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Butterfree chapter 3 . 10h
The way you have Shinji think in a way so devoid of lust or primal instinct yet morbidly speaks volumes of how you've written his character. He's pure up to insane levels in some aspects and tainted rotten in others which is unusual. I love how you're characterizing him so far.

catastrophicTranquility chapter 25 . 12/31/2014
GAHH that WAS so cute ! It was very fluffy and oh so sweet ! Cx Oh man I 'm done with the series .. Took me almost the whole winter break of mine xD

Fantastic fic here ! 8D This took a deeper and serious turn then what I usually read , tho close , and I like it . I especially liked the Victorean era theme , though I don 't get , didn 't know and don' t like their customs ... The theme and plot really played well and masked over the original storyline , so knowing what came next was good even if I did end up reacting the same way xD I have to say though I like this AU better cause there 's more KawoShin :p
I 'm glad I sat through this (and cried and laughed ) , awesome job and thanks for writing and sharing this :)
catastrophicTranquility chapter 23 . 12/29/2014
So he completely forgot about Tabris when he saw Rei cause she was the only that ever was kind to him (pre-sacrifice ) and I get it , but now he says he wants to be with Tabris always ?u?

I feel like I just plopped into an AU involving Homestuck and the gathering or creating of a universe that is a frog .. And to be honest and say again that I was a bit confused and it may actually be the fact that I don 't really know much about Christianity or any Religious affiliation . And the golems and the mech work kind of threw me off , it 's different then the victorian theme in the beginning .
catastrophicTranquility chapter 22 . 12/29/2014
That ending comment in your a/n , that 's brutal and , I 'll admit hilarious . That says something about how wrong the shit they did back then . Mind I ask what the book is called ? :3
catastrophicTranquility chapter 21 . 12/29/2014
So I see that it 's pretty much following the basis of canon ... There won 't be a decapitated Kaworu , right ?

Oh man the climax of the story ... I 'm wide awake now xD
catastrophicTranquility chapter 20 . 12/26/2014
Oh wow that 's sweet and yes romantic :,D
But wow 5 chapters left , what could possibly go wrong ? ...
catastrophicTranquility chapter 19 . 12/26/2014
Did he turn him I to a goat :3 or just someone one with horns ?

Aghhh I love reading the KawoShin parts ... They 're so warm and sweet compared to the other serious chapters . It makes me forget about what 's really going on , maybe that 's just how it is when you 're with a loved one vuv
And man are they so ... Fluffy and corny ! x3
catastrophicTranquility chapter 18 . 12/26/2014
That 's , I belive , the second reference to monkeys , is it mocking science ? I think one person from SEELE (?) mentioned something about modern science .

... Okay I was actually okay with Yui and I thought she actually loved Shinji (In the fic ... Maybe I gave her too much credit ...), but nuh -uh , you are crossing a line that you do not want to ever cross . She 's getting in the way ,
catastrophicTranquility chapter 17 . 12/26/2014
I find it ironic how it says god is the ... Good guy (for a lack of a better term ) and yet shit happens to the poor and needy . And then you have the devil , helping the poor bastards by making contracts and in return taking their souls . I 'm referring to the fic but if poeple could actually form contracts with the devil (which would be kinda cool ) then I guess reality would apply to it .
This is getting really serious and I 'm forgetting the fact that it 's an KawoShin fic , haha xD
catastrophicTranquility chapter 12 . 12/24/2014
She 's pretty much asking for the impossible and it 's absolutely selfish , like in canon and I 'll admit it 's irritating me. I do get it that he was the only one who could pilot Unit 01 and destroy the Angels , and that 's why they needed him . But the thing is to have him find a way to destiny Tabris when he clearly has fallen for him ? It doesn 't make sense to me , It 's like saying , '(someone you 're close to) killed (someone I 'm close to me' so I want you to kill said person because I 'm pissed & butt hurt .' I do understand that he could bring the end of the world but I 'm just more pissed at the fact that she 's getting in the way of the two progressing ...

But that kidnapping scene tho .. Tbh I knew something was up but it still shocked me xD I 'm glad Tabris came at the end of the chapter o-o I was getting worried . And plus it was a good and cute end . Kaworu can so corny it 's not even funny .
catastrophicTranquility chapter 11 . 12/24/2014
Oh my fuxking God ... bsusjdjss ..! Please keep believing in Tabris , Shinji . Please please for the love of god please . Yeah I 'm sure whatever they say about him will be true but just ... Agghhh .
Please don 't tell me this is gonna be a reference to when Shinji yelled out "you betrayed my heart ." That really crushed my shipper heart ...

Aw the Opuim War , studied about it class but I didn 't know the english traded slaves but switched over to Opuim cause it was better profit .
catastrophicTranquility chapter 10 . 12/23/2014
Aww they 're so cute ! I can 't handle it ! Cx
catastrophicTranquility chapter 9 . 12/23/2014
And .. It 's out ... Oh my god Shinji ... No ... Dude I 'm crying , actually crying , waterfall of tears just spewing out ... They 're so beautiful ... This is such a beautiful chapter , so goddamn sweet ! TT A TT Why 'd you have to make this so emotional ? I 'm listening to Sakura Nagashi and it 's not helping one bit .
catastrophicTranquility chapter 7 . 12/23/2014
I can 't help but feel and get tired for Shinji -kun when he doubts Kaworu 's affectionate actions . I mean I get he 's gone through heard ships and understands that Kaworu 's a devil /fallen angel and is 'suppose ' to feign such affections in order to lure in people , as your typical devil would do (at least from what I 've been reading in fics u ) but give him some credit ... You 'd think he isn 't the type since everyone in the house is actually pretty content and happy being there (but maybe it 's partly just to gain power ?) sigh , bakashinji ...
Speaking of the others , I 'm still a bit confused on how the system works , ahaa u;
catastrophicTranquility chapter 6 . 12/23/2014
Oh my god stop ! Just stop talking about it ! I 'm freaking crying and getting all excited cause yes KawoShin is cannon as fuck ... But having actual goddamn lovey dovey scenes is just ... GAHH . I haven 't even read the manga or any of the stuff you mentioned and I now I do ...

Oh okay I see some connection to the series . So this cult , Seele (maybe spacifically Yui and Gendo ) is trying to bring down or maybe create (? ) some higher power like in canon , say Tabris , by actually using Shinji ? (if I 'm understanding this correctly ) And maybe other children ? Like Rei .
I 'm still trying to wrap all this around ... I think I may (probably not ) be getting it , ahahaa
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