Reviews for The-Girl-Who-Was-Behind-The-Curtain
RyuuFuyuScarlet chapter 130 . 7/6
yeessss YEEESSSSS! you kept us waiting naughty writer we must tie you to your desk or somthing now dont mind me ill enjoy reading this
Guest chapter 129 . 6/27
You stink for giving up on finishing this fanfic. Some of us were enjoying reading it. So again I repeat myself you stink!
Guest chapter 129 . 6/22
You used to post chapters every week or so. What happened? I was enjoying your can fix. Please post more chapters! Thank you.
Guest chapter 129 . 5/14
Honestly, this chapter is redundant. Seems like it’s almost all a recap of the previous one. Only the very last few paragraphs give new information. Thus far your writing has been captivating and creative but you’ve missed the mark here.
LP chapter 129 . 5/9
How DARE you end there please keep writing!
LP chapter 107 . 5/8
THANK you. Finally back together
Chapter 107
LP chapter 105 . 5/8
It's a start
LP chapter 100 . 5/8
No way why would you break them up NOOOOOOO!
LP chapter 92 . 5/8
On chapter 92.
Harry is such a git I can't believe it. Draco is so sweet with Hermione: I never really like dramione until now. Great writing!
Guest chapter 129 . 5/6
Nooo! A cliff hanger!
GG chapter 129 . 4/22
It's amazing! Keep up the good work!
Me chapter 1 . 4/22
Lol,Severus just teaching lily potter's daughter how to walk like him
Empress Crowillow chapter 93 . 4/10
harry is pissing me the fuck off with his attitude throughout this whole damn story. He needs to grow the fuck up and stop being so belittling and selfish. TT
Guest chapter 128 . 3/25
I love this story so much- can’t sait for the next part!
Rosebloom20 chapter 1 . 3/1
Hey. I've read this story twice as a guest. I just thought i'd leave a review to tell you how wonderful it is. You've done a very good job. Well done.
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