Reviews for The-Girl-Who-Was-Behind-The-Curtain
BehindGrayEyes chapter 82 . 5/28/2017
Oh you are like a new kind of evil. And I love it! ️
stonebreakerironhill chapter 1 . 5/27/2017
what! you cant just end it there! i need the next chapter. why is Severus there, how did he find them? what is he going to do? to many questions and not enough answers!
keep up the good work
GGtheBOOKWORM chapter 121 . 5/27/2017
SciFiAddict777 chapter 121 . 5/26/2017
Yummy chapter!
! ! ! !
I want sum reunion rn
Guest chapter 1 . 5/26/2017
Can I just say this chapter is the most adorable thing
Death By Insanity chapter 1 . 5/15/2017
finally caught back up. still loving the story. hope to see it finished
JessMariano10 chapter 120 . 5/4/2017
Please continue don't kill Severus have them talk soon update ASAP
Pieter250 chapter 10 . 5/3/2017
My congratulations for the enormous effort you put into this fanfic.

However... I really don't agree how writers try to keep things as close to canon as possible. It just becomes annoying. For example: Harry knows Rose grew up with Snape and knows all about him and yet Harry refuses to listen to Rose when she says that Snape isn't the bad guy.
You could easily write it in such a way that they are a bit more open minded.

Further more I feel that both Malfoy and Snape are quite caring and reasonable people when they are with Rose. But when they are with Harry they turn 180 degrees and become the absolute gits again. Sigh... it just feels unnatural.
MinervaMcGee chapter 119 . 4/17/2017
Wow! Two wonderfully powerful chapters! Thanks so much for sharing your work!
thebingefangirl chapter 60 . 4/17/2017
...where are the weasley twins? _ i hardly see them in the story. it's like they were removed totally
bookdragonslayer chapter 119 . 4/15/2017
The seven potters, yay, but this chapter is awesome
Splash of Thunder in Mist chapter 26 . 3/29/2017
I love this chapter
JessMariano10 chapter 118 . 3/28/2017
Please continue and DO NOT HAVE SEVERUS SNAPE GET KILLED! Have Severus and rose forgive each other please
Splash of Thunder in Mist chapter 118 . 3/26/2017
Rose and Blaise are so perfect for each other.
Splash of Thunder in Mist chapter 117 . 3/13/2017
The feeling of accomplishment you get when you catch up to a 117 chapter fanfic that is pretty long and amazingly well written
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