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OnewAyOnly chapter 5 . 5/27/2016
Aww. That would have been a very sweet ending for the movie :)
urbangirl98 chapter 6 . 8/28/2015
I really loved this. It was sorry, sweet, and very believable. I live the little epilogue art the end. It just touched my heart!
Thank you for this amazing story!
Guest chapter 6 . 7/24/2015
Sitka lifted the flap of Denahi's shelter gently and peered inside from his brother, though he already knew he would be there. For the past two days his brother had hardly left the shelter, preferring to stay secluded away from everyone else. He stepped inside, cautious of all the items his brother once treasured now littering the floor.

Approaching his brother, who by his quick down-casting of the eyes had noticed him, Sitka knelt down beside him. His brother continued to avoid eye contact and his attention was on fiddling with his totem, or at least he wished to convince that he was. The conflicted expression on his face gave away that his attention was certainly elsewhere.

Sitka bent down to sit beside him, but, quickly realized there wasn't enough room in Denahi's shelter, at least not with all the mess everywhere. With little other option he crouched beside Denahi, though his legs, ached at the action.

"You shouldn't feel so guilty."

Denahi shifted uncomfortably, though his gaze didn't stray from his totem as he repeatedly turned it over in his hands.


When a reply didn't follow, Sitka wondered whether his brother was even listening, either that or he was just refusing to answer.

After a moment, Sitka said, "You didn't know Kenai was the bear."

This brought a reaction from his brother, who's face had reddened and hands clenched at the statement.

"But-" he started angrily, his eyes now focused on Sitka.

"Denahi, listen to me," Sitka said firmly, "You were stupid. You let your vengeance get the better of you. But, you didn't and couldn't know that that had been Kenai."

Denahi shook his head wildly, "I shouldn't have been so stupid. I should have listened to you."


"Why didn't I listen to you?" he shouted, hurling his totem outside the shelter. Sitka sighed and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. He waited a few moments for his brother to calm down, before answering his question.

"Well you weren't exactly acting by your totem, but you were angry and you weren't thinking. But, you shouldn't feel guilty, you weren't going to anyway at that last second. You wouldn't have killed Kenai, so there's no need to feel so guilty."

"Only because you were there," Denahi protested, though his voice was calm.

Sitka couldn't find the words to counter his protest. It was incredibly probable that if he hadn't been there, then Denahi might have gone through with killing Kenai. He dreaded to think what might have happened to Denahi if he did and found out it was his brother.

But, that hadn't happened.

Sitka stood up, "Well someone has to look after you." The words were both playful and serious, or at least he hoped they would be conveyed as such. It took a moment for a response, which Sitka took as a sign his brother had understood that he would always look after him, no matter what.

"Alright." Denahi said at last. His pause made Sitka realised that it would take him time to forgive himself.

"Now, are you ready?"

The manhood ceremony would be starting soon enough and both Kenai and Denahi would be earning their totems, marking their journey into manhood. Although, Sitka wasn't sure that was an accurate word to use for his youngest brother. He wondered if bears even had an equivalent. He supposed he could try to ask Koda and Kenai, though the language barrier was still a problem. They had worked out how to communicate for some simple things, but the banter and questions between them just couldn't be conveyed.

He did mourn the loss of these interactions and he knew Denahi mourned them more. His younger sibling had hardly talked to Kenai since they had gotten back from the mountain and Sitka knew it was because he was frightened: frightened that his brother wouldn't or couldn't love him anymore.

Denahi grinned, "Of course I do. I always pay attention after all."

However, there was a small falter in his grin when he began to walk out the tent and Sitka caught him by the elbow before he left.

"He's still going to be our brother," he murmured. Denahi let his grin drop at this and stared at him.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I am. He's our brother. Although, I suppose we have another brother as well."

The two shared a smile at this. Koda was an interesting character and was most certainly not as tame as he had appeared on the mountain. The two brothers regularly had their fish snatched from them by the young bear and more than once they had found him sleeping in Sitka's shelter.

"Here," Sitka whispered, handing the totem to his brother and giving him a smile.

"Let's go," Denahi said, opening the flap and laughing when they found Kenai was lying outside with Koda.

"Ready, little brothers?" Sitka questioned looking at the two bears.

His two bear brothers gave a short growl in approval and the group began to make their way up the mountain path to the manhood ceremony.

However, the wild laughing behind them made them pause.

"Little?" Denahi howled, rolling on the ground.

Sitka just sighed, before turning on his brother and wrestling him to the ground playfully.

And he wasn't surprised to feel the weight of two bears also joining in.
Guest chapter 5 . 7/24/2015
Sitka watched in horror and disbelief as Denahi leaped off the rocks.

"Denahi, Denahi!"

His words made no difference. Denahi continued to race after the bear. Sitka had only wished he had been closer when Denahi had initially spotted the bear, as at least then he might be able to keep up with his brother. Sitka chased after him, stumbling down the rocky cliffs in the hope he could catch up, but he already knew that unless his brother stopped or slowed he wouldn't be able catch up.

He could just about see Denahi in front of him, although the snow storm meant that occasionally he would lose sight of his brother. The frightening thing was that it also meant that he didn't know where the bear was.


He wondered if his brother was even able to hear him at this distance. He followed as his brother began to make his way back up the mountain that they had initially climbed to follow the bear tracks. Sitka wasn't even convinced they were following the same bear anymore. There had been so many bears they'd caught sight of as they'd passed the creek bears visited during the salmon runs that it was highly probable that the bear they were following wasn't the bear they wanted. Well, the bear Denahi wanted.

"Den-" He began as he tried once again, but the name died on his tongue as he caught up with his brother.

His brother was looming over the bear with his spear at its neck. The bear roared and as Denahi went to stab it, the bear panicked. The bear hit Denahi on the leg and threw him. Denahi, however, was quick to leap to his feet and was already chasing after the fleeing bear.

As Sitka rushed forward, he could see the bear flee further up the mountain and Denahi following. When Denahi caught up he threw himself at the bear and jumped onto the bear's back.

Hurrying towards them, he watched in horror as they both teetered towards the edge of the cliff.

"Denahi!" Sitka cried. At this the bear seemed to jolt and lost its footing. Both the bear and his brother fell off the edge. Sitka felt fear consume him as he struggled to look over the edge of the cliff. Braving himself for the worst he took a peek and felt relief flood him. Fortunately, there had been a cliff platform some meters down that Denahi had managed to land on.

However, the cliff platform had also unfortunately saved the bear. Sitka jumped down onto the platform, ignoring the pain at doing so. The bear and Denahi were once again wrestling, but this time Denahi had managed to overpower it and was lying on top of the bear, his spear was poised above it.

Knowing that Denahi always carried a knife with him and so would still be able to defend himself if the bear attacked him, Sitka knocked the spear from his hand. Then, he felt something ram into him and he was sent tumbling to the floor. He looked up to see a small bear growling on top of his chest.

Though Sitka pushed the bear off himself quickly, he saw that his brother had already taken out his knife to kill the bear. He didn't have time to knock the weapon from his hand this time and was powerless as he watched his brother raise it above the bear.

"Denahi, please," he cried.

Sitka knew that his plea to save the bear was more that that now; it was a plea to stop his brother harming himself. This vengeful attitude was taking a hold of him and it scared Sitka to think how he had changed. He wanted his brother back, the one he could joke with and the one he would tell off.

His brother's arm faltered immediately as his eyes turned briefly to Sitka's. His knife lowered from the bear. He looked at the knife in his hand in regret and threw it to the side. His whole body slumped.

"Denahi?" His brother didn't respond.

Sitka moved towards him, but stopped in his tracks as the bear moved towards Denahi. The bear had reached his brother and for one moment Sitka thought he had made the wrong choice to stop his brother from killing it: if the bear injured Denahi it would be all his fault. He dashed towards them.

But, the bear had closed in on his brother.

With his brother behind it, Sitka couldn't see what was happening. He feared for his brother, although he didn't hear any sounds that the bear might be attacking him. In fact the whole scene was silent.

He moved behind them and was startled to see the bear nudging his brother's shoulder. It gave a small roar as it brushed its fur against him.

Sitka frowned and continued to watch the scene between the two, thoughts of the bear being dangerous disappearing from his mind. However, Denahi at this point had noticed the bear. Sitka watched as he scrambled backwards and laughed at the confusion on his face as he stared at the bear.

"What is it doing?" Denahi questioned Sitka, his voice conveying his mild panic.

Sitka raised his eyebrow at his brother. "Maybe a bear can love."

His brother nodded slowly and at this the bear brushed itself against Denahi again. Denahi gave a loud sigh.

"But- why me?"

Sitka recognized the guilt in his voice, but couldn't answer. He just didn't know. The bear's actions just didn't make sense. Firstly, it was a bear and yet here it was expressing almost human-like emoticons and secondly, Denahi had been hunting it and ready to almost murder it, but, here it was comforting his brother.

"Denahi," Sitka said softly, "This isn't the bear that killed me." He heard a small gasp from his brother, but continued. His brother needed to listen and understand that this bear might be innocent.

Of course he had tried to mention this fact before, but his brother hadn't been listening to him.

"How sure are you that this is the bear that killed Kenai?"

He could see his brother trembling when he answered. "I don't know."

The bear moved again over to Denahi and placed one of its paws on his arm. His brother stayed still, although the tremors continued.

He watched as his brother after a few moments of being silent, moved the bear's paw onto the ground. His gaze was focused on the floor as he spoke.

"I... I was wrong," he muttered, his voice consumed with guilt.

Suddenly, a magnitude of colors erupted from the bear. Sitka watched in amazement as the lights from the mountain descended into the bear and spread through its body. His brother stumbled back in shock and made his way to stand by Sitka as they watched this spectacle. The bear was now being raised into the sky, its limbs spread out. It stayed there for a few moments.

Then, there was a large glow that engulfed the bear and the sound of a chorus of animals erupted. Sitka closed his eyes at the brightness of the glow and as he opened them he looked towards the place the bear had been.

And now… instead of the bear was Kenai.

The lights and the sounds faded, the snowstorm even halted as Kenai lay there. Sitka stood stunned at the display. His mind stuttered to believe that Kenai was alive, that Kenai had been a bear and that they had been hunting him. He felt guilt start to eat at him at the thought they could have killed him.

"Kenai?" he heard Denahi call out. His brother already racing towards their younger sibling. At the same moment the small bear, which previously must have been behind him in the snow, moved cautiously forward to between them and Kenai.

"Denahi! Sitka!" Kenai shouted as he pulled himself from the ground, moving around the small bear to be hugged by Denahi. Sitka hurried towards them but Kenai had already pulled away and had bent towards the smaller bear.

"Koda," he murmured to the small, frightened bear, "It's just me, Kenai."

The small bear was hesitant and sniffed Kenai slowly. Then the connection was made and Kenai laughed as he was wrestled to the ground. However, the laughing faded when Sitka moved forward towards his brother and caught his attention.

"Sitka!" Kenai said excitably, gently moving the small bear off of him and grabbing him into a hug.

Sitka smiled gently, "Kenai."

"I thought… I'm just so glad you're alive," Kenai said as Sitka grabbed him for a hug.

"And I'm so glad you are too," Sitka replied and then playfully added, "You little monster."

Denahi strolled towards them, his head slightly bowed, with Koda following awkwardly behind. Sitka noticed how Denahi avoided his gaze when he raised his head. They really needed to talk.

"So, what about the bear?" Denahi asked as he looked at its nervous form.

Kenai sighed and turned his attention to the small bear.

"Actually, Koda needs me more."

Sitka watched as Kenai struggled with the decision, looking between his brothers for approval.

Sitka nodded and watched proudly as Kenai gazed at Koda lovingly.

"Well you did look better as a bear you know. Definitely an improvement. I wouldn't have a problem with it. Wouldn't you say, Denahi?"

Denahi nodded, though his response was delayed. "It's all right Kenai. No matter what you choose… you'll always be my-"

Sitka elbowed him and corrected him, "Our."

Denahi glared teasingly at Sitka, though Sitka saw through his pretense: Denahi, despite joking around, was clearly not alright. "Fine, our little brother," he answered, before wrestling Sitka to the ground.

It was then that the Spirits interrupted and a mammoth spirit stood beside them. It bowed its head towards Kenai and then in the same light display Kenai

Kenai seemed anxious at first, cautiously taking small steps towards them. However, the tension immediately vanished when Denahi wrestled him to the ground.

"Come on then," Denahi challenged. Sitka turned to look at Kenai and gave him a grin.

"Truce?" His brother nodded, much to the annoyance of Denahi as they ganged up on him in the wrestling match. The group laughed loudly and it only increased further when Koda joined in too.
BrotherBear21 chapter 6 . 6/3/2015
Thank you for this fic, I loved it so much! I love Denahi and Sitka both, and I love their brotherly relationship here. Good job!
BalletDancer14 chapter 1 . 4/11/2015
Hello! I realize it's been a while since you completed this story, but I thought id give some feedback anyway! (Brother Bear was a childhood favorite of mine, and I just watched it today and felt the need to read some fanfic so here I amXD) Anyway, first chapter was very good! It flows really well, and Sitka was in character throughout. Also, grammar and technical stuff like that was good, hardly any errors! The only thing I'll point out is in a few paragraphs, you used the word 'brother' repetitively: "...he knew he wouldn't be able to stop his brother. So ignoring his brother he instead listened to his brother's assessment of his totem." That's something I generally try to avoid, so just thought I'd point it out! Anyway, really good start to this, and the idea sounds really interesting, so I think I'll go read more of it nowXD and sorry for the length of this, I just know I personally love getting this kind of feedback from people, so I thought id give some myself!:D great job!
Knighted-Geek chapter 6 . 12/7/2014
Short, but sweet. Loved the ending.
itisfinished12062015 chapter 6 . 3/13/2014
Thanks for writing this chapter. It's nice to have a bit of closure. Especially to all of Denahi' s feelings. I look forward to the sequel
Writer65 chapter 6 . 3/12/2014
Four brothers happily together!
Call me a dreamer but i wish the movie could ended this way, but, Im dont upset.
This was a great story, one of the best Brother Bear fics ever!
I wish it could be a little more longer, but youre the ultimate author.
(If you dont mind, keep doing Brother Bear fics, you are really good at this])
Wildstar93 chapter 6 . 3/12/2014
A great ending to a great story. :) I'll look forward to the sequel, and it's funny to see Koda acting wild in the village.

Keep up the awesome work as you usually do! :D
AlleyCAT19 chapter 5 . 2/22/2014
Great ending :) u should write brother bear 2, and add denahi and sitka in it. I was upset when denahi was not in brother bear 2 at all, abd i think the story would be more interesting that way. Please consider it :)
Huggiebird chapter 5 . 1/25/2014
I wanna have moar! Love it :)
Writer65 chapter 5 . 1/24/2014
I didnt expect that the story end so quickly, but is good and i love how Sitka and Denahi react to Kenais deccision, uptade soon I want to see how its ends
Wildstar93 chapter 5 . 1/24/2014
I didn't know the story's almost gonna be over so quickly...but all good stories gotta come to an end. And all three brothers are reunited...well, a fourth because of Koda. Still, you have made a really great story, and I'm happy we a got to see it.

Keep up the great work!
Writer65 chapter 4 . 1/21/2014
Your story is very interesting, putting the things since the POV of Sitka was a very good decission and I really want to see who this is going to progrese.
Update soon please
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