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Guest chapter 20 . 8/16
I don't know if you still get these reviews or not but anyway I found you on Google so am well happy so am away to read the ready as sooo excited for a grown woman it looks bad but a don't care :-)
Guest chapter 20 . 8/15
I really enjoyed your storys an as I am a guest am going to ask a silly thing can I still read your storys an how do I do this I hate that people are so nasty that it's stops Amazing writers not post on here thanks :-)
truefeather77 chapter 17 . 1/4
I have never bought into the idea that just because someone couldn't keep their knees together, it makes them a mother. Carla is wonderful at posturing and declaiming about proper feelings, but there is nothing proper about her.

The cherry on top was for her to steal the purse of her abused and long-suffering daughter, while she had fainted unconscious at the cemetery. Nice touch!
truefeather77 chapter 16 . 1/3
What an action packed chapter! (Ch 16) The shooting range, finding a new therapist (about time), and finally the trip to Vegas begins.

I still can't believe after all she's been through, and even after Ana feels threatened and abandoned by Maxie, that she would be into BDSM at all, but especially being the sub - restrained, collared, ordered around. That's jarring to me whenever it occurs. It just seems that that would be a massive collection of triggers for her, because we know she suffers from PTSD.

I'm delighted with their new therapists, and Christian's progress in finding healthy ways to cope with stress and the new emotions that have finally come alive. It's cool to see him being gentle, yet firm, while expressing his feelings to Ana. Hope she makes some progress that way, too.

"a story where someone had all of this shit happen to them and they ran around with rainbows and flowers flying out of their ass, I would be wondering what the fuck kind of drugs they are taking and patiently waiting for the nuclear explosion that with, at some point, occur in their lives."
Amen. I can't believe there isn't more of that, and I'm finding it very satisfying that she's going through that stuff and working it out of her system at last - maybe Christian is making her feel safe enough to do it, and after the shitstorm she's about to rain down on the guilty, maybe she'll have peace and closure at last.

But you comment does reinforce my questioning of her being able to frolic in a pool of her triggers.
truefeather77 chapter 15 . 1/3
Can't leave reviews on the other site, because I haven't heard back yet about being put on the mailing list.

Ana and Christian really need to learn to communicate, and in this chapter, Christian really comes out the winner. Ana closes off and reaches for her guns. And it's weird that she's been grudging on Maxie not getting in touch, then when she does, she neither answers nor checks for messages.
truefeather77 chapter 14 . 1/3
And this is why I love you. You must be some kind of masterful, because you raise the concerns, and when I'm foaming like a fountain, you address exactly what I was concerned about.

Ana did to him exactly what she hates him doing to her. She did to him exactly what her friends did, even knowing that it hurt him very badly. Instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt, she forgot everything she knew about him and shut him out.

I loved Christian's talk with Maxine, and I definitely think Ana should get another therapist - if for nothing else than I think it's illegal for her to be treating a friend. It's at least unethical, and we saw the lines blur disastrously when they needed a professional most.

And kudos to Christian - the way he expressed himself to Ana was light-years beyond what he's been capable of before, in terms of dealing with intense and complex emotions. And he was succinct, polite, effective with Welsh and Taylor, and then with Maxine.
truefeather77 chapter 13 . 1/3
'K, more than a little disappointed with Ana here. She's as fickle as a windsock, and it's getting to seem more than a little ... phony. How can you be madly in love at one moment, and then act like a petulant 7th grade girl the next, and hurt the one you supposedly love so much. There's more to love than looking up blow-jobs on the internet.

And congratulations to her for letting Elena ruin their first New Year together. There she is practically throwing Brian on a table, and she is angry at her true love for being assaulted in the men's room? She seems like an escapee from a soap opera. She saw through it when it was Gary's girlfriend making a play for Christian at her party, but can't see through it when it's someone as pathetically obvious as the psycho-bitch? She's the one acting trampy at the moment, and Brian is really sounding like he's right there in 7th grade with her.

All she has to do is take a drink, and she starts acting like an alley cat. Didn't see that coming.
truefeather77 chapter 10 . 1/3
"I can't believe what a lucky fuck I am. I mean granted, I'm a nice-looking guy and I would never expect to be with an unattractive woman, but..."

Whoa. Great set of values, dude. If her hair had been blonde, or she had been less pretty, all that soulful, timeless love would not exist. Got it.

Loved what they did for their not-so-Secret Santa family - really touching. It will certainly make all the difference for an amazing family.
truefeather77 chapter 9 . 12/27/2016
This chapter made me feel sad about a lot of things.

First of all, I continue to be baffled about Christian saying he loves her, and yet being so utterly insensitive. Ana didn't want to "stir up a hornet's nest," and while justice may be being served, I'm divided about this being good for her. She became kind of low and stooped to Carly's level a bit. It wasn't pleasant to see, and didn't seem to serve a purpose.

Now she comes home, and we see what this is really about. This was all about Christian! "The woman of Christian Grey" can't have people out there laughing at her - that would be a reflection on him. Another flashback to the bad old days - that's thinking like a Dom.

After everything she's been through - the original traumas, and reliving them by watching the video, becoming catatonic, being kidnapped - all of these things included her being bound and restrained, and punished, at the mercy of someone else. And repeatedly, Christian ignores what she's been through, and repeats these things, which should not only be re-traumatizing, but which inflict and reinforce Stockholm Syndrome. No wonder she always does what he wants!

She fought so hard to be inner-directed, not at the mercy of what was said and done to her from outside. And everything about her contact with CG seems bent on taking advantage of her past pain and terror, to bind her in spirit as well as in flesh - truly enslaved. In this, your Christian shows himself to be a more apt pupil than Lincoln ever even hoped for.

I thought he has repeatedly told Ana that he was bored with those old habits (*not* a lifestyle) long before he met her - but apparently the temptation to absolute power corrupts absolutely.

She's tired, she just had a traumatic day, with lots of traveling, then confronting the author of her torment - whose face alone on the video had been enough to trigger her into flashback of the whole horror event and make her catatonic for 4 days. He almost lost her, and they almost lost her circle of friends - which would have taken a toll. And all he can think is, "he needs control."

Maslow identified true needs, and the need to control other people is not on that list. Air, water, shelter, food - those are needs. Christian has habits, and being able to bully Ana into near-catatonia again for his ego-gratification is not a need.

She's tired, she's been traumatized (catatonic) and had faced an ordeal today, triumphed over it, and instead of caring about *her* needs - she's hungry (and he's supposed to care about that), she's terrified (because this is also triggering her memory of him abusing her like a sub on their 'romantic getaway'), and she doesn't want to do this. Is "her Dom" noticing or caring about this? Isn't he supposed to be aware of *her* needs? (Always was a crock of crap.)

She's trembling and scared, has recently been kidnapped and traumatically restrained, and he's even using the sandpaper rope? And then he'll do things to her that will force her to twitch and writhe, so her wrists will be sawed and her flesh will be raw? Why would he even think of doing these things to her? And this is a punishment for wanting to face something alone - something very personal to her and important to her feeling of well-being, something forced on her by his betrayal of his promise to her and his violation of her privacy and her trust.

Why does she continue to have anything to do with someone so completely willing to exploit her terror and abuse to take over her life and make her his sub, more thoroughly and profoundly than any he has abused before.

Elena Lincoln, if she could only know, would be laughing.
truefeather77 chapter 1 . 12/26/2016
Brilliant. I love her having to watch that commercial - and love that she admits she programmed him not to love, and it backfired on her, but it's all Anastasia's fault.
ImAOLicitySuperFan chapter 20 . 11/19/2016
Awesome story. Where can i continue reading. Thanks
CTHEWOODS chapter 18 . 5/5/2016
As usual, a beautifully written chapter...loooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee when Christian goes into Dom mode with your lemons! The scene at the DA's office and Melanie's death are heartbreaking...I was so hoping that you would let Ana say goodbye to her...its just not like her as a Dr/person to not have.
CTHEWOODS chapter 14 . 5/5/2016
I LOVE how Christian FINALLY stood up to her...I get the head over heel thing, but no man-especially Grey is gonna be brow beaten over and over and then hurt over and's a two way street...or at least it should be! Idk why I'm so protective of this Christian, but he's such a hot cuddly bear in this story...IM glad you finally had Ana realize that!
CTHEWOODS chapter 5 . 5/4/2016 got me! The end of this chapter made cry and cry...oh good Lord! I need to get a grip! How beautifully written!
CTHEWOODS chapter 2 . 5/4/2016
I'm having a hard time with Christian leaving Flynn for some stupid reason.. I do not know if I can't get my mind wrapped around it because of the other twenty or so FF stories I've read and he's always been in Christians corner or what...I into its stupid because him being a quack could have so many delicious outcomes story-wise, but just kinda felt sad that Christisn had lost Flynn too. He really has no one now but Ana to talk to. Hopefully his new shrink will be better. No reflection on your story...still think it's awesome-just had feelings of sadness for Christian for losing him. It seems like everybody betrays him. And that is crazy for me to think that,,,,,geez it's a fiction story! Lol...keep up your fantastic writing!
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