Reviews for Digimon Fusion Movie: Yagami's Second Coming
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 4 . 12/23/2013
Ah shucks, late again. I need to change that in the new year. ;P

Better late than never, because this was a cool end to the Yagami arc (well, 'cept Bio-Yagami apparently written by Chaosblazer, haha)! Nice end to a lengthy battle with McAngry Ascendant.

Just to get it outta the way, Yamato's an ass for what he did to that girl. Yeah, she was bad, but that was downright cold-blooded of him! And that brother of hers sacrificed himself for nothing. Then, Greil came to put Yamakins (I love that name! XD) in his place! Nice little distraction fight before Yagami broke loose again.

It was cool to see the fruits of Tai and Ken's Room of Time training. Ah, Tai's unlocked a new form, huh? Heheheh. ;)

Liked Omega X, Celesta X, and WarAngemon using a triple wave to take down GalacticNova X! That Family Kamehameha moment was always awesome.

I was surprised to see Sailor Pluto in this as well as Charon, well her future counterpart. And she meets Photondramon? Man, I've gotta catch up on Chaos' Accel fic! And the Pyronmon part surprised me like all hell (love Darkstalkers!).

That's right Yamato. Get pissed at Tai for one-upping you again. :P

Great fun story and the character segments were great (I love you for adding the Doctors from the Day of the Doctor special). Nice work, K and Chaos! Laters!
supergoku1987 chapter 4 . 12/10/2013
Great ending for the fic, man. I loved the ending to the whole battle. Dramon x finally got better control of his new power, and the triple beam from Omega x, Celesta x, and Warangemon into the tsunami wave was awesome. Galacticnova x bites the dust.

interesting other stuff with pyronmon and pluto facing neophotondramon. liked the bit setting up bio-yagami. huh, guess I gotta check out chaosblazer's fic then. yeah tai is hinting to the next ascendant level. season 3 gonna be epic stuff.

great and fun stuff with the character corner. like the pokemon x/y cameos, the turkey kicking digimon ass, and seto being embarrassed like that. next years party gonna be crazy in the house of madoka. Good end to the fic. looking forward to season 3 and more movie fics. peace, man.
Allfather-Ford chapter 4 . 12/10/2013
At last we come to the conclusion! After a lengthy battle, the heroes damages Yagami's weakspot and together, the Kai Ascendants hurled their biggest Super Terra Beam to send him to the sun!

More foreshadowing coming up with Pluto meeting NeoPhotondramon, Pyronmon's presence (since my Taito's Ascension), Myotismon in setting up Bio-Yagami, and Yamato being pissed at Tai achieving a new level (which we are definitely be seeing it in Season 3). Nice that Sonja hasn't forgot she broke his arm.

Thanks for how the character corner goes (halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas all together). Surprise that turkey can talk! Especially with the ending I planned with Madoka and the magical girls to invite a special dinner theater club. Located in New York City here we come!
JNaegi chapter 4 . 12/10/2013
Over all a good conclusion to the movie. Ken has more control over the energy output, TK aids Tai and Kairi with there attack and Yagami has died for the second time.

Pluto meets up with Photondramon and trying to locate her sister. Pyronmon makes an appearance (which was surprising). How does that song go, "Going to be in trouble, the lady and her man!". I think that's how it goes.

Wrap up was nice for the party and all that jazz.

Good work. Bye!
Chaosblazer chapter 4 . 12/10/2013
now that was awesome, a great way to end this fic.

Every single scene played well into the next, including the party scenes, man I look forward to next year and Ford's idea

This was an awesome project and yes I plan on doing Bio-Yagami sometime soon, thanks for co-writing this with me dude it was and will always be an awesome story.
supergoku1987 chapter 3 . 12/5/2013
Nice chapter. The opening stuff was cool. Liked seeing more guests like the ford and his crew, thanksgiving turkey and the doctors. lol, seto you ain't gonna catch ken. lyn better calm his ass down.

Liked the time room training bits with Tai and Ken. They be planning to defeat Yagami and loved seeing both want to get better. Titaniamon getting better and she kept up with Omega x. Now I'm curious to know what ken really learned during training. his body is changing huh?

Damn Metalla x is one cold sum bitch. he killed a little girl. granted she with the bad guys but still a dick move from yamato. And the girl's brother tries kamikaze but fails. Greil comes and smacks Metalla x down hard! He ain't getting up from that one! he got knocked the fuck out!

So that Jishikitori x is really Sailor Pluto's sister? that shocking for the good guys. pluto coming there is even more surprising. good thing for Sedna, dimitri and the others.

The beast is released and ready to rumble. final battle is coming. peace.
supergoku1987 chapter 2 . 12/5/2013
The fight with Nova x really gets intense. Man, everyone jumped him. Liked how they got their hits on yagami. Yamato can't forget what yagami did to him. Things looking good for them until Nova x went GalacticNova x and whooped their asses.

They were lucky those ninja twins sealed Yagami, but too bad celesta x had to be contained too. Man, ken went off on them. Oh, now Tai, Ken and their digi-partners gonna use the time room? cool, they gotta get strong. Lol, I think Yamato hates Ken more than Tai now.

Now greil sending in cronies to break the seal? not good. hope they can stop them.

Halloween segment was mad funny. I liked Ken clowning Seto like that. that's some funny stuff with Seto and Brock sharing same va. next chapter gonna get good now.
supergoku1987 chapter 1 . 12/5/2013
Hey, man. Cool start for the Yagami sequel. I liked how different its from the real broly's second coming. more fighters involved is always cool. Liked ken and his crew getting involved in this. man, yagami whooped that ass! Greil unleashed the beast fo sure.

Dimitri and sedna arrive to save ken. Ow, damn ken gets his arm broken. he knows how yamato feels. Oh shit, Omega x is about to throw down with Nova x. this is gonna get good.

oh yeah, liked the halloween opening stuff. Nice costume choices. next chapter gonna get intense!
Allfather-Ford chapter 3 . 12/2/2013
Now the third chapter arrives! Nice to see not only Ford's group appear in the corner, but the Doctors to celebrate the 50th anniversary. A real turkey appears, poor thing.

Tai and Ken's training goes fine and strategize of how to destroy Yagami's weakness. I will see that Ken is going to transcend his humanity.

So Griel's forces laid their assault on the heroes. I spotted Sailor Pluto appearing to confront her sister (even though she's not in her time). Oh Yamato must have been cruel to kill those Gun x Sword kids, even though their evil. I see Griel has a soft spot. But yeah, it is surely going to foreshadow DFK Season 3 where Yamato's evil reaches his zenith.

Yagami has been release, and can't wait to read the final chapter and wrapping up the character corner party (with a surprise twist in the end). :)
JNaegi chapter 3 . 11/30/2013
Well darn it, looks like Greil's forces have dwindled to nothing! It was a dick move Yamakins pulled doing that to Melissa and the kamikaze attack didn't even phase the butt-wipe before Greil shows up and shows him what is (is it bad I was rooting for him?)

Dimitri learns about Jishikitori X's real identity and is met by her sister, Pluto, who makes a surprising cameo in this story and Kai universe at that!

Yeah for Titaniamon learning the use of her Ultima armor and holding her own with Tai! Looks like Kenny boy learned something while in that room? Should be good.

Whoa, you guys ending it in the next chapter? Good night, did not see that happening but again going good!

Good corner once again as well.
Chaosblazer chapter 3 . 11/30/2013
Halloween parts awesome, heh I see hiei dressed up this time, and Kaiba, give it up lol.

Greil's lackey's hit the field, Yama-kins kills the GunxSword children off, and in turn is beaten down hard for his actions by Paradiso X, but of course Fairy Law is still hurting him badly so of course he has to run off after devluging his desire, and Pluto arrives from Sedna's dimension to go after her "sister" hope she catches her.

Ken's starting to notice his body is changing, he and Tai get in some nice training as well as planning Yagami's demise, even X is impressed that Ken is thinking first, but i'm sure once back in battle he'll be impulse warfare incarnate lol.

glad to get this done despite the wrist arthritis as it's fun to write, let's finish up in style dude_
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 2 . 11/27/2013
Heya, sorry for not reviewing sooner, been busy. I've been catching up on reading other fics, so sorries! D:

I loved the char corner before the story. Hah, funny stuff! Seto dressed as Brock got me going. XD (Eric Stuart voicing both is obvious but still funny). And then he chases Ken around. Good luck catching him Kaiba boy! Glad that didn't ruin the party.

Whoo boy, the fight with Mr. Legendary Ascendant was brutal. He just mowed practically everyone down! Good thing Senshi magic can hurt him (thanks to Sedna and Titaniamon's armor thing with the Senshi's powers). Things just got ugly once he became GalacticNova X! Then things turned around once Ken went all out on the big guy!

The ninja twins' scroll sealing up the big guy like that worked great and they did the right thing. Though, it does suck it had to come at the cost of sealing Celesta X too. Sheesh, they didn't need to chew out the ninja twins like that.

Ah, Tai gets to use his remaining day in the time room with Ken and his Digimon partners! Cool, this is turning out very differently from Broly's Second Coming. Glad to see Tai thinking of increasing his power along with getting Ken and his Digimon up to speed with their strengths. Omega X is still needed to be stronger to stay in the game.

Hah, yes, we know how much you hate Ken, Yamato. No, go ahead. Is there anything else you want to share with the class? :P

Yikes, Greil's sending his minion crew to handle the others while they're recuperating. Not good. Don't let 'em break the barrier, guys!

Another good chapter, guys. Looking forward to the next! And a Happy Thanksgiving (and avoid Black Friday if you value your life!). Laters! :D
Chaosblazer chapter 2 . 11/21/2013
The Halloween part keeps getting better, Kaiba boy you won't catch Ken, cause you know nothing about the power of the ninja frog.

Well it's nice to see Yagami's still a psyco, and he's definitely gotten stronger if it took Ken at level 3 going all out to force him back to his base status as Nova X.

As usual, Mikato and Shizuka disobey Ken's orders and go through with their seal technique, locking el crazy down for a day (anyone weaker and it would've been longer, normally it's supposed to be perminant) and because Nova X is so strong a fulcrum is needed and they choose Kari as she was the closest to him, (since again, the seal was meant to be used on weaker people so a fulcrum wouldn't be needed) oh well for acting on their own they'll never get to use that again once X locks it away in the depths of the Kai verse library.

Ken makes Tai realize that he shouldn't be playing the goku role cause he's still alive therefore he needs to stay in the game and get stronger, Ken takes a select few of his guys into the chamber after having his broken arm fixed and now fun time begins lol.

That's right yamakin's, keep it up and Ken's gonna show you what Erectile Dysfunction means.

Ah greil you silly man, your so obessed over your "precious" target, you didn't hear them disclose that breaking the seal might very well kill her, oh well send your minions to fight, it should be a nice chaotic battlezone next time while waiting for Ken and Tai to get out of the chamber_

I'm looking forward to what happens next dude this is fun story lol.
Allfather-Ford chapter 2 . 11/21/2013
Alright! So the character corner has mention my OC avatar (and maybe few more people) to join. Nice to see Ken putting that YGO Abridged reference to Kaiba as Brock while his girlfriend is Nurse Joy.

The battle against the deranged ascendant goes on until he becomes GalacticNova X again. Just then, the twins appear and do this ninja scroll that seals Celesta X and GalacticNova X. Ah, Omega X and Dramon X are going to the Room of Time to train. I find Yamato's crude remark funny, he hates Ken MUCH MORE than Taichi..

It looks like Griel and company are going to break the seal soon. Keep it up guys with 2 more chaps!
JNaegi chapter 2 . 11/21/2013
Mayhem runs rampant as Nova X continues shoving his berserker like power down the heroes throats. I kind of forgot Senshi magic can injure an ascendant.

Not to be devil's advocate but I have to praise the ninja twins action; it stopped the battle (even at the expense of Kari) and giving them the chance to get stronger. Besides it's not like she's dead, she's only in a temporal state, you know like cryogenics freezing. Man getting up on their jock like that, it's like they didn't know that sacrifices has to get made at times. Oh crap, my cynicism is coming out, sorry.

Anyway nice that Ken pointed out Tai's mindset/flaw about letting the others hold their own even though he has the potential to get stronger and they head of to get stronger!

A-ha, the twins are still alive after all this time! Now Greil gets them and Jishikitori X to break the barrier which can only spell disaster for the heroes.

Good job with the party scene; Seta as Brock, oh the sardonic irony!

Keep it going fellas.
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