Reviews for Inoue Shiori
jeannette.rothenberger chapter 75 . 7/5
I love this so much, are you still updating?
bookaddictionboo chapter 75 . 6/20
yo, so i dont know if you still write on this site but this story is really good. Are you going to finish it?
Big Fan chapter 75 . 6/18
This a well written story that flows smoothly. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your return to it :) will we see more of Ibiki?
ADRIANA chapter 75 . 6/16
oh vamos no puedes deja esto asi!por favor continua con la historia
HoloObssession chapter 15 . 6/13
This is my third time or so reading this story and I am still absolutely enchanted with it.
NineOrchid chapter 40 . 6/12
NineOrchid chapter 39 . 6/12
love the chapter
NineOrchid chapter 38 . 6/11
The feels!
NineOrchid chapter 36 . 6/11
NineOrchid chapter 27 . 6/11
Guest chapter 9 . 6/11
The storyline is interesting though the main character is extremely Mary-sue ish. Everyone just loves her sooo much because she’s pretty and nice. Even though she had a hard life at first everything becomes so easier for her, it’s annoying.
immortalblossom chapter 75 . 6/10
Love this! Hope you update soon
Guest chapter 66 . 6/10
I love it and than I don't. Honest I give a lot of cedirt to those that write OC, that are not ninjas. After all most sorties are copy cut out of whatever fandom there in, only with a OC added. This is why I give credit to those that do not put their OC, as ninjas.

However in saying this, it has been a fairly slow ride. The first three chapters I had to take with a grain of Salt. There was nothing wrong with them, it's just a problem on my behalf. It's just slow to my opinion, I mean chapter 66 and it's still the wave acr.

I'm sorry, but I think I might leave in two or three chapters. At the very least, skim read ahead and see where it takes me. But for now, this really isn't my cup of tea and for that I'm out of here.

I do however hope, that you continue to write for those that love this story. Honestly I just adorable Shiori kids. But there not worth it for me to keep around.

Good luck with your writing post and have a good day or night.
NineOrchid chapter 2 . 6/10
I think it has lots of potential.
Sparksofrandomness chapter 75 . 6/8
Still amazing after reading it again
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