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Axe Smelling God chapter 1 . 3/27/2015
This was a really great prolouge and I'm taking Ap psychology and we talked a little about colors and I have always been interested on how color affects emotions. This maybe my favorite game you have written so far and I'm excited for these crop of tributes.
nevergone4ever chapter 2 . 3/8/2015
if i dont get accepted i will cry and my bloody tears will be a notch on your belt and thats not good is it .

hurry up prommy
nevergone4ever chapter 1 . 1/22/2015
OMG I definitely can't wait for this
When do I submit :D :D
Tear That Cherry Out chapter 25 . 3/11/2014
lmfao i still haven't answered these

okay hi coleen i lyke u kk

Overall, who were your favourite character(s)? Favourite District pair?
Character(s): idk I was never really sure about who I liked, but I'll just go with Helios, Coleen, (maybe) Alecta? whatever her name is, Augusta, and bc i'm a biased bitch Averil.
District pair: I liked D1, idek why.

What was the most shocking death? What was the least shocking death?
Most shocking: Probably Augusta, maybe Rionach. Maybe Blake.
Least shocking: Pika's. Alise's. Poplin's. Kinda Astird's because I expected the two to get attacked. Averil's tbh, because she got really far, and I felt her luck ran out.

Overall, what was your favourite chapter or most memorable moment?
i lyke bloodbaths.
Lots of action in chapters 22 & 23.

At any point in the story, who do you think the victor would be? Are you content with the victor?
Mostly Coleen and Helios, even Aoife and Augusta.
i lyke coleen yes

i don't read sorry
Burning Stars chapter 25 . 1/30/2014
The reality of the situation seems to have finally slapped Coleen in the face. There was a lot of "Now what?" in this chapter, but she hasn't necessarily lost her sense of direction, which leads me to believe that she'll be able to handle life after victory. She feels guilt, confusion, and near-disgust towards her old self, the person who volunteered for what she calls selfish reasons. A believable reaction, and a believable mindset overall.

Favorite tribute?
Avis. Even though he allied with Aoife, I liked his snark. He also was more sane that anyone else in his alliance, so it was nice to have a calmer person who was at least a little grounded in reality.

Favorite district pair?
I'm going to sound really biased (because I am), but Orson and Coleen.

Most shocking death: Devan. Not because I didn't expect him to die, but rather the manner in which he died. Fausten was crazy, yo.
Least shocking: Alise

Favorite chapter/most memorable moment?
When Fausten killed Devan. I like ally betrayal, especially when poison is involved. Also, when Cassie killed Augusta. I hated that girl. And the exploding butterflies because the irony made me laugh.

Who did I think would be victor?
Avis for a little bit. Then Coleen. Then Helios. Then Cassiopeia for one terrified second. Then Coleen again.
Am I content with the victor?
Yes. Out of everyone, I liked Coleen the most after she underwent some character development. She had the most to fight for and she was willing to do what she had to in order to win.

Favorite book genre?
Sci-fi, but I will give all genres a chance. Except for the ones that are like snapshots of school life with no interesting plot. They're lame and boring.
Favorite book?
Dude I don't know. I'm the worst at picking favorites. I really like Ender's Game and I really like the Gone series.

On to Shot in the Dark.
jakey121 chapter 25 . 1/26/2014
Okay I'm here to review with the answers to the questions, I'm bored so yeah might as well :)

Overall, who were your favourite character(s)? Favourite District pair?-

Favourite characters- Helios, Coleen, Devan, Rionach and Augusta
Favourite District pair- District Five, District Eight and District Nine

What was the most shocking death? What was the least shocking death?-

Shocking- Augusta definitely, I thought she would have made it further.
Less shocking- Rionach and Fabian since I knew they were formless, also Pika and Alise.

Overall, what was your favourite chapter or most memorable moment?-

The one where Coleen and Cassiopeia are forced to leave the Cornucopia, also the finale for obvious reasons. I liked the chapter where Helios killed Orson as well. Most memorable moment, probably Fausten killing Devan because that was just hypocritical of him and made me laugh, also Cassiopeia betraying Augusta.

At any point in the story, who did you think the victor would be? Are you content with the victor?-

No I'm actually really unhappy, I wanted Mauer.
Erm I thought at any point it was between: Helios and Coleen, really I didn't see anyone else winning.

What is your favourite book genre? And, what is your favourite book?-

Fantasy is my favourite book genre definitely. Favourite book... well, I'll go with a series. A Song of Ice and Fire by far, also Harry Potter comes second.

okay yeah
great story, go you for writing this in about 3 days!
nb1998 chapter 25 . 1/26/2014
What a great ending to what has been a really great story, I'm looking forward to the next one and a whole new batch of tributes.

I liked hearing from Coleen for one last time, I don't think in the end she'll be too affected by the games because she's always seemed like a strong female figure to me so I'd be surprised if she let everything affect her too much. I liked the recap of the games, it was good seeing everything pan out again.. it's fair to say I did forget about one or two tributes but oh well, it reminded me of what a good range of tributes you had for this story and really it was quite a realistic story with who died early on and who the gamemakers seemed to target for their traps. I think it was quite clear they wanted a career to win these games. I'm glad Coleen's got a better relationship with her family now and I wonder whether her two brothers volunteered or not..

Overall, who were your favorite character(s)? Favorite District pair?:
Character: Alecto because she was just so normal and I loved how far she went.
District Pair: Probably district 5 or maybe 4.

What was the most shocking death? What was the least shocking death?:
Most shocking: Either Poplin's because it was just evil or Augusta's because I didn't see it coming so early on.
Least shocking: Probably Pika or Alise.. they were always going to be bloodbaths.

Overall, what was your favorite chapter or most memorable moment?: Possibly Day Six in the arena, full of surprises.

At any point in the story, who did you think the victor would be? Are you content with the victor?: Hmm, I thought Coleen, Aoife, Helios, Cassia, Augusta.. maybe Blake too& yes very content, a good realistic, strong victor.

What is your favorite book genre? And, what is your favorite book?: Ahhh I really don't know.. too many good ones to pick.
Burning Stars chapter 24 . 1/25/2014
Alecto: I'm not surprised that she died. She was totally outmatched by Coleen and Cassie, and it didn't surprise me when Cassie overpowered her. Alecto was obviously distracted by the fact that she killed Rionach and was there when Fausten died. I wonder if she would have lasted longer if she went into the finale with a clear mind? Probably not, but it's an interesting thought.

Coleen: "I mentally aim the trident"
as opposed to magically aiming it? does Coleen have superpowers that we never heard about?
This section contained a fair amount of fighting, so I wasn't disappointed on the action front. I think it's worthy of its that Coleen struggles to justify to herself that she isn't like Cassiopeia, despite the fact that she's preparing herself to kill Cassie because she wants to go home. Granted, I don't think Coleen is anything like Cassie, but it's a realistic mindset for Coleen to have nonetheless. I'm glad she won, and in the process realized that she was worth fighting for.

Which victor would I have wanted to win?
In the book: Finnick. In the movie: Peeta, I guess. Or Beetee.
PretentiousScholar chapter 25 . 1/25/2014
Aw, last chapter.

The first little section was nice. It shows how torn up she was (physically, mentally.) It was a nice introduction to it all.
Then came the part with her waking up. That was nice, too, since it was still emotional and she didn't know what was going on. I like that.
Then the stylist. I like the whole thing about her not wanting to touch anyone, yeah. Her and the stylist's conversation was nice to read, even though Coleen seemed detached and whatnot.

Then the Games recaps!
I liked all of her thoughts. Now, she knows what happened with everyone and how they died. It's always nice to see how the victor reacts to everyone's death, especially when they're the ones who killed them. I enjoyed reading all of the deaths over again. I did really like Coleen's thoughts, okay. She was so ambivalent and it was all over the place, but that's what I liked. She's all shaken up.

Then the train ride home!
Aw, poor Zachary. At least Atlas tried to help Coleen, although it didn't do much. I liked this since it gave us insight into the victors, how they talk to one another, and where their relationship will go.
Then home. It was a nice way to end the chapter, especially with her family there. I like this new relationship she has with them and want to see where it goes.

Favorite characters; Aoife, Coleen, Augusta, Fawn.
District Pair: Helios and Cassiopiea.

Most shocking death; Augusta.
Least shocking; Alise

Chapter/Moment: Orson's outburst, Fawn and Averil dying, Augusta dying.

Yeah, I figured Coleen would win for most of the story. If not her, then Helios.

Mystery.. I don't really have a favorite book, but yeah. I like those books.
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 25 . 1/24/2014
*sigh* fine I'll finish so I can take this out of my story alerts

pretty sure ftgu is still there because I never finished reviewing
lol one day maybe but at this point I sorta doubt it

but anyway! Miss Coleen Victor over here :)

She's got a weird reaction to winning- on one hand, she's haunted by killing and the memory of the final battle, broken by murder and still in shock from what she's seen. That's the more average side. but then we've got a strong Victor, determined to move on with life and driven to stay powerful and unaffected. They feel like different people, it's sort of discordant; but in the places where they mesh together, it connects nicely. idk it's sort of confusing but it also make sense? Should I call it complex or dissonant? Eh, complex to be nice. ;D

I've grown more attached to Coleen just through this chapter, and I'm glad for that because during the story I didn't feel that much for her.


Favorite characters? Helios was great, and even though Rionach was formless I enjoyed what you turned her into a lot.
Favorite district pair? probably Poplin and Blake because they were totally dysfunctional. :P
Shocking death? lol well tbh I don't remember that many of them and they didn't really seem out of place. Maybe Devan's because wow Fausten went a bit wild there
least shocking? pika's for sure.
Most memorable moment... Orson leaving the Pack, that was good. The Rue/Katniss clone alliance that the mentors arranged. "Goodbye, Pooplin." The finale.
I thought it would be Helios or Augusta for the majority of the story, but by the time Bishop died I had settled on either Aoife or Coleen.

Genre? fantasy
literally if it was anyone else I would say 'your autobiography' but do you really need that sort of ego inflation
I suppose you can have it anyway
my favorite book is your autobiography

Happy writing!
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 24 . 1/24/2014
Okay well I'm lazy, at least I'm reviewing this far unlike missing the last five chapters like I did with FTGU oops lol

I'll just talk about the top five then? Sounds good? Lol too bad that's what I'm doing.

Four out of five Careers (and four out of five females), hm? XD That sounds like you, for sure. Very realistic but you didn't sacrifice authenticity in doing that which was really nice. And then Alecto, the lone outer-district survivor, who made it all the way to top three! Congrats to her, I suppose XD

Glad to see the Aoife/Coleen plot finally finish up, a dramatic ending for them and a good climax to the story I think!

I wanted Helios to win for the longest time, I really did, then Coleen was my second choice even though I wasn't seriously attached to her. I'm glad she ended up winning, though, Helios and Bishop became too reliant on each other for me to want one of them to win anymore. I felt like I didn't have much connection with any of the characters, I don't know if it was because the updates were so erratic or maybe just the characters themselves. So yeah, I'm glad Coleen won but I don't think I would have cared anyway. As long as it wasn't Cassia, I never could stand her. I see what you did with her and I appreciate it, but without humanity she was only slightly less of a mutt than dear old Percival.

Congrats Coleen, and Saige! You got a Victor, join the club girl! XD

Happy writing, see you for the next one right? ;D
Emerald112 chapter 24 . 1/24/2014
ok just because im nice ill give u another one of these awesome reviews again u r welcome

uhh yeah i like coleen shes awesome and the best choice for victor

and for the question: uhh idek probably like wiress or johanna or finnick. honestly i liked a lot of the victors so yeah
nb1998 chapter 24 . 1/22/2014
Wow, what a great finale!

Alecto: I'm glad you gave her a pov in this chapter instead of Cassia, it was definitely needed to give her a last say. I've always liked Alecto in the Capitol and in the bloodbath, I know she didn't feature too much during the games but when she did something interesting always seemed to happen. It was quite sad because when I was reading this I knew her death was inevitable even though I would have liked if she won. Cassia was just cruel and unnecessary when she killed her and I did feel sorry for her throughout the chapter as she was being forced into battle with a tint hammer compared to two trained careers. It's a shame to see her go but she did well so i'm happy.

Coleen: At this point with Alecto dead, I wanted Coleen to win for sure and I would have thought she would win too but she was lacking energy and Cassia was looking quite crazy and evil.. I'm really glad that Coleen won though. She's no monster, yeah she's a career but I'd like to think there's a lot more than a tribute who wants to kill others because really she didn't kill many in the games. Now, the fight was one of the best written scenes of the whole story and I like how much you delved into the fight and it was very realistic. As much as I Cassia said that Coleen was the victim at the end, I just don't think that Coleen is going to be one of the victors that turns into a wreck. As I said, a great finale.

If the victors didn't escape the arena in Catching Fire and it continued as a Hunger Games, who would you have wanted to be the victor?: Hmm.. that's difficult.. maybe Johanna.
PretentiousScholar chapter 24 . 1/22/2014
Well, here's the finale.

Alecto.. it was a nice conclusion for her character. It gave us closure; she wanted to fight, yet she so afraid of it all. She got over Rionach and Fausten, although there were some traces of guilt and whatnot. Her character was nice throughout the POV, and when Coleen tackled Cassia for her, that just made it worse. It was like the time with Rionach, yeah. Well, it was a nice POV that I appreciated for the sake of Alecto. She was my second choice for victor, but still, 3rd isn't bad. I liked the little hints of backstory and things like that, and although she died, I can say that I liked her character more than others.

Then Coleen.
Wow, okay. Coleen had to recover, then had to deal with Cassia. It was an intense fight that wasn't made any easier by the fog and water. Cassia was hiding - which was interesting, since it shows how deranged she is - and then wanted to pick the right time to fight. Cassia's words were so creepy and really showed a side to her character that we've never really seen. It was a nice ending for Cassia, too. I liked this POV a lot and it was one of the better fights. Coleen's ending lines were great as well.

Catching Fire?
Okay.. let's see.
I'd say a Career.
Enobaria? Brutus?
Maybeee Finnick.
Or maybe Beetee.
Or Johanna.
Honestly, I don't know. There's a lot of choices.
Tear That Cherry Out chapter 23 . 1/22/2014
i'm back
you're welcome

I want the victor to be Coleen. Based on personalities and realism, I definitely think Coleen would be the best winner.
Cassiopeia is just too confident, and she is sure she has it in the bag, though I think her and Coleen will be the Final 2.
The second that finale starts, Alecto will be Coleen's target, as she mentioned before. Alecto won't have a chance against them two girls, and it is quite sad because Alecto is amazing.

Want: Coleen.
Think: Coleen.

Who would have I wanted to win? FoxFace, for sure.

Bai dora
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