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mr.macboy chapter 7 . 3/22
I like ghost better.
Shamoya chapter 12 . 1/23
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tanithlipsky chapter 18 . 12/20/2016
RPGPersona chapter 18 . 8/27/2016
Another story has come to an end, and once again I greatly enjoyed reading it. Thanks for another story.

The bomb was clean, that is lucky.

Well, no strip chess yet, but this time during the massage, something awakened within Raven. Not just satisfied with a back massage, Raven flips over to expose for bare front and asks Beast Boy to continue the massage. Things get heated on both side as lust and pleasure consume then both. Things come to a halt as Timid makes a plea to stop. While even Timid wants to keep going, she also wants to make sure that she can she no and stop if she wants to, which means next time it will be all good.

We finally get to see the full dream/nightmare of Beast Boy's past. Raven gets to learn what Beast Boy has been through as a child and how he managed to escape death so many times. It is something that only he could be with his unique powers. It was interesting seeing you explore Beast Boy's past. I always love seeing this sort of thing in Teen Titans fanfics.

With the mysteries revealed, and both Titans awake, Raven is ready to continue where they left off with the massage. I nice way to end things.
RPGPersona chapter 17 . 8/27/2016
Nothing like a near death experience to appreciate what you have. Chuckled at Raven hold the empty threat of sharing Beast Boy with Starfire.

Thanks to a letter from Harley, the team knows that the Gentleman Ghost is behind the recent attacks. Seems he is interested in learning the secret to Beast Boy's ability to resurrect. We also get a glimpse of his weaknesses. Energy attacks from Royalty seem to be most effective. Also it appears virgins cannot be harmed by him or hurt him either. That makes Raven the perfect counter, being a virgin with soul based attacks.

Well, here it is. An atomic bomb this time, that can do real damage. He wants Beast Boy to surrender himself to him to discover Beast Boy's secret. Raven of course wants Beast Boy to ignore the GG's demands. Her emotions are once again riled up calling for blood, or whatever liquid the GG spills. Raven is partially on board this time, though instead of death she plans to send him to the same dimension Trigon is locked in.

The bomb being set in the meeting place is clever. Initially, you wouldn't think the villain would place the bomb where he is standing. Too bad the GG is waiting for them. With no other choice, Beast Boy stays behind and Raven teleports the others to safety. Raven want to go back to be with Beast Boy, but the bomb goes off first. Being a ghost, the GG survives, which leaves him to deal with a Raven filled with demonic fury. Good thing Beast Boy came back before Raven totally lost it. Well, now he know what Raven's emotions refer to him as.
RPGPersona chapter 16 . 8/26/2016
Haha, All of Raven's emotions are calling for Raven to bite Starfire to get her to back off form Beast Boy. Poor Raven is completely overwhelmed. She doesn't want to share Beast Boy under any circumstances, but she doesn't want to hurt Raven either.

Well, Starfire's request gave Beast Boy unexpected bonus, a long and passionate kiss to convince Beast Boy to stay with Raven. Raven also got a nice bonus by hearing Beast Boy tell her that he loves her.

See Cyborg, was that so hard. You could have saved yourself some trouble if you explained yourself like that yesterday. I can't help but be curious over what rewards Rage will think up for Beast Boy.

Raven and Starfire have come to an understanding over sharing Beast Boy. And by that I mean Raven has made it clear she has no intention of sharing. Raven's emotions still want to punish Starfire for trying to wedge herself in between Beast Boy and Raven. Since Starfire doesn't have anyone else she wants to date at this time, Raven makes the following proposal, one last chance for Robin. Raven has extra motivation since she doesn't want Starfire pining after Beast Boy.

Oh dear, should have checked before dragging Robin to the roof. This is awkward. Rolls eye, of course Raven's emotions would immediately start comparing sizes. Raven was able to force Robin to see the mistakes he made and apologize to Starfire, though it is unclear if Starfire will forgive him. Had to laugh at Starfire making one last attempt to ask to share Beast Boy. That might be a wake up call for Robin if nothing else. Nice deflection by Rage, make it look like Robin was the pervert, that way Raven not only avoids any backlash from looking a Robin naked, but also gets to punish Robin for his actions as well.

That was a rough encounter with the Joker phantom. Good thing Beast Boy found the bomb or things could have been worse. Robin still almost blew himself up to protect the children. Luckily he survived and Raven was able to heal him enough to have him survive.

Well, Starfire is giving Robin one last chance, hopefully he doesn't waste it.
RPGPersona chapter 15 . 8/25/2016
Just keep digging that hole there Cyborg. It is impressive how he keeps digging himself deeper as Raven explains why she likes Beast Boy so much. You would have thought he would have backed off after Raven started getting angry. He should also consider himself lucky that Raven didn't give in to any of her emotions suggestions. So Beast Boy heard as well. Cyborg is on a roll. Maybe he will find a way to piss off Starfire next.

I am guessing this Slade is some kind of ghost or echo. Something left over after the Grim Reaper took his payment. I am also guessing the robots were left over from the Joker. I could see him stealing some of Slade's robots. One last act of revenge on the Titans it seems. Good thing no one was seriously hurt from it. Since his was just a soul fragment or something like that, Raven's soul based powers ended up being very effective. Raven got a chance to let loose some of her anger on Slade.

Robin has enter obsessive asshole mode. Snaps at Starfire and shows just how little his trusts Beast Boy. Beast Boy is quick to leave and ask Raven for a game of chess.

Now that Raven knows about that dream, she plans to investigate it and avoid dealing with the real Grim Reaper in the process.

Ask a stupid question and Rage will give you the answer she has been asking for a while now. Raven almost seems ready to take that step.

Poor Starfire. Trying to get Robin to relax a bit and just gets chewed out some more. Haha, that ending. Well Starfire is from another planet, who knows what there customs/restrictions on relationships are on her planet. Raven seems unprepared for the question.
RPGPersona chapter 14 . 8/25/2016
Well, it seems Raven doesn't hold any hard feeling towards the other over the amusement park incident. Raven seems content with what she was able to experience yesterday. Now Starfire is the dissatisfied one, wishing Robin would be more forward with there relationship. She even appears a little jealous with how much progress Beast Boy and Raven have made recently. That Raven is right, if you want it, do and seize it, don't just wait for Robin to make the first move.

No Beast Boy on the other hand, he seems to be holding a grudge on Raven's behalf for Robin not even asking for if she wanted to be part of the vacation. Back to their conversation, there are some good points. The prison itself and the guard are not paid or equipped to deal with super villains, so there is little incentive for the guard to take action. Using a good behavior system to get the prisoners to be more cooperative. It might not work for all prisoners, but it would probably help with some.

Welp, Rage is pretty relentless in her erotic ideas to spice up Raven's relationship with Beast Boy. This time it is strip chess. Rage and Raven's other emotions were so gung ho about the idea that they distracted her to the point where Raven lost horribly. Seems Rage has more than one idea, she also had one to spice up the massage. This one Raven ended up agreeing to. Pulling down her top to let Beast Boy massage her bare skin, that is certainly a step up from before, and is sure to fill Beast Boy's imagination with two things.

Raven and Beast Boy both ended up falling asleep, though Beast Boy put a blanket on Raven to cover her modesty. Time for a dream connection. So Raven gets to see a moment where Beast Boy almost dies, and presumably meets the Grim Reaper for the first time. Even though it is a memory, it still freaks Raven out, to the point where she tries to defend the child version of her boyfriend and goes into shock when the dream scythe touches her.

Straight to the medical bay for Raven, luckily there is no real damage and a healing trance is taking care of things. Really guys, you want to have a Beast 2.0 incident. At least this time Starfire tried to defend Beast Boy before bowing to Robin. You think they would have learned the last time. Even if Beast Boy was willing to wait in the cell, it is still wrong to see Robin and Cyborg have no trust/faith in Beast Boy.

Smart of Beast Boy to figure out how to get out of the cage. Of course, Beast Boy wants to make sure Raven is okay. Aw, it is nice to see that Beast Boy trusts Raven with every part of himself. Raven certainly showed her appreciation.

Well, the others certainly took a beating finding a berserk Cinderblock. Luckily, Raven and Beast Boy were able to take care of things.

Really Robin and Cyborg, no apology for not trusting Beast Boy and throwing him into the cell.
RPGPersona chapter 13 . 8/24/2016
The struggle is real as Raven tries to work up the courage to hold Beast Boy's hand. Or rather her emotions express how much Raven wants to hold Beast Boy hand while Raven is acting insecure.

Hey a mini-vacation for the Titans at an amusement park, that sounds like a good idea. Even Raven is excited for it, thinking she will get to spend some time alone with Beast Boy. Her emotions are all amped up thinking about the possibilities.

Really Robin, you declare a mini-vacation and only have plans for yourself, Starfire, Cyborg, and Bumblebee. Giving Raven and Beast Boy work to do while you have fun. Even if you thought Raven wouldn't want to go, that is no excuse to completely exclude her from the activities. Either ask her if she wants to go to show you she is part of the group or pick a group activity that everyone can enjoy. What you did is not a mini-vacation, but plan a double date with Cyborg and giving Raven work to do while away.

Yeah, poking around the affairs of a Grim Reaper seems like a good way to die.

Both admits they didn't want to go to the amusement park, but spend time with each other. Now that Robin's 'work' has been shut down, the pair are free to go on a date. The setting for the date is one of Raven's cafes. Beast Boy is fine with anything that has Hot Chocolate and food. Haha, Rage is wants to get more intimate with Beast Boy. Now she is suggesting Raven goes all the way in the booth. The desire seems to be catching his some of her emotions are agreeing with Rage.

Of course the date could not have gone smoothly, with the four at the amusement park, it falls on Raven and Beast Boy to go assist Aqualad. It is Beast Boy lucky day in one regard, a massive squid for Beast Boy to morph into. Morphing into the creature allowed him to realize what it wanted and with Aqualad's help, lead it back into the depths.

Okay Raven, you can't call out Beast Boy for being oblivious/ignorant anymore. You needed your emotions to tell you that Speedy was hitting on you. Relaxing in another cafe, Raven's emotion once again try to get Raven is go all the way with Beast Boy. I have a feeling their insistence will get worse before it gets better.

A adorable and a little heated way to end the day. A slow trip back to the tower admiring the view and each other.
RPGPersona chapter 12 . 8/23/2016
Yes, go Starfire. Don't let Raven forget the revelations she had before the toxins, even if it means letting Raven going inside your head. Yay, fragments of Raven's memories are coming back as she watches. Okay, I was not expecting Raven's dream to be so heated. Starfire also convinced Raven to stop waiting and seize the day before something else happens.

So Beast Boy straight up admitted he was jealous of Speedy and how he seemed to get along with Raven at the party. It is a little sad seeing the defeat in his voice when he said he wouldn't interfere with her dating Speedy. Well, not only did Raven get her massage, she was able to give Beast Boy a quick kiss on the lips. That should shatter his assumption that Raven is repulsed by him.

Meeting time, with Beast Boy finally in a good mood again, and Raven feeling content herself. That is quite the elaborate spy bug that the Joker made, almost impossible to detect. Beast Boy apologizes again for his action and the topic moves to the fact that a giant pool of blood was found in the warehouse. Seeing the latest video along with the evidence that Beast Boy really was killed causes Raven to instinctive grasp Beast Boy hand, to make sure he is okay. Seeing the snake head gives Raven the hypothesis that beast Boy sacrificed an animal form to take his place. It raises the question of why Beast Boy can make such a sacrifice.

Well, thankfully the video gave the team the clues needed to find the Joker's next hideout. With the whole team united this time, they were able to smash there way in without any trouble this time. The Joker used his blood to get away, but Beast Boy was able to morph into the Joker was Harley splashed him with blood and make sure she was captured. Raven was quite worried about Beast Boy, to the point where he had to hold her back.

A hungry look in her eye. I wonder if a hug is all she was craving at the time, or was just intimate enough to calm her desires. Raven really had to wrestle with herself there as her emotions all wanted her to end Harley's life for what she did to Beast Boy. Eventually Raven won out and healed the brain damage he inflicted on Harley long ago.

With the damage healed, Harley told the team that the Joker had a boat he used to get here and transport materials. When Beast Boy told his own story of having his brain messed with, Harley also decided to reveal the name of the ship as well.

At least the Joker capture went well this time, minus all the toxins that got released into the ocean. Once again, Raven had to reign if her emotions, who all desired to see the Joker dead.

Haha, now that Raven is starting to make a move on Beast Boy, Rage is getting impatient and want to go straight to the love making. Raven for now continues to take things slow. Getting a nice massage and giving Beast Boy a longer kiss than before.

So the Joker is dead, and Harley is going back to red.
RPGPersona chapter 11 . 8/20/2016
Raven No. Why do I have the feeling some Grim Reaper shenanigans are going to be occurring later.

Not surprising, but Beast Boy is ready to kill the joker to avenge Raven. He remembered Billy Numerous being scared the last time they met and trying to leave the city. An interrogation revealed he was used as heavy labor for the Joker. Beast Boy even got an address. Unfortunately, the Joker was ready for any intruders with an undetectable paralysis gas. Beast Boy is helpless as Harley Quinn chops his head. Maybe Beast Boy and Raven will meet in the afterlife.

Never mind, Raven was just putting herself in a near death state to ride out the toxins. She was able to repair the damage and recover just fine.

Of course the Joker would have a recording of Beast Boy getting beheaded. Following Beast Boy's trial leads the others to the Joker's lair. Too bad they fall for the same trap Beast Boy did.

Interesting. Beast Boy was able to prolong his life by sacrificing an animal form. Talk about having nine lives. Back on his feet. Beast Boy brings the house down and prevents anyone else from getting hurt. We also got that funny moment when Beast Boy and Raven notice that the other is still alive. The Joker got away, but no one was killed, so that is good.

Of course the neurotoxin would wipe Raven's memories from after realizes her own feelings as well as Beast Boy's. Of course. I share Starfire's feeling on the matter.
RPGPersona chapter 10 . 8/19/2016
Well, Rage's words about Beast Boy's hands are really stuck in Raven's head. That was nice of Beast Boy to give Raven a slice of pizza so she didn't have to get up. Now Raven is playing a random game of chess with Speedy.

Poor Beast Boy, his feeling for Raven are really tormenting him. I feel sorry for Speedy the next time Beast Boy sees him.

Thank you Starfire. Finally making Raven see the mistakes she made and how they hurt Beast Boy. From laughing at the idea that she and Beast Boy could date, to the spin the bottle game and the pity kiss. In nothing else, she got the message across that Beast Boy liked her, even if she was skeptic about it. Starfire also thinks Speedy is in for a world of hurt from Beats Boy.

That sparring match was pretty brutal. Speedy didn't make it any better by being a sore loser in the end. Raven is still in denial about Beast Boy liking her, but she at least see that she needs to talk to him.

What is this, an actually revelation from Raven on how Beast Boy treated her over the year. It almost seems to good to be true. Starfire seems happy that Raven has finally accepted that Beast Boy likes her and what her own feelings are.

Oh dear, neurotoxin in the candles. That is pretty bad.

Of course just as Raven realizes her feeling she would be hit with the Joker's toxins. Of course.
RPGPersona chapter 9 . 8/19/2016
So through some of Beast Boy's nightmares that Gorilla Godd played a hand in getting Beast Boy infected with Sakutia. Poor Beast Boy is still suffering nightmares over what happened. At least it is only one a night and he fall into a peaceful slumber afterwards.

Oh Starfire, I get that you are trying to help, but all you are doing is driving the knife deeper into Beast Boy's heart. I was wondering if Beast Boy's depression and pain from earlier would come back after things with Slade settled down and here it is.

The Joker, that is not good. Beast Boy seems confident that as a team they can prevail. Robin is of course worried about Starfire getting hurt. Beast Boy was quick on the draw and made sure Starfire didn't handle the booby trapped gifted. Raven also noticed, but lacked Beast Boy's reaction time. Oh boy, a giant toxic bomb that can take out the entire city. That is really bad.

Beast Boy narrows down the search area by the direction of the wind, so that helps. However the Joker is not making things easy. Releasing three villains and coating them with the toxins to prevent close combat.

Burning the toxins away with a gasoline fire. I feel like that is quite the dangerous method. It worked, but the team is getting really worn out fighting. Cinderblock was even more exhausting. Starfire made a slip that got her injured and forced Raven to drain her reserves helping her. Cyborg is damaged and Robin is running out of disks. Beast Boy is stuck only trying to deal with Cinderblock.

Robin planned ahead better than I thought, Titans East to the rescue. After getting rid of the toxin surrounding Plasmus, Beast Boy suggests to renew the search for the bombs, siting them as the bigger threat.

That was quite the elaborate method to disable Joker's bombs. Beast Boy ended up being the only one able to sneak in to drain the contents. The Joker planned the trpa quite well, but Beast Boy pulled through.

With the threat gone, Beast Boy mind ends up thinking about how Raven would never date him, sending his mood back down the abyss. Raven of course senses then and realizes the issue from before Slade are still there. She know the whole spin the bottle game is what started this, but can't understand why the no kiss of the cheek is hurting so much.

So we get to see Beast Boy's pocket space, eerie. Even Raven was freaked out waiting there. Little awkward upon getting out with Raven wrapped out around him.
RPGPersona chapter 8 . 8/18/2016
Happy sure is happy that Beast Boy is back. Knowledge addresses the elephant in the room by talking about how Beast Boy survived an encounter with a Grim Reaper. Knowledge has no idea and checking Slade's body confirms that a Grim Reaper was most likely involved.

I see Rage is focusing on her namesake by smoldering over the news that Beast Boy likes someone. She wants to find out who it is and kill them. Knowledge trying to reason with her has Rage bring down the deal to mentally scaring the person to scare them away from her Beast Boy. Rage then shifts gears to Starfire, saying she needs to die for being to close to Beast Boy. Rage certainly is possessive. She tries to get Raven to see her point of view, but quickly gives up trying to get through her thick skull.

Poor Beast Boy is still feeling the scars from his time as Slade's apprentice. Even if the impulses are gone, he still has the memories of what he deal, along with the feelings he felt at the time. Raven tries her best to comfort him, but it is a little rough.

Things still seems a little awkward with the team trying to reintegrate Beast Boy in. Speaking of which, Robin makes things more awkward by pushing away Starfire again.

Beast Boy wastes little time going to comfort Starfire. He tries to make her feel better. Amusingly Starfire turns the table on him by asking who he likes. It is a bit sad seeing him put himself down so much. So Beast Boy can do neck/shoulder massages, the more you know. Starfire and Beast Boy talk a bit about themselves and have some bonding time.

As I thought, it was Beast Boy's heart that saved him form being Slade's puppet. His hatred of Slade and his love her Raven allowed his to break free. Starfire quickly figures out who he likes. Oops, Raven walked up to the roof to comfort Starfire to find Beast Boy already there. Even though she said she would do nothing, Raven can't help but frown and want to push them apart.

I don't believe it, Beast Boy actually got through to Robin and got him to take a chance at letting someone in, even if it leads to more pain. It is interesting comparing Robin and Beast Boy. They both have such similar pasts, but ended up so different.

I am guess that tome is made from human hide, which is why Raven is so repulsed by it. She really wants to solve the mystery of the Grim Reaper and Beast Boy living. There we go, Robin is actually getting close to Starfire.

More chess time for Raven. She seems happy to be back into her little routine.
RPGPersona chapter 7 . 8/18/2016
Looks like parts of Beast Boy are peeking through. 'Beast Boy' can't bring himself to kill people even though he wants to. 'Beast Boy' is totally unable to understand concepts like kindness and bonds in his current state. I shudder to think what the operation did to him.

Raven walking around completely drained of her powers. The boys will be alright, but it really is risky for Raven to wander like this when she can't defend herself properly.

Suddenly Madam Rouge. Raven is in no condition to deal with her now. So rumors of Slade's attacks have reached other villains. Rouge came to investigate to see if the Titans are indeed weakened. Good thing Beast Boy appeared, Raven would have been in trouble otherwise. Rouge is not ready to deal with a Slade trained Beast Boy. If she wasn't so durable, she would have died many times over. In the end, he injected her with poison and forced her to regenerate and spread the poison around. Raven was able to stop Beast Boy from killing Rouge, but he didn't stay behind either.

Finally some good news. Aqualad heard form some dolphins about a green bird that hunts twice a day at sea and finds an island to eat on. Raven plans to approach alone, hoping that will get him to be more willing to talk. Robin is of course in full caution mode, but Raven wants her friend back and plans to do it her way.

While it is good to see 'Beast Boy' react favourable to Raven's presence, it is eerie to see Beast Boy so unfamiliar with many of the terms Raven used. Negotiations successful. In the end, 'Beast Boy' couldn't say no to Raven.

What Slade did to Beast Boy was horrible. He basically took everything away that made beast Boy, Beast Boy. It is scary to think that if the implants stayed in long enough, the process would have been irreversible. Thankfully the point of no return hasn't been reached. Once again, the fact that Slade didn't try to instill any loyalty into since apprentice has come full circle. 'Beast Boy' barely hesitates to remove the programming of the one he hates.

The devices were thankfully easy to remove, and with some healing from Raven, Beast Boy is already starting to peek back through. Both Starfire and Raven were so happy that they gave Beast Boy a nice big hug. That is saying something for Raven, considering how little contact she allows, and the fact that Beast Boy just finished vomiting over the fact he ate seagulls.
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