Reviews for The Amplitude, Frequency and Resistance of the Soul Bond
kaibalya chapter 4 . 6/29
where is the invisibility cloak
gta manic chapter 23 . 6/25
why do i do this to myself, keep rereading this story.
Chemom chapter 23 . 6/19
Neat story with a unique plot and I enjoy the humor throughout! Would be great to read more and see this storyline finished!
Guest chapter 23 . 6/18
Great read. My first H/G soul bond. Please bring this to its conclusion.
hana1.hano chapter 23 . 6/14
Wow. This story is amazing. It's literally the first story ever that made me like Ginny. Thank you so much for writing this!
Blabacon chapter 23 . 6/6
I REEEAAALLYY want to see more chapters... if you do that would be great. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/6
He he he he this is a good story
FairiesandDemons chapter 23 . 5/27
Hey! This is such an amazing FanFiction and even though it’s been a few years since you last updated, it would be great if you could update it soon. This was such an original twist on the Harry Potter storyline and I’m loving it so much. Super excited to read more!
pottermum chapter 23 . 5/19
Hey, please update soon!
Guest chapter 23 . 5/19
Still the best Dumbledore of any fanfic
Insanity Studios Ink chapter 1 . 4/29
Hey. It's Joan. You probably don't know me. Actually, if you do know me, that would be quite creepy. Unless you happened to have read some of my shit (When I say shit, I do mean shit. As in it's crap). In which case, that is not creepy, and you're a fan fiction reader. Yay! Sorry, I'm tired and loopy right now. I need some sleep...
Anywho, I wanted to say I love your story. It's great. Like, as in stay-up-late-reading-it-when-you've-got-a-prom-to-decorate-for-and-you'll-be-useless-in-the-morning-but-it's-worth-it-'cause-you-read-a-really-good-fanfic great. You were damn right in saying I've never read soulmates!AU like this one before. I know you haven't updated in almost two years, but it would be great if you could. If not, I'll just wallow in my misery and drown my sorrows in pumpkin juice.
I'll check out your music too, just because I like music and am trying to write my own, which is actually harder that it appears. You are a brave soul, my friend.
~Joan McCreedy
P.S. This is going to post on the first chapter, because the offline posting hates me. It's supposed to be on the last chapter.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/19
Hi, this the third time i reread your story. I really hope that you'll continue writing. Your story is the best soul bond fic i ever read. Please update.
ZayneLvLz chapter 23 . 4/2
This was last updated almost 2 years ago. Where my moist btownies?! i was promised moist brownies!lol

buy this is seriously one of my favorite HP fics and most definitely my favorite 'soul bond' fic across all fic mediums. no other one does it so, realistically? (i think this is the word i want) its awesome how they arent immediately in love or any of that. it feels natural and the characters feel natural for the most part.

i really hope u find the time and interest to get back to this story someday. and that things are going well IRL for u

either way

thanks for the hard work, and see you next time.
W0lfSpark chapter 23 . 3/28

Seriously, you are an amazing writer :D just found this yesterday and now I am already waiting for chapter 24 :P

You're Amazing.
Good luck studying btw :D
ket chapter 23 . 2/17
If I were to have a soul bond with you, then you would get a 24 hour marathon of "Continue this fic" rambling. The story has almost everything I look for in a fic, humour, H/G, interesting storyline, H/G, diverging from canon but not so much, H/G, good jokes, H/G, and I almost forgot: H/G.
Perhaps the fact that I only have 3 things to say that this story has is quiet lame from my side...

I think the most important thing that I didn't say though is that write more of this (oh wait I have said that...) if you got the time and space. You said that the review would give you the motivation!
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