs in an ‘I-don’t-really-care’ way*

How time flies (both in real life and in fanfiction), it’s already been a year since 15 year old Harry found out what it was like to be a ghost and also that Severus loves him! I’m glad that they’ve gotten closer in each lovely World story you wrote since.

Ugh, Draco just had to spoil Harry’s evening (even though he unknowingly helped him in the end). I don’t blame Harry for wanting to hex Malfoy even standing right in the doorway of the Great Hall. Good thing Severus was there and turned a potentially ugly scene into a beneficial one!

Aww, so cute! *smiles at Severus’ glare since she remembered to use the same Weasley invention that Harry used last year so she is now floating as a temporary ghost, able to hear and see and tease but unable to be hexed* Now that I know what Severus’ original intention was, I found his decorating his bedroom and deprecating thoughts even lovelier than before! (In fact, I half wished it had happened this way…)

Poor Harry, now he can’t enjoy himself because of his conflicted thoughts. Of course he can’t remember his parents as much as he wants to. *goes back to the Great Hall to hiss nasty words in a startled Draco’s ear and grins when he choked on a mint humbug before coming back to the dungeons*

Oho, so Severus has been romantic and been wearing the lion shaped pendant ever since Valentine’s Day! How sweet of him! *ignores his vowing to find a counter-potion for the Weasley’s invention*

It’s good to know that Harry is just as eager to be more intimate with Severus (even if he doesn’t know the man’s original intention) but the timing just… sucks! *pulls at her hair*

Ouch, I both love and hate it when Severus gets hurt… you write his pain so exquisitely, it wrings my heart each time, my dear. Each of your hurt and comfort stories do that (which is why you have to write more *smiles happily and ignores dark, tearful glares coming her way*) I loved the ‘one year’ sentences… they described Severus’ pain and despair perfectly! And just on this special night… and after he had convinced himself that Harry loves him… and after he had prepared his bedroom…

I’m glad that this time, Harry’s thoughts were quick enough to allow him to catch onto the real reason for their misunderstanding and Severus’ hurt, and to explain his real reason for saying ‘No’. (Well, I wouldn’t have minded it had dragged on a bit longer but this was fine too *smiles and enjoys the sight of them hugging each other and then giggles happily at the ‘primate’ thought – that was so funny!)

And now that Severus is a bit more secure in Harry’s love again, he can now help him with the issue of grieving for his parents. Visiting their graves on the anniversary of their deaths is the right thing to do *nods and grabs onto Harry’s robes as Severus activates the portkey only to find herself all alone since her ghostly fingers can’t hold onto anything* What?! Nooooo! *goes on a mad rush of cancelling the Weasley’s spell, begging Albus for a portkey to Godric’s Hollow, using it and falling flat on her face when she appears at the graveyard*

It was good that you showed how distant Severus and Harry felt towards the departed at first. Severus hadn’t been to such a place for so long and Harry had never been to a graveyard (which was a good thing since, as you pointed out, he would be doing work there instead of paying his respects.. probably with Dudley munching on sweets in the background)

I like Severus’ thoughts – his conscience warring with his wants. He may think he would never have a chance to be close to Harry if James and Lily were alive, but I’m sure that true love would find a way *smiles at him* And if it didn’t, Harry would still find a way to force it through *smiles tearfully at Harry*

And yay, his parents did leave something for him after all! *wipes her eyes to peer at the words* If that isn’t a message for Harry to let go of his guilt at being alive when they weren’t and to find love and happiness for himself, then I don’t know what is. *deep and happy sigh*

Harry was matured here and didn’t need Severus’ to explain things to him. That was wonderful since Severus needed the reassurance (and will continue to need it from time to time, I’m sure… *ignores black glare* And I loved it when Harry called Hogwarts (and Severus’ rooms) ‘home’ *nods and clings onto Harry’s robes as the portkey is activated again*

Ahh, this next part is lovely, lovely, lovely! Now that Harry has left his guilt behind, he can appreciate the romantic setting better now… I found it sweet and almost funny that they had the same thought in mind – that they wanted the other to claim them! *squeals and has to put the Weasley spell on herself again to avoid being hexed* Of course they each have a different reason for wanting that and both reasons are so in tune with their characters… but Harry’s one was correct – it’s nothing to do with ‘winning’ over the other or to feel dominant in any way but to cherish each other *sniffles happily*

And as for what Severus did next… *feels her brain short circuiting at the sight* A bit naughty but very arousing – oh my, yes – and it was lovely to see that Harry enjoyed it very much *nods and drools* I did too… Severus’ teasing was hot but his preparation was sweet and gentle, loved it!

Ah and at last they’re as close as they can be. I loved how Harry could still blush and I’m sure that Severus will blush too when Harry claims – I mean, cherishes, him for the first time (and hopefully puts his tongue to good use as well!) If only someone will write that scene? *grins at you and ignores a half hearted glare from Severus before he is distracted by Harry again*

A wonderful, wonderful story! *favourites it* I’m all starry eyed and smiling here :D
Ryane-Foxx chapter 1 . 10/31/2013
Epp :) I was so happy to see that next piece up, seeing your work always makes me a happy camper :) it was so heartbreakingly beautiful. You always make me such a wreck with your stories, but in a good way :) loved it, as always.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/31/2013
Not bad but it feels a little long,

Any way I hope that, I didn't put you off from doing more of your work !

The Crimson Mage.