Reviews for Feels Like Home
superrainbowbunny chapter 33 . 11/15
i love all these stories they are sooo cute (confession almost made me crydont listen to mayday parade will reading these stories you might cry)
amy2may chapter 96 . 11/12
as a fan of psych, I would love it if you added more parts to it. like getting into the case and the action, that would be awesome! c:
kinda-just-here chapter 96 . 11/11
This was magnificent XD I love Psych, and this was the perfect blend with SnK!
PineappleHead chapter 96 . 11/11
I dont know how I found this chapter but I'm glad I did! Eremika is my life and I love Psych! I'm in the middle of season 7 But I see it like Shawn!Eren, Gus!Armin, Juliet!Mikasa, Vick!Hange, Lassie!Levi, Marlowe!Petra, Pierre!Jean. Good chapter HangeLevi part aside, never really cared for her character. Now I'ma read the rest of story
ParadoxalPaladin chapter 96 . 11/11
I really liked this and thought it was well written (although I still picture all the Psyche crew in my mind during this) and I think you did a good job of meshing the two series together. On the topic of the final season, I have around two episodes left and I can tell you there's not a whole lot you're missing: it's not a great season. Although I have heard the ending's good. Anyways, keep up the good work!
GuyInLoveWithEreMika chapter 96 . 11/11
Yiiisss finally!
Guest chapter 93 . 10/25
What's up! I binge read all of your chapters, because I was hooked. I know you're not taking anymore requests but maybe you can hear this request out.

I was wondering if you can write about how Eren and Mikasa would react to Nicholas' first love and date. I would find it cute and fluffy :3

Thanks for the awesome chapters :D
luna chapter 71 . 10/21
Forgot to say you are a great writer, I love your stories!
luna chapter 71 . 10/21
Hey I was wondering if you could please do another fast and furious one, or could you make a story like it but with attack on titan characters. Please, but if not can you do another one shot or two. Please.
narutozombie chapter 70 . 10/8
Awwww loved it!
Delta Marauder chapter 1 . 10/7
"Shut up, Armin." XD
narutozombie chapter 58 . 10/6
Team Mikasa WINS!
narutozombie chapter 54 . 10/6
narutozombie chapter 53 . 10/5
I can see this happening. XD
Sentinel07 chapter 95 . 10/4
Very good. Better than some of your previous ones. :)

The LevixPetra was also nicely appreciated. I like that one as much as LevixHange.
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