Reviews for The One
I3VauseMan chapter 1 . 11/22/2013
This one shot trilogy was a very good read. I like the way you wrote how they fell apart in Ashley' s pov an then all the hurt,unforgiveness and anger in Spencer's pov. Then you ultimately brought them back together to work towards forgiveness,healing, friendship and a first kiss. Wow that was awesome. Of course they experienced there love for each other in a very deep and intimate act that left them knowing that no matter how much time and emotional fears had come between them. This time around there was enough love and trust to face whatever demons arised. The girls were in Love. This can either be an ending to a love story or the introduction to what could be one of your best stories you'll ever write. Whatever you decide it was great or it could be even greater.
BringingGeekyBack chapter 1 . 11/19/2013
If there’s one thing I require from fan fiction, it’s a happy ending. I know that’s not fair to writers who have these ideas in their heads about where their stories want to/should go, and I don’t think writers should change the way they write to appeal to their readers, but if I know a fanfic story is going to end badly, I steer clear. You duped me twice. First with Ashley’s bleak, heartbreaking ending, then with Spencer’s equally sad one. I vowed not read more after the first. But then I read the second, thinking you’d make it all better. You didn’t. I reluctantly read the third, and I’m happy I did.

I appreciate that the endgame for this apology is Ashley’s hope that Spencer will finally forgive herself and move on to what is/was a defining moment of her life, moreso, it seems, than even the death of her brother. I like that Ashley’s motivations are mostly selfless and like it even more that the best she can hope for is to help take some of Spencer’s pain away. I like that she can’t forgive herself. She lost the two most important people in her life the day her dad died, and that’s a lot she has to live with, as she acknowledges herself. I like that Spencer doesn’t make it easy on her. The path to redemption shouldn’t be easy, after all. But I also like that Spencer is still angry, still unforgiving. Apathy for Ashley in this moment would have been the death (metaphorically, of course) for both of them, and the fact that Spencer still feels so much after five years means there’s still a chance. And I like that they both have to meet somewhere in the middle on this. Ashley has to apologize, but Spencer has to relent. And relent she does. At first I thought Spencer moved them too fast, but after thinking about it more, she has to give everything she has to Ashley in that moment because it’s the quickest way Ashley, and Spencer, will heal. Bravo!

Thanks for ending them happy and naked and whole. I should have trusted you from the beginning.
L2GQ chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
Wow this was intense full of pain from the past and passion for the future. I hope you continue this cause it totaly rocks! Pls pls pls post soon!
ItsMeCharlee chapter 1 . 11/4/2013
you really got us good with the lady 2 one shots, didn't u. I've never done this over a fanfic before but this one made me cry my eyes out. Then it warmed my heart from the time spencer took Ashley's hand right from the end. Beautifully written thank you for writing it.