Reviews for By The Grace of Small and Simple Magicks
ANIMEHOLIC52891 chapter 56 . 3/1
This story is great.
tamiiland chapter 21 . 2/26
OK. I don't know why - but when I started reading this story 2 days ago, I mixed up the number of chapters (56) with the last time this was updated (Feb 21), and so I thought the story had only 21 chapters so far. And then. THEN I FOUND OUT.



This story is brilliant. BRILLIANT! Favest. Love it 4ever. Love you, the writer, 5ever.

*continues reading*
aogabby chapter 56 . 2/23
wah! I loved Neverwhere! 3
Raeya chapter 56 . 2/22
Very sorry to hear about your uncle.
Loved the chapter. Them having 221B was just perfect.
Sigyn Holmes Laufeyson chapter 56 . 2/21
Incredible! This will forever be one of my most favorite fanfics of Sherlock, and I love how you're wrapping this all up :) it's absolutely wonderful :) also, I'm so sorry about your uncle... He sounds like a neat guy, and I'm sorry he had to leave so unexpectedly. I hope everything's going alright over in your/your family's part of the world and that you are all not feeling too alone without him (though the ones who are taken from us never truly leave us, do they?). Brilliant fic; I think you're remarkable! :)
Henry-Eric-Lucas-Lovino chapter 56 . 2/21
This is so 're a fantastic writer! I don't want this to end either, but it's been great. I love this story so much
JRLink chapter 56 . 2/21
This was a really great chapter, I enjoyed it a lot! The part with Greg falling through floors was especially funny and I also liked reading about Molly flying. I have read Neverwhere, it is one of my favourite books, it's great. Thank you for the update, I look forward to read the epilouge. See you then
Nonimouse chapter 55 . 1/25
So does this mean you are really going to consider writing a sequel? That is so exiting!

Just remember that us Sherlock fans are a very patient lot. We have to wait at least 3 years between each series, which is only 3 episodes long...

Please take all the time you need to write.
luannguyen chapter 55 . 1/24
I hail to thee.
Raeya chapter 55 . 1/23
Love them all together. Turns out I like it when the monkeys take over the zoo :)
a reader chapter 55 . 1/21
This chapter was perfect. I absolutely love the reunion and how everybody is reacting. Also, you're really sending them to Italy? I LOVE YOU! My friend will be so happy, I can't wait to tell her (she still has to read this chapter hehe). Thank you! Really, thank you a lot! You're fantastic!
Henry-Eric-Lucas-Lovino chapter 55 . 1/21
This chapter was so amazing, and I love Molly and Mycroft's reaction to Raghnaid staying. And her claw thing was so cute. This was awesome.
JRLink chapter 55 . 1/20
Oh, this was really great and I think that the meeting of everyone worked. You can't really make it any better than it already is... Raghnaid is absolutely one of my favourite characters, I blame John for having teached her the sign... Haha! I laughed out loud when I read that, it was fun! I liked that you made Mycroft and Sherlock fight when they finally got to meet, it felt very true to their characters. I look forward to read about John's and Sherlock's honeymoon! Take care and see you in the next chapter
Sammie-sue1225 chapter 54 . 1/12
I can't wait for the ending!:)
Sendai chapter 54 . 12/30/2014
I was riveted from start to finish. Everyone was so heroic. John fighting his enemy by healing him. Sherlock calling on light by thinking of John. And the others. And I cried for poor Ulysses.
What a horrible yet well deserved end for Moriarty...and he could have had a second chance. FOOL!
The best was Mrs H scaring the devil away. Brilliant.
This is so well written. Your timing is impeccable. The characterizatins beautiful. Even the editing is perfect ( editing is a bit prosaic, but like tooth paste extremely useful. ) your story shines all the brighter because the wording spelling and grammar are perfect.
Okay I used perfect twice. But that's because I got so inspired by your brilliant story.
As for the city...could they not just go to London?
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