Reviews for Let it Go Already
Cyokie Revott chapter 1 . 3/16/2019
Wow, this fic is super interesting! I really like it! However, I'm also a little conflicted. I love the way you conveyed Brinker and his perception of life. It goes hand in hand with the book (which mentions how he develops a "careless resentment" for the general unfairness of life) without making him seem like a jerk. Your writing is good, too.

The thing I'm conflicted about is the way you conveyed Gene. He seems simultaneously in character and extremely out of character. It's...difficult to explain. He does seem to have the philosophy he has in the book after Finny's death, where he learns from his mistake and lets it go, and his almost desperate relief over the fact that everything changes definitely resembles the beginning of the book. Nonetheless, your Gene is off-putting. This isn't necessarily bad, it's really an observation, and it may very well be intentional. He's supposed to be older in this story, and the older Gene of the book feels significantly more...mentally stable than the older Gene of this fic, who sometimes comes off as borderline deranged and delusional. Again, I recognize this probably sounds like a criticism, but I'm not sure it's even that. If this was intentional, well done, my friend. If not, I'm just letting you know.

All in all, fascinating, underrated fic. :)