Reviews for Digimon Fusion Movie: Yagami's Second Coming
Generic Reviewer chapter 1 . 11/13/2013
So Greil is a Naraku clone? Not looking good for him. As in Minerva X getting a Geo Greysword of Hope and wrecking him killing most of the "take him seriously" factor even he'll just flee/reveal it was a Doombot.

Then again the next arc is based on Buu (D-Reaper being the rule 63 version of it) so Greil's minions must be secondary villains.

Good work so far!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 1 . 11/11/2013
Great start to the sequel! It's cool the X and Chaos duo are working on this! :D

Heh, the opening Halloween stuff was fun. I love the costume choices (especially Karin as Korra, Dimitri as Chrono, Tai as Goku, Taylor as Jessie, Titaniamon as Erza). ken as Greninja is a cool choice. Aww, Athena as Cutemon is so cute! Heh, I wonder what kind of craziness shall be brought when Seto and Lyn show up!

Damn, kinda lost on the Accel stuff. I'll do some catch up on the latest chapters and that Amazon tournament (which sounds like fun!). Glad Sedna and Dimitri saved Ken just in time. Just when it looked like Omega X is ready to fight Nova X, Ken gets his arm broken by Yagami! Now he knows how Yamato feels.

Great start, guys! Can't wait to see more differences from Broly's Second Coming! (thumbs up)
Ford1114 chapter 1 . 11/7/2013
Ah, yagami has make his return in this sequel. Your right, I notice a lot of differences than broly's second coming. We have more characters and stuff.

That Halloween corner sure is enjoyable even though it already has pass. Tai is always going to be goku, like seeing Karin as korra, Taylor as Jesse from toy story, Athena is cutemon, and how I'm glad to see dimitri as crono (That we remember putting the game references of music back in dfk season 2). Ken is cool as greninja (if your hearing this chaos, I name mine Heero from gundam wing). Wonder what kaiba and Lyn will be. Next year guys, could I take part of helping the next Halloween corner? (I plan something of similar to disney's house of villains)

Anyway, it's been time after the amazon tournament. Ken is gonna have a bad day when yagami brutally beats him up badly to the point he pulverized his arm. The Kai ascendants have arrive in time to draw nova X out to their world. Wonder how it'll play out. I like how griel takes the spotlight instead of that village in dbz.

When chap 2 comes, I'll be sure to be surprise when my birthday comes (hey that reference grandracmon last November). Keep it up guys!
Chaosblazer chapter 1 . 11/7/2013
A great start indeed, I had fun with this one (though Ken not so much after what Yagami's done and this is only the beginning) Greil's unleashed the beast on Ken, but thankfully the good guys have a plan to get him.

Yagami definitely has high pain tolerance, and no mercy either since he tore apart various digimon for kicks, especially when using Ken as a "weapon";

Granted Ken's seen enough bloodshed, but all that got him was a broken arm, at least he didn't take those rings off thanks to his sis Sedna, but seeing Data come out of his bloodstream isn't a good sign at all.

Loved the Halloween part, Ken as Greninja is awesome_

Let's keep up the awesome work dude_
JNaegi chapter 1 . 11/7/2013
Two titans finally clash! Well Greil found Yagami and released the lunatic and now fights Ken!

X gathers Tai and the other Ascendants with Sora and prepare a plan. Sedna and Dimitri arrive and good thing the Senshi of Ice stops Ken from removing the limiter.

However things aren't going as planned since now Ken got his arm broken. Ironic since the same thing happened to Yamakins with his battle against Sonja.

Don't keep us waiting long, it's holding water!
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