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Guest chapter 16 . 8/20/2017
Dirk is Bro.

Fuck time travel
HomestuckTrashBin chapter 21 . 2/11/2017
All I can imagine is after he wake's up Dirk and Dave, when Dirk finds out what he was doing all those years, Dirk just screams at him, telling him about how he had such an unhealthy obsession with Jake. Ok I'll go now...
ChloeDinkle chapter 31 . 7/12/2016

I know I'm super late but I absolutely loved this. I'm so happy it ended this way. Dirk/Bro was the best thing. His heartache became mine for some odd reason. I felt for him. Thank you so much for this. For writing such an astounding piece of work. One of the best DirkJake fics I've ever read. And I'll probably read it again! 3
Noire Knightmare chapter 1 . 7/6/2016
I just wanted to let you know, because, hell, this is the first time that any fanfiction has done something like this to me, but your story inspired me so much. Legit, it really inspired me. It's my favorite fanfiction I've ever read (which BELIEVE ME, that is saying something) what with the way you portrayed the characters and the plot-twists (like omg, I was gasping and had to close my laptop more than once because my mind was BLOWN) and just your overall style of writing; clever, distinct, with a tact for description and creating various worlds in a fandom where the birth of an original worlds is extremely difficult to do (since several land names are pretty weird/abstract, let's face it.)

Anyway, long story short: you immensely inspired me, and still inspire me despite it being almost if not a year of having read your work (I know I probably sound like a huge dork (which I am, but I didn't want it to initially seem obvious), so I'm sorry if I creep you out). And actually...'Hopeless and Heartless' inspired me so much to the point where I entered a competition called PTA Reflections, an annual competition that takes place across all of the U.S and features works from kids age 4-18, with not one, but TWO pieces influenced by your work. One was an art piece that featured one hand extended towards another hand with the last spoken words of your fanfiction excluding the lemon chapter (to which I apologize for using your words without your permission, but I wanted to have a personal homage to your work that moved me so), while the other was a literature piece that in no way resembled your fanfiction aside from giving me the thought of 'I want to write something great...something that breaks the mold and is completely different from anything else I or anyone else has read, like 'Hopeless and Heartless'. But what?'.

And, as it turns out, the literature piece ended up going to nationals. In my entire state, where over hundreds (if not thousands) of people had submitted their own pieces, mine was picked to represent my state in the literature department and went on to nationals, something I would have never accomplished had it not been for you and your amazing fanfiction to provoke such thoughts from me. I thank you so much for that and for writing this, though not simply because it provided a form of muse for my mind, but because it was something I legitimately loved, both my piece and your story. I've never liked the pieces I've submitted for the competition (to which I participate in yearly given it looks good on scholarships), but this year, I loved both pieces because I loved your story so much, and I felt like it was some way of honoring it. And I...just can't thank you enough for all of that, for all of this. Thank you so much for posting your first Homestuck fic, and causing me to create my first ever PTA pieces I legitimately loved and was proud of. Not to mention it was hilarious to explain to my Republican parents how my PTA pieces were inspired by a gay fanfiction. The look on my mother's face was priceless, and I thank you for that also.

But anyway, thank you. So, so much, I thank you. I'm sorry if this message offends you or disturbs you in any aspect (heh), but I wished to inform you of what you've done and how your story gave me so much hope and heart (heh) with both the PTA and with fanfiction in general. Though actually, I plan on creating a fanfiction out of the literature PTA piece that went to nationals. Yeah, keep an eye out for it if you want to-I plan on calling the story 'In Any Other World' and it will heavily revolve around what was written in the original PTA piece in case you're interested, I'll make sure to include how BIG of an influence you had on it all even with something like a thought.

But again, thank you. Seriously, thank you. I look forward to your future works, and hope that your heart of a writer will never die.

Guest chapter 32 . 6/27/2016
This story took me by complete surprise. It had such a wonderfully done time plot which had me feeling the same distress that Dirk was going through. My emotions kept constantly doing somersaults between grief, joy, and suspense. I could just imagine this as an actual comic with how much attention was placed to the interactions among the characters. I enjoyed reading a story that took to the single perspective of a character instead of going between several.
Flamingemotion chapter 32 . 4/4/2016
... what do I do now 8.8
Flamingemotion chapter 32 . 4/4/2016
Omfg this took me like a whole month to read! But it was so worth it! You are an excellent writer and none of the other fanfictions I've read have ever kept me reading for a month! Lol I'm easily distracted... but I was hooked until the very end, I couldn't even muster enough courage to read the part with Dave and rose, I almost... I did cry, so many feels I felt almost every character in your story, shame about Eridan though... in conclusion best month ever 3
The Whimsical Ermine chapter 32 . 2/23/2016
This was great! It had plot twists that I didn't see coming, which was nice, 'cause it doesn't happen very often. I also liked the story in general and I almost read through the night because of it.
Carottal chapter 31 . 10/18/2015
That was great!

At some point I was afraid Jake got into a second time loop, and he was the one who fell in love with Dirk, so he'd never get out of it. Not sure I'm making much sense.

Anyway, this quest for love was awesome in this chapter. Although it was a bit cheesy with all the friendship, they deserved it after all. And I loved discovering the different reactions when Dirk finally confesses the truth. And on that matter, Dad was awesome!

The whole fic was a great read. Your plot in particular. I feel satisfied after getting to the end. I don't mean I don't want to read more (as stated in a previous review, I'd love to read this from different point of views. Jake's first among them) but I agree the main story is finished and all my main questions are answered. You showed me all the moments I wanted to see after the twist, and I love how you lead to this twist.

And don't get me started on how you write emotions. I think I wrote that I cried enough times, I shouldn't do it again. But here is the thing. Some moments were cute, others were fun, others were suspenseful, others were completely heartbreaking while some were heartwarming. But it was always nice to read and that's what really matters.

When I came upon this fic, I thought that it would be entertaining. Nothing more. I was looking for a story full of adventure, and thought I'd just glance at the first few chapters, to see what it would look like. God, I'm so happy I did! I love surprises, and this was a great surprise to me!

So this fic is going to my favourite list. With this plot, so greatly built and mastered, I couldn't not put it in there.

Thank you for the story. It was great. Plainly great. :)
Carottal chapter 29 . 10/18/2015
Fuck does this fic make me cry! Heartbreaking separation. Funny how I knew it, I had the thought process down many chapters ago, but to read it and see the emotional involvement. That's not the same thing at all. I'm so sorry for Dirk (but happy to be back to calling him with this name).

I'm kind of happy he couldn't prevent the time loop. First, I want to see the reunion and all that comes from getting out of it. But to do so, you have to be within a time loop to begin with. Second, I'm not sure Dirk and Jake, or Dave and John would have met without it.

Thanks for the chapter, I guess we're getting to the final now.
Carottal chapter 28 . 10/18/2015
That last video was just too cute! And I now want to see the other part, the one when he tapes it. I'm impressed Bro-Dirk has not gone completely crazy with all the schizophrenic thoughts between Dirk and Bro. I wonder how the reunion will go too. And the fight. I hope they survive.

Thanks for the chapter!
Carottal chapter 26 . 10/18/2015
I can't help but worry everytime Bro-Dirk distance himself from Jake. It's just... I worry about what Jake thought as he was pushed into the time rip. It will all depend on where and when he reappears exactly but what if he worries a thousand years made Dirk move on. To Betty for instance. So everytime I see signs that Jake could interpret as Bro not returning his feelings, or Bro having a relationship with Betty, I worry. I think Jake is intelligent enough to sort out most of what happened and maybe understand everything but still, I worry.

Great chapter, I'm loving this fic a bit more each chapter. Thank you
Carottal chapter 25 . 10/18/2015
So excited! I loved all this trip through a thousand years! And having Bro-Dirk's view on everything is awesome. I find myself wondering who is aware of who Bro is. I try to remember if Jake saw Dirk's handwriting before the loop. I have this feeling he perceives something. But now, I want to read the whole thing again, from his point of view. And Hal's. (and Dave's but you may have done it already) I love when stories have this effect on me!

Just one question though. So what happened to Lil cal? It was lost for good? I hoped Bro-Dirk would take it back to protect it or something.

Thanks again for all the chapters I've read till now. This story is awesome!
Carottal chapter 18 . 10/17/2015
Thought this ripping the soul from the body would kick in at some point. Though I thought it'd be reversed (separate Jake, kill Lord English when he is the only one in the body, and I must say I didn't get to how to get Jake a new body. Well, Okay, I did. Reincarnation. If Rose pops in at some point, why couldn't Jake? Not that it matters now).

Yeah, even though Jake may come back to the future, Dirk is Bro now. And Bro-Dirk has to raise himself and Dave to be able to pull all the tricks he used up until now. Can't go back. But maybe Jake will see him again, once the loop is closed. I certainly hope so.
Carottal chapter 17 . 10/17/2015
You know what is awesome with time loops? You know what is to come, and the fatality of things becomes that much stronger.

You know what is awesome about music? It sets a mood.

You know what happens when both mix? A wet bed, that's what happens. I cried so much during these two chapters. I kind of knew what would happen. So every foreboding sign was a few more tears in my eyes. I didn't last very long! Add the music. Concerto for violin (not cello this time) from Mendelssohn in the beginning when you get this is a death chapter. (Rose thinks Michael), I am (kiseiju's ost) for when Dave faces the lord, toys soldiers from Eminem when Dave has to leave with the kids. I think it was some kind of epic music when he understood who Bro was. (god, how I cried when he was waiting for Bro)

So yeah, these two chapters were very emotional. But I still think there's a Jake somewhere in this universe. If Dirk fails, Jake may be able to stop Lord English. Maybe...

I think I had many more things to tell you. But I don't remember and I know I said the important part. You rock, and I love the loops and music and when feelings are well written. So I love this fic!
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