Reviews for True Confessions of a Coffee Girl
ChristyWIX chapter 37 . 8/24
Awww, that was a very sweet ending to this part of their journey. I'm looking forward to the EPOV, as his is my preferred of the two, in any story. I did notice it was' complete and you haven't updated in a couple months. I'm guessing your writers block came back with a vengeance. So sorry. I will start it anyway . . . just to read him . . . yum!
ChristyWIX chapter 36 . 8/24
Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. That was perfect for these two. I really enjoyed reading it. Their love has only just begun and they will have very many happy ones to come.
ChristyWIX chapter 35 . 8/24
This was a fun chapter. I liked what both moms had to say to her. It was good they came with those words. Marriage has never, ever, been work for us. The husband and I always scratch our heads when we hear that from others. We know we are the rarity. I loved the gifts they bestowed upon each other. Such meaning behind both. His 'don't be mad' plea, in his note, was adorable. I'm guessing he most likely has that ring that will finish off the set, somewhere in a safe. I don't doubt for a minute that he didn't buy all those pieces, when he came across them. I loved what Charlie said when she got to him. That was really funny. Then so sweet, when she asked him not to let her fall and his answered never. So sweet.
ChristyWIX chapter 34 . 8/24
Loved Edward's reaction to the word, woo. He was funny with that paragraph. Meaning, you were. I am so very glad that Alice didn't pop out of one of those two houses. Extreme relief. I did really like that the moms and Rose were trying to get the 'deets' out of Bella about what kind of lover Edward is. That is what they are supposed to do. Well, not so much the moms but, most definitely Rose and Angela. It was hilarious that Rose said she pretend made love to him, as she did. Still funny. I liked that you added in that Edward would not be close to Alice again, after what she's done. I can only imagine the hell she must have caused him through the years, with what she leaked here and there. He trusted her and Jasper to take care of him. So sad. I'm really glad he won't be quick to add her back into his life.
ChristyWIX chapter 33 . 8/24
I absolutely love her addition to the kitchen . . . that was a very smart purchase. Yes, those can be pricey but they, if anyone, should have on in their home. Perfect. Absolutely hot as hell reunion. I can honestly say that I've never had make up sex with my husband. We've never had a fight. We are both extremely passionate and very happy people. You can't shit the two of us up so, there is no lack of communication. We went the childfree lifestyle, so those fights you have over raising you children went out the window with that decision. We are financially secure, so away those fights went with that as well. Twenty-five years together . . . not a single fight. We have had plenty of hot as hell sex ;) I love that Rose and Emmett are pregnant. Alice and Jasper being MIA, makes me think even more that they are hanging out in Hawaii. I really hope they aren't there. Or, at the very least if they are, that Alice has sought therapy in counseling. Preferably seven days a week therapy for the last several months that she's been missing. She owes the whole family, not just Bella, a major apology. Not that she deserves this extremely kind family.
ChristyWIX chapter 32 . 8/24
Ooooh, I would've been just as pissed about such a large purchase without consulting me. I don't blame Bella at all getting angry over that SUV. Yes, he meant well. He just should've spoken to her about it first. That is going to take both of them communicating to keep that to a minimum. Presents are wonderful, just speak about it first. Goodness. I love that Esme was so happy about Bella's idea. So much so, that she tagged along with her to tell Renee. Renee was funny in this. I love that she got super serious all of a sudden there and reminded Bella she wouldn't do that to her and Edward. She's got two really great moms there. Loved the idea of the written notes inside the travel coffee mugs. Was that one yours? Or, did one of the readers suggest that one. It was really perfect.
ChristyWIX chapter 31 . 8/24
She definitely handled Malice with dignity, I do give you that. However, she got off too easily too. She should have had some reparations to deal with. Yet at the same time, I completely understand the need to keep it private. What she did was reprehensible and the rags would have a field day with it. Why do I have the feeling that Alice is in Kauai, licking her wounds safely away from her family without their knowledge? Probably thinking she deserves a vacation . . . pfft! I really like that idea of her decorating and furnishing that big beautiful home with Target and IKEA . . . I really do. I love IKEA and would still shop there if I were suddenly very wealthy. Target too. I love that she isn't into the big ass wedding. I never was. I was never one of those girls/women that grew up with the 'insert husband here' wedding ideas. I always thought it should be both of our choice, not just mine. It is OUR day not MY day. The only thing I felt was mandatory was that it was extremely small and intimate. Now you see why I love her idea. My hubs and I were married by the ships captain at twilight in the gazebo of the dock the ships ported at. We then all boarded the yacht and did an intimate sit down dinner party for our very closest, nearest and dearest around our San Francisco Bay. Every single person in attendance was smiling and very happy. It was wonderful. I can't believe that was twenty-two years ago next month . . . hold crap, time flies. I love that they are going with small and intimate.
ChristyWIX chapter 30 . 8/24
Alice is truly an evil person. How could she do that to her own flesh and blood? What happened to her, to make her that twisted? Tanya was pretty pathetic too, blackmailing Alice in hopes to get Edward to like her. Didn't they date once and she cheated with the whole team of athletes? That kind of action would finalize a relationship if ever there were and action. Jasper knew she'd done it once and just turned a blind eye to it all. How disgusting. I really hope that Esme and Carlisle are okay. This has really got to have them in a complete kerfuffle. One of their children selling out the other child, all for blackmail. SMH. I didn't like that Alice basically won that fight by tackling Bella and causing her to go into the hospital. She must be smiling with utter happiness over that. She really needs to be taken down completely. I hope that Jasper divorces her, sells their house, throws her out and moves on in life. I'm thinking her family has already disowned her. Now that the family knows, Tanya will dump Alice as well, as she serve no purpose to her now.
ChristyWIX chapter 29 . 8/24
That house sounded absolutely spectacular. You described a monster version of my dream home. Take away ore that half of those bathrooms, three of those bedrooms and along with a few of the amenities and I would be one very happy woman. I would keep the media room, that's for sure. And, the gym. That kitchen sounded glorious. The paps were scary as hell in this chapter. I can understand why Edward said what he did right then but, he should have known better than that. I can't believe you threw Malice back in here at the absolute wrong time. Her words of 'famewhore' and 'knocked up' need to be punched right out of her mouth. How dare her! I hope you unleash Bella on her in this next one, just as spectacularly as you did the first time.
ChristyWIX chapter 28 . 8/24
This was perfect! I couldn't agree more on what you planned for this story as the proposal, was way better than anything you could've done in Paris. The coffeeshop where it all began was PERFECT! He sang to her! An amazing love song . . . playing guitar . . . GAH! All of those love songs leading up to his coming in there was perfect as well. He made a playlist for her and Angela made sure to play it. At least, that is what I am guessing he did. I adored this chapter. Your bottom a/n was a bit of a head scratcher. Who could possibly think these two are moving too fast? WTH? They have been moving at a perfect pace. The other one thinking that Bella was annoying, I hope you told that one to piss off. I would've been slightly confused too, if once you tell your person that you've finally got on the same page that he's been since day one and there is no longer any talk. I'd be freaked the fuck out. Yes, screw that review, you did NOT deserve that one. Again, beautiful chapter. Loved it!
ChristyWIX chapter 27 . 8/24
Yay . . . she graduated! She earned that diploma through all her hard work. I'm glad she stuck with it as well. It would've been quite easy to throw it all away and become his everything. I am elated that she didn't choose that route. She is still his everything but, now she completed her goal and has even successfully sold her first song. I love that Emily has already recorded it. I'm thinking that one song could be so successful, that it pays for their new home. Take THAT Malice! That would be quite wonderful. For Bella to have such success, that her college loans are gone within less than that first year. She could pay off her parents mortgage too, if they even still have one. I loved that one of the paps peed himself when he saw Charlie's gun . . . bwahahaha. I am also quite happy that Edward is home now. That he wants to move in with her. So wonderful.
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 8/24
Awww, she finally got on the same page as him and fell completely in love with him. Allowed herself to fall, I should say. I'm so glad she did. That was an amazing time they shared together loving each other afterwards. Him getting aroused by her words and taking her again right after her shower was fantastic. Your story of complete and total love makes me unbelievably happy that I have this same fairy tale love with my husband. Our difference is that hubs and I fell and fell hard within the very first week we met and dated. Both of us knew it was forever, after our third date in as many days. Bella took a little longer to figure it out and that is absolutely fine. Edward knew all along it would be forever. Very sweet chapter. I was wondering when the paps would show up. Angry Edward telling them to, "Back the fuck off!", was hot as hell. I am very glad that Edward said he'd call Emmett. She will need him now. I hope this doesn't mess with her schooling.
ChristyWIX chapter 25 . 8/24
You brought my memory of our cruise down the Seine back and I thank you for that. Such a beautiful city. I was too chicken, due to my fear of heights, to go further than the first platform of the Eiffel Tower. I was perfectly content at that level . . . with no need to go any higher. This chapter was just loaded with romance. I almost expected him to get on bended knee at one point. I shall wait patiently for that moment. Great chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 8/24
I love that even though they aren't spending much of their waking moments with one another, they are spending time with each other. Sleeping peacefully due to them being together, too. I was worried about Edward getting up too early after getting in so late but, he fell back asleep on her lap and that was so cute. That Mona Lisa is barely the size of an 8" x 10" . . . shocking, correct? Why did Henri have to pick her up so early, if Edward wasn't going to be back until after eight? She could've stayed later than that. Meh, she had fun.
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 8/23
I thought the very same thing when my husband and I flew to Paris, how do people in coach deal with this long of a flight? We were in business class, nonstop, San Francisco to Paris and I thought I would die it was so long. Even longer going home against the headwinds . . . grrrr. The only reason stopping me from visiting again, that really long flight. Why didn't Edward get her the nonstop? We walked the route you had her in a car for. We started at the Arc de Triomphe and strolled all the way down the Champes until we crossed over to make our way to the Opera House. It was a very, very long walk and we loved every minute of it. The suite sounded spectacular. That view of the Eiffel Tower, right out the window . . . so cool! I was surprised they didn't hop right into bed . . . I would've . . . hehehe.
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