Reviews for Inoue Shiori
Little Liar chapter 18 . 9/17
Kakashi is going to marry Shiori.
Junior VB chapter 75 . 9/17
No está mal.
Not bad.
TwinTigerLover chapter 55 . 9/3
I do love this story but i'm going to take a break here, recover my brain process then return and read the last twenty chapters.
thehelpinghand chapter 75 . 8/31
every time i moved onto the next chapter i dreaded it because i new that i was inevitably getting closer to chapter 75 and therefore your last update... i pray that you update soon. it is difficult to find this quality of writing, character development and story in one place.
LuciiChaan chapter 75 . 8/24
Tengo la esperanza de que algún día actualices esta historia! Necesito saber de todossssss y del próximo bebé.
SaucyHandles chapter 2 . 8/23
I feel like there's a lot of exposition just being thrown at me way too quickly.
Lunas13 chapter 75 . 8/20
I really love how you have written this story, and the way you have created Shiori. I think her character has developed and she’s very likable. Your story in general is very nicely written and it captures the readers attention very well. I don’t mind how you’re changing the story for Naruto to suit the situational changes that really resulted in how Shiori interacts and has changed the lives of the people around her. I look forward to seeing how this develops.
Adripadher chapter 75 . 8/17
cant wait for the next chapter, even if the story was lastly upated 2 years ago...
Guest chapter 75 . 8/1
I love this story so much its well written love the fact that ur oc is civillian its original and different than other stories that i've read and love her relationship with everyone i was hoping to see some drama difficulties as they happen in any relationship i mean kakashi was afraid to initiniate relationship with het because of her statues as civillian what would've happened if his fears came true other than that great job amazing story plzz apdate need to know what happen next
jeannette.rothenberger chapter 75 . 7/5
I love this so much, are you still updating?
bookaddictionboo chapter 75 . 6/20
yo, so i dont know if you still write on this site but this story is really good. Are you going to finish it?
Big Fan chapter 75 . 6/18
This a well written story that flows smoothly. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your return to it :) will we see more of Ibiki?
ADRIANA chapter 75 . 6/16
oh vamos no puedes deja esto asi!por favor continua con la historia
HoloObssession chapter 15 . 6/13
This is my third time or so reading this story and I am still absolutely enchanted with it.
NineOrchid chapter 40 . 6/12
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