Reviews for Inoue Shiori
thakidisbac chapter 75 . 9/9
I am so in love with your story! the way you flow from one perspective to the other is beautiful. can't wait for the next chapter
AnimeFrkGrl chapter 75 . 9/1
The story is progressing greatly and the amount of detail you have in the characters and the story itself is amazing. You know after reading this story I started a story about a young girl who ended up in the world of Naruto. I did not want to use your base line for your character because one that was a unique and creative idea you came up with and I must say that was a amazing idea! I can't wait to see what happens and see how much more the story develops.
slyfoxcub chapter 46 . 8/29
'"By the way, your daughter seems to have developed a fascination with ANBUs," Shiori said suddenly.'

Because I only just found out that ANBU translates to Darkside, all I read is 'your daughter seems to have developed a fascination with the Dark Side.' And I keep thinking;

Darth Vader: Come to the ANBU and we shall rule the Galaxy as father and son!
Luke: What?
Me: Woot! ANBU are awesome!
Kraigen23 chapter 75 . 8/29
I am really glad I stumbled onto this gem.
lightningwarrior215 chapter 28 . 8/28
I have discovered a new drug, and it has henceforth been named 'Happy Fluff.' It is highly addictive and the proper authorities have been notified.
lightningwarrior215 chapter 25 . 8/28
Like I said; violently adorable. It feels like someone is punching me in the heart with boxing gloves made out of kittens, a baby's laughter, and some strange sparkly stuff.
lightningwarrior215 chapter 24 . 8/28
My God, this is violently adorable.
Zilcho chapter 75 . 8/19
I think this story is totally awesome. While I really like the later chapters as well I also hope we get more from inoues view again with others sprinkled in. Events progress more quickly when we mainly follow her and see when she learns about events from others via being told rather than reading everything.

I also hope the chapters become longer again. :)
Brazilwolf chapter 75 . 8/18
I absolutely love this story. Normally if a story has this many chapters I get bored and stop midway but I didn't have any problem here. Shiori is such an amzing character. Her characteristics make her very well adapt with handling ninja. It's great that she isn't just an ordinary citizen, instead she has made a business, has an great attitude, and oh so much more. Her back story is also interesting since she has memories from another woman(sorry forgot how to spell her name). It is also so cute and sweet how Shiori and Kakashi make such an amazing couple. And they a kid and another one along the way. Love it .
The way you wrote the story was well done. I like that you had different Point of views(POV). I also like how she has changed so far with Danzo being killed, Sasuke being less revenge crazy, etc.
SO in all happy about the story and I absolutely can't wait to read more of what is to occur.
Princess Scarlett III chapter 56 . 8/17
This chapter made me cry a little.
Yamilian chapter 75 . 8/9
The chunin exams are so near! So exciting! I wonder how Shiori would interact with the sand siblings?

Great story :D
Slimjim77 chapter 63 . 8/8
RissaOfTheStars chapter 75 . 8/7
LOVE LOVE your Inoue Shiori story! any idea when you will update again ? I am excited to read a new chapter ! And if i can ever help in any why let me know ! I am now going to your profile to look at other story's you have written and your favorites cuz I'm cool like that lol any who, you awesome keeping awesome ! I gots to go now though, I have reading to do !

- Rissa
Laninaofsanpablo chapter 75 . 8/7
Ok, so I've read this story since the ery beggining. I admit I haven't reviewed much since I don't really have an account, but I still wanted to give my opinion one last time. I've stuck to this story, refusing to let it go for so long even though I hate to admit it stopped interesting me way back. I feel like I should let you know why . The summary was what lured me in, and this Oc self insert os pretty amazing but I feel like it has lost focus. Some chapters barely even mention Shiori at all. It's a rather long time to wait for us to end up with a recap of events from something we already knew ( like wave). Granted there are diffrent plot twists in this story,it just kind of feels like Shiori went from being a protagonist to a simple extra character with hardly any lines. To be honest all the interludes seem a little too much ( unnecesary) . I hate ranting so I'll shut up now, I just really wanted to let you know. I hope you don't take this in the wrong way.
lilnudger82 chapter 71 . 8/6
The Hatake family is definitely growing, and I love it.
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