Reviews for Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones
Suricatessen chapter 1 . 11/3/2013
That was great! There is too little about Tristepin's childhood in the show, so little that indeed the only things you can use to flesh it out come from Rubilax and Goultard - not from Tristepin himself. If he hates to talk about it while Rubilax loves to taunt him about it, that means his childhood was terrible, hence interesting. I'd have loved to read even more about his childhood, which is a way to praise you about what you've written so far I guess :)

His modest origins and the constant taunting he had to endure because he is a stupid Iop-brain are perfectly valid motives to understand why he spends most of his time in the show trying to prove himself, culminating when he loses control and hurts the people he was trying to impress - you captured that perfectly too.

A great read, and I hope there's more where it comes from. Thanks !
Princess Unikitty chapter 1 . 10/31/2013
pretty cool idea for a story. liked the dialogue.