Reviews for Hashirama's Heir
Monster King chapter 33 . 12/13
Great story I really liked it I liked the pairings and how powerful Naruto got and the plot all in all good job writing the story.
nicfoto5 chapter 32 . 12/10
Bye far the best o.p naruto fanfic I’ve ever read, it was just so well done and write so nicely.
The skin is going to be fed chapter 1 . 12/1
Took me 3 days, a bit longer than usual to finish 200K Word Fics. Even if I'm a strictly devoted NaruHina fan, I enjoyed the NaruYugi, as it was better written than most fics I've read. That's all for my review, and I thank you for bringing us this amazing FanFiction.
Palerider224 chapter 19 . 11/28
NOOOOOOOOOOOO not the soap lol
Natsubi chapter 33 . 11/28
holy shit i see what you did there! you left those that followed from the beginning on a cliff hanger till you posted this chapter just to be a dick! XD
Natsubi chapter 5 . 11/27
well unless you have numerous air horns, or the hand powered one, you got about 5 min of continuous torture, that if you have the big can too, so eh
Naruto the Nexus chapter 1 . 11/22
yoooo, that plot twist was radical
Guess chapter 1 . 11/20
This might as well be an OC.
marquis.shax chapter 4 . 11/19
a fire and water combo is actually a really SHITTY combo as it's just going to cancel each other out and create steam which doesn't really give either side an advantage. In the situation you created where there's walls on 3 sides the best combo would be a fire and wind just so that it's hotter and faster making it a truly deadly jutsu and if the person doesn't know how to use an earth jutsu to go underground or aren't fast enough with a substitution they're fucked
AkaneShiro chapter 7 . 11/13
lilbigrstar chapter 28 . 11/11
Dude just reading the end of this chapter (not the omake) gave me the chills. I heard background music and all types of shit while i was reading it. Great story man
silversnitch4765 chapter 33 . 11/5
I loved this story, you did a great job with it and the fight scenes were epic.
billy chapter 10 . 11/1
I hope Naruto can preform shinsu senju you know the ULTIMATE MOVE he used to battle Uchiha Madara
Guest chapter 33 . 10/29
This was a great story and I actually got the feels at the end hope that you continue to make great stories just like this one. Peace
regulus64 chapter 33 . 10/28
Well I’m glad you managed to finally finish the story. I understand why it took you a while because to be honest these last two chapters were definitely the hardest to read. Not up to par with the rest of your work. Still congrats and I look forward to checking out what you come up with in the future!
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