Reviews for In The Shadows
On the Hill chapter 49 . 7h ago
I just when you think the Bella is going on the lamb with a hot blonde, a pixie best friend and two twins, an unmarked black van pulls into a parking garage.
ScOut4It chapter 49 . 4/14
One hell uva ride :)
Not sure which group of baddies kidnapped the wrong 'marshal'... Loved that Sulpicia doesn't settle for incompetence in her underlings.
A few typos or grammar thingimabobs (cause that's a word ;), but pretty solid.
Second place is awesome! I knew you deserved to get up there :) And AUs are usually a hard sell for the 'purists' (as if fanfiction doesn't automatically make something a little AU).
So, rockin!
Wolf-Babe125 chapter 49 . 4/14
AHHHHHHHHH! I NEED MORE! great chapters though! Can't wait for more!
Zelda's Hero chapter 49 . 4/14
Bella is going to kill those Marshals
theoneandonlyts chapter 49 . 4/14
Wow each chapter this story gets better and better
Sara1287 chapter 49 . 4/14
Good, plz more soon
Boss21 chapter 49 . 4/14
Lol did they mistook jane with rosalie? Dumb idiotslol ! WTF YOU HAD THIS ALL READY AND U DIDNT POST IT? But anyway i liked it please update sooner!
MADDY22 chapter 48 . 4/14
great chapter god I love this story it just gets better and better update soon
Zelda's Hero chapter 47 . 4/11
Looking forward to the next chapter!
Boss21 chapter 1 . 4/9
300 reviews lol
Wolf-Babe125 chapter 47 . 4/8
Shit just read this story today after passing it up 20 some odd times and damn its good, can't wait for more
Guest chapter 47 . 4/7
Another great chapter! What's the fifth? Will the kids get kidnapped? Will Bella really go to court? Update fast please!
Akasha Hallows28 chapter 47 . 4/5
plead the fifth have rose hit you on the head and say you don't remember shit then move away LOL
ScOut4It chapter 47 . 4/3
Haha! I love the smartass preview that I got ;D

And Sulpicia. . . oh my :)

Nice window into the family history.

Glad she dismissed Aro so casually and enjoys the right flavor of sub.


I like how Rosalie called Jasper on his massive(ly short) history with Bella.

Ray, they's a comin' for ya!


And...colloquialisms are fun to pretend to spell.

So, awesome chapter length here! Me like!

Finally a purpose for Charlotte and Jasper. Time to earn their keep.

Agent Odair is not so smart to go there and then leave Hale's sight; she is going to flee... or not :D
On the Hill chapter 47 . 4/3
These people are animals, but yes, now that Bella's awake and knows who her enemies are and has back up, things will get better right? I think the good people of Texas better put their good dishes away and take an early vacation until further notice.
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