Reviews for A Mother's Story:The Truth Behind Grendel's Mother
Mizamour chapter 4 . 6/15/2005
Oh, I love it! For some reason, before I thought your pen name "My Requiem" was the title of this fic...oh well, it fits, because Beowulf got such honor and a long requiem, but Grendel and his mother got none...very underappreciated characters...this is a great fic, I love different-pov fics, especially minor characters or supposed bad guys. I like Michael Crichton too! Have you read A Case of Need or Prey?
Mizamour chapter 3 . 6/15/2005
Wow, this is great! Although, when you said venerability, were you meaning to use vulnerability? Venerability is related to respected old age, as in The Venerable Sir Roland.
Mizamour chapter 2 . 6/15/2005
So sad...but so good! I always thought Grendel and his mother were interesting characters...the title is great, too. Very ironic/symbolic.
Mizamour chapter 1 . 6/15/2005
Oh, awesome! I love this! I LOVE telling & reading stories from a different perspective, especially the supposed bad-guy. This is great!
Draconna the Mother of Lies chapter 4 . 9/28/2002

Wow. Just the imagination and the fact that she could've been comparatively innocent all along is perplexing! I think this is a first, and I enjoyed it very much, especially since most people don't dare tackle somethings that are originally epic poems. It also vaguely causes me to be reminiscent of the many, many literary papers I did on _Beowulf_ for a British literature course. A definite good thing.

.:: Draconna ::.

The Mother of Lies
Doctor Kenshirou Yukiharu chapter 1 . 9/24/2002
Oh my gosh! Another Beowulf fan! I'm so happy! It's hard to find anyone with an interest in Beowulf! I'd like to see this one continued!