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Only balgony chapter 8 . 9/7
That explains a lot
Chica90 chapter 14 . 5/9
Smaug might be a beast that kills without thought but this chapter made me tear up... I understand a bit of the conflict Kathryn must have felt.
Shodow17 chapter 24 . 4/14
I'm so in love with this. I cried so hard at the ende. I cried so hard when I read he slept 60 yeas waiting for her, to see her every night in his dreams. No words. Incredibly well written
MadderThanAHatter2 chapter 11 . 4/7
I'm once again left breathless. Beautiful chapter. Your transition from one dream to another is so smooth and easy to follow- I love it!

Also this new development is most interesting and I'm curious to see how things will turn out!
MadderThanAHatter2 chapter 10 . 4/7
This story is honestly to precious and amazing.
The character development is so well done and you constantly stick to them which is great.

Love it x
MadderThanAHatter2 chapter 6 . 4/6
I feel like crying in joy! This story is so good!
MadderThanAHatter2 chapter 3 . 4/5
This chapter was so amazing! It was so fun to read and your description is simply beautiful. Especially loved the way you ended it! X
MadderThanAHatter2 chapter 2 . 4/5
Oh my goodness. Your writing is so Beautiful! You're description is just amazing and I loved the chase scene. X
SyfyGuy2 chapter 23 . 2/16
Wow. Now that was a beautiful end to a heart-wrenchingly incredible, brilliant, sad and heartbreaking story! :)

I loved the way you wrote that scene with Fankil taking Kathryn away; the little things like the way you wrote Smaug growling "like a rabid animal" at the cloaked figure to try and keep him away, and him despairing at how he "was not allowed his one wish, even in death." :) :) Fankil moving too fast for Smaug to do anything, lying there dying, whilst Fankil tore Kathryn's body away... Fankil walking away with Kathryn's body in hand, and Smaug only being able to look desperately after her red hair as Fankil took her away... Also, Smaug's thought that he would not let anyone take Kathryn from him now, that he'd "hold on until long after his last bitter breath, until the world finally left them both alone, and he could be with her in peace until their bodies were nothing but ash in the wind"... That moment really was heartwarming! :) And it was upsetting to see Smaug so helpless to do anything from keeping this stranger from taking Kathryn's body away from him like that!

Also, that was a very great moment I loved, and rather heartwarming, when Kathyrn's hand remained clutching Smaug's cheek and cut on it, and one drop of her blood touched and sunk into Smaug's scales on his snout! :) I thought it were like she was refusing to let go of him even in death! :) :) I was also shocked at and loved the moment when Smaug began to seize up, apparently dying (though I think it was something else). And I loved that moment when he sank beneath the waves - and I really started crying again, my eyes are brimming once again already, at the moment when he looked up through the water surface at the moon and stars, and thought of that one night long ago when he and Kathryn were looking at the stars outrside the Lonely Mountain's Gate! :) :'')

And Smaug's last prayer, his promise to Kathryn as he "died" in the waters... That was really, really beautiful, and I loved him finally calling her his Queen Beneath the Mountain, his moon of his life and angel of the night... and him saying that he couldn't protect her, not even from himself! That was beautiful... :)

And I love the way you wrote that final scene, where two mysterious hooded women observe the scene in the aftermath of Lake-Town's destruction, and wait until Fankil's left with Kathryn's body and Smaug has sunk beneath the water, before they move forward to the lake's shore to look for something. I loved how you wrote the gradual reveal, with one woman calling Freyja's name to the other, and then re-describing Andraya's physical appearance in detail as she removes her hood; of who the two hooded women were!

And I love how you wrote them spotting something out on the lake's shallow waters, grabbing an unseen mass underwater and hurling it back to the shore, and Andraya looking down on it with minimal description - I really could picture Andraya examining the currently-unseen body in camera-shots :) - and Freyja coming back with the women's horse and cart. And how you then revealed Human Smaug's pale, unconscious new body with just the slightest heartbeat, in detail, lying on the lake shore in Andraya's arms! You really did write that scene where Smaug becomes human brilliantly! x) And I LOVE that uncertain ending you've left us on, with Andraya looking at Smaug's face, thiunking of his fiery eyes under his now-human lids to confirm it's human-him, and her last, uncertain words: "With patience and time, come all things..."

Thois was a brilliant conclusion to a truly heartfelt, incredible, brilliant story! Easily one of the best stories there are out there, not just in fanfiction, but in the real of fiction! :) Truly incredible, and it was a great pleasure and honour of an experience to read this and appreciate it! WONDERFUL! :) :)

It'll make you laugh, love, tremble and cry so many times in so many different ways, and I daresay that this story's adaptation of Smaug from villain into a romantic antihero protagonist is of the same level of quality as Jaime Lannister's character evolution over Game of Thrones - for me personally, both are super-awesome when they're villains, and I love them even more when they become antiheroes in the way they do! WEll done on you. :)

Alongside everything else I've had to say about this story and Smaug over my chapter reviews, one thing I've noticed and loved is how 'Heart of Fire' very much has parallels with the Beauty and the Beast story (just want to therow it in): a feared beast captures a beautiful maiden for his own selfish purposes, over her captivity they grow comfortable in each-other's presence, they even fall in love, and a side of the beast that no-one had ever thought he possessed is brought out for this woman alone; then eventually, the beast lets the woman go heartwrenchingly, and ultimately they reunite and die together. :) The core difference between the two, is that the Beast behaves like an animal out of bitterness at his own monstrosity, whereas Smaug is a genuinely cruel creature who has earned his name as a monster.

Beautiful, incredible end to a truly beautiful, incredible story! I really did feel when reading Chapter 22 like I were watching a Harry Potter film, plus that incredible heartbreak with Smaug and Kathryn's "deaths" at Lake-Town! :) And like I said, this very last chapter was a brilliant, sad, grim, anxious and hopeful conclusion, especially with Human Smaug being pulled from the Lake after Dragon Smaug's seeming "death;" which would really serve to whet the reader's appetite for the next story! BRAVO, WELL DONE, AND CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS MAGNIFICENT PIECE, GIRL! x) :D XD X) XD XD
SyfyGuy2 chapter 22 . 2/16
Wow... :O That was a beautiful chapter! So beautiful, then such an action sequence with Bard and Tauriel and then... OH, GOD. You did it again, girl, you made me cry again... so, SO peofusely! D''x

That scene where the mysterious dark hooded figure stepped into the inn was an excellent setup that wasn't too awkwardly-placed, and worked excellently at the ending of this chapter! It was kinda pathetic indeed to see the innkeeper moaning the way he did about his head injury, both fitting with his rather stupid, goofy appearance and stopping us from feeling too much sympathy for him. As for his filthy whore of a wife, maybe that obnoxious c**t should ask her husband if the so-called cow in question was tied up in her room when he was serving her before she calls her words like that! (Sorry if I've caused offence by using the C-word, starting to use it is something that started pretty recently since I watched all of 'Game of Thrones.')

At Lake-Town, Smaug and Kathryn's reunion over that short distance was perfectly, beautiful executed, it really sent shivers of heartfelt emotion running through my body... :) As Smaug held the sight of Kathryn, as he dropped Tauriel and made across the Lake towards her... As the Lake-Town's wood collapsed underneath him and he suddenly started WADING through the water towards Kathryn like that, so humanly, so desperate a move... That was a BEAUTIFUL moment! :) As was the only few words Smaug and Kahryn could say to each-other and finally seeing each-other again after all this time... :) I loved Smaug's sweetness and the rage in his heart suddenly dissipating to such sweetness at seeing Kathryn! :)

That moment when Smaug smelled Kathryn's blood, noticed her wrapped-up wrist, he demading she show him, and Kathryn not wanting to but reluctantly revealing her cut wrist; was excellently executed! And I loved the way Smaug's rage towards the filthy Oakenshield immediately returned with full-force, even greater than when he'd been destroying Lake-Town in rage, to see Kathryn's injuries. And I loved Smaug's muttered, yet almost broken-sounding words at Kathryn soothing him, that he was kill Thorin for this. 'Cos Smaug is right, Kathryn deserves her vengeance for that, and that filthy dwarf bastard deserves no less than what Smaug would do to him! Oh, well, while it would have been preferable for Smaug to kill him, he'll still be killed in the Battle of the Five Armies! And like how I thought Joffrey's death slowly choking to death with his vomit stuck in his closed throat, bleeding from every orifice and the blood seeping into his eyeballs from the building pressure, was actually too good a fate for that vicious bastard; sometimes people don't get the full amount of what they deserve, but they get enough and we just have to learn to accept that. x]

I bsolutely loved Kathryn's heartfelt plea to Smaug, looking into his eyes as she hugged his snout, for him to just leave the Lake-Town and everything behind and let them both go away from all this together; and her saying she'll stay with him fully of her own free will if he does this. :) I loved Smaug's overwhelmed thoughts as he wondered if Kathryn really knew what she meant by that, offering herself to him in that way. And I loved Smaug being initially angry at leaving the Lakemen to go unpunished by his wrath, considering his two options - take Kathryn forcefully and punish the Lakemen anyway, or leave them and have her with him willing, and come back for them later. And i LOVED the way Smaug actually chose the latter option, :) and decided he could always come back for the Lakemen later! That was perfectly awesome, heartfelt, funny and witty on Smaug's part! XD

And I loved the way you wrote Bard first ruining Smaug and Kathryn's initial reunion, putting that arrow right between the two before they could make contact. (speaking of which, I also loved Smaug slowly, so reverently reaching up his claw to gently take Kathryn in his grasp like thta! :)) I quite like the way you wrote Bard's air of righteousness in his tone, and the way you previously wrote him praying to the Ainur - though overall very close to the film version, your version of Bard here does seem slightly more knight-in-shining-armour-tale minded, having a rather naive, bland and simple view of black and white, right and wrong; like Ned or Robb Stark but with more of a hint of that knight Kathryn killed in there! If that makes sense. :S Yeah, it really is upsetting and despairing to see people behave so righteous and actually know not what they do like that. I take a lesson from Bronn on honour and righteousness vs. reality in that respect. :)

I loved Kathryn desperately trying to stop them, but failing, as Smaug goes after Bard and then after Thranduil through Lake-Town! That action sequence where Smaug was chasing Bard was brilliantly written; I loved Smaug smashing through the houses after Bard as he ran along the rooftops (I could picture Bard's run as the houses collapsed quite clearly in my mind), and I loved Smaug being unimpressed at Bard's hiding spot and burning the warehouse in his fire! x) I also loved that moment where Smaug bit into Bard's left leg and injured him, it was quite unexpected when Bard cried out like that, and gives the reader a feeling of waiting rather anxiously to see what the hell will happen next! :) I also loved Tauriel re-engaging Smaug despite her injuries, and Smaug leaping for her with his fire shining in his throat! :)

The moment when Smaug grabbed Tauriel bone-crushingly off of the bridge as she struggled to get away, whilst Bard was running towards the town centre, was very sudden and unexpectedly, perfectly executed. And I loved Tauriel's last brave taunt to Smaug's face:

LLe naa haran e' nausalle! XD

And I loved Smaug's bristling, outraged reaction to that! I also loved the way that he killed Tauriel - by holding his thumb's talon over her chest like that, then impaling it through her! Tauriel's death did have a shock-value to it. And I loved the way she died, facing Smaug with such gall and bravery, and I loved the way you wrote her last breath! x) I also loved the moment after that, when Smaug got struck in the side, turned - and saw Kathryn standing distraught, having struck her with Raw Magic, furious at what he's done! x) And I loved the way Smaug decided at that point he would indeed leave Lake-Town alone and fly far away with Kathryn, just for her and how much he loves her! :) And it was upsetting when Bard, good man thinking he's doing the right but having no realisation of what he's really doing, had to intrude and stop it all again! :l Speaking of which, I loved the perfectly subtle yet not-unnoticeable way you wrote Bard's clear upset at Tauriel's death, observed by Smaug! :)

The moment when Smaug leapt for Bard, he unveiled the wind-lance and black arrow as Smaug flew for Bard... was perfectly executed. I really did picture in my head time slowing down as Bard starting loading and fired the wind-lance, ewhilst Smaug raced towards him, and Kathryn firing a blast of Raw Magic to try and intercept part... That was a really suspenseful, shocking, soundtrack-free moment that I could picture in my head, when the black arrow was fired... And whilst Kathryn's blast threw Bard away to the waters, Smaug fell towards the waters in agony, Kathryn feeling through the bond like something had pierced her heart... :)

And afterwards, when Smaug had fallen into the waters and Kathryn was dying, feeling the injury... I loved that moment when Smaug's bubbles reached the water surface, then he burst back up. It felt so silent in a very beautiful, perfect, fitting, mournful kind of way; as I clearly pictured in my head, Smaug climbing back onto the bridge where Kathryn lay, and lay his head down right beside her. :) I think that was about when I started to get misty-eyed, I can't really recall at this point... :) It definitely started to sting beautifully, heartwrenchingly, when Kathryn slowly crawled towards Smaug's head. :')

Smaug looking at the black arrow stuck in his chest was perfectly written, as was the horrified reaction we had from Kathryn's perspective at it! And Smaug tearing the black arrow out of his chest was perfect, it realluy did leave suspense hanging in the air for a moment as the reader was left suspensefully uncertain whether or not this meant Smaug would live... And then Smaug started to slowly die, with Kathryn crawling towards his head! :'o

Smaug and Kathryn slowly dying together was perfectly executed, with their shared words and a perfect, very effective atmosphere.

"Just shut up with your blasted pride!" I'm not joking, I gave a strangled sob RIGHT with Kathryn at that point, and the tears really started flowing, the sobs started hacking in my throat! D'': It was so beautiful, so sad, so perfectly-done when Smaug and Kathryn were dying together! D'': I also loved Smaug's line about all living things coming to an end, and him having assumed it just wouldn't ever happen to him... you really do bring a logic to Smaug's intelligent, self-co ntradictory mind that works to make him more sympathetic as a protagonist in this story. :) And I LOVED Kathryn saying sorry to Smaug... right before she plunged into his very being, forced her way past his complex mind to his beautiful centre, ried to save Smaug by melding their two magics together! I like the way you wrote that scene, Kathryn pooling her own magic into Smaug, the description of Kathryn's purple energy tryoiing to mix with Smaug's red... And then Smaug's finally latching onto it as the life in him dwindled! :) Also, that was a very effective technique; describing the heat on Smaug's breath cooling, and climactically the light in his eyes fading D': and then his life force continuing to fade as Kathryn went into him, it really did help to make that scene so sad! D':

And after she'd saved Smaug... oh, God, it really did pull at my hea
SyfyGuy2 chapter 21 . 2/15
HOLY CRAP! This was a hell of an incredibble chapter, with so much incredible carnage and drgaonfire and murder in it, and such a heart-touching, feel-evoking ending! :O

I absolutely LOVE your version of Smaug's attack on Lake-Town in this chapter! From its beginnings with the winds that precede Smaug shattering the night's peace upon the Lake just like when he first came upon Erebor and Dale, and I loved Smaug's detailed strategy of attack upon the town - first destroying the bridge out of town and the garrison, then moving to destroy the wind-lance out of disgust, then moving to work through the town one part at a time; smashing through buildings looking for Kathryn, eating the fleeing Lakepeople off the town's streets and walkways and houses as he soars overhead, and working through the Lake-Town one section at a time! :) I feel I should say though, it was for me quite unclear when Smaug was smashing the houses and working through the town, whether he'd actually landed or was hovering low on the air.

I also LOVED that moment when Smaug saw a dash of red hair and went after it, then from there started looking and going after redheaded women in Lake-Town whom he thought to be Kathryn, and killing them for the sake of it when they weren't the one woman he was searching for! I haven't really watched the film properly in a long time, but was that a fitting reference to Peter Jackson's 'King Kong' remake I detected? :)

I also absolutely loved your detailed version of Bard escaping back to his home after Smaug smashes the garrison and unknowingly frees him, and finding Tauriel, his children and the dwarves there! x) I loved how you immediately established a full character with both Bard and Tauriel so quickly in just this one chapter with how much detail you wrote their characters in, and I loved their strrategy to get half their numbers out of Lake-Town on a boat from the already-destroyed part of town, then go back to try and kill Smaug with the collapsed wind-lance and black arrow! x)

"I've been told that many stare at me, perhaps I'll draw his eye." XD I absolutely LOVED Tauriel's line at that point, it was perfectly executed!

I also loved Bard's group finding a single boat in the destroyed part of town, the deathly silence from the dragon when Tilda screamed, and the group taking cover in the water underneath the walkway while Smaug passed overhead in shadow and looked around for any trace of them before giving up! x) I also loved how you quickly brought character to all three of Bard's children as well as their father and Tauriel, up to the point when Bard convinced them all to get in the boat with Oin and row to safety! x)

And I loved the moment when Kathryn stopped along the lake shore upon hearing Smaug's roar, and how you wrote and described the moment when she saw him come "descending from the heavens" to destroy Lake-Town and set it ablaze! x) I especially loved Kathryn pulling on the bond, and Smaug's very noticeable stunned reaction, I loved his suddenly-torn, heartache-filled expression at that moment! x)

I also loved Bard finding Braga amongst the chaos, and SLAPPING some sense into him like that to have him rally the remaining guardsmen! XD I also loved the moment when Smaug noticed the guardsmen firing on him, smashed that bridge, then shattered the building they took refuge in! XD I also loved Tauriel's duel with Smaug, trying to shoot out his eye, Smaug chasing after her and sweeping at her with his claws; Tauriel running along Smaug's tail like that! And the moment when Smaug finally swiped her with his claw so suddenly and caught her off the bridge, was great! XD I also loved Tauriel taunting Smaug in Elvish when she faced him, and Smaug's enraged reaction:

"Hu u-gaun!" XD

Man, I really loved Smaug's characterisation in this chapter, the way you really brought out the darkest side of him, showing him as demonic as the firelight and smoke casting shadows on him made him look! x) I loved Smaug's thoughts of utter bloodlust, vengeance and quite-frank psychopathy throughout this story, his darkness almost completely overtaking his whole being as he tore Lake-Town apart and burned it alive! That moment when Smaug saw Kili, recognised his love for Tauriel and was entertained by the thought of harming her to hurt Kili, was an excellent testament to his lack of empathy in how he didn't express any empathy at all over how he himself knows love for another woman! XD (I do still love him to bits though! x)) And even then, Smaug still gave us a legitimate justification for his lack of empathy with Oakenshield taking what was precious to him captive! He's Magnificent ;) enough as a villain, but I do love the job you've done with making Smaug an antihero protagonist in this story! XD

Smaug also had many really great, incredible lines over this chapter which I loved very much:

No human is a worthy match for me! And this IRRITATION, can no longer help you! So let me relieve you of the BURDEN OF IT! XD
Has Thranduil forgotten the taste of fire that he seeks to be REMINDED OF IT?! XD
That rotten elf KING shall lose more than his face to dragonfire once I am through with his precious Mirkwood; him and all his kin! XD
You care for this little elf, DWARF?! Perhaps... she cares for you a swell, might she not?
Haven't you heard? TURNABOUT. IS. FAIR. PLAY!

I also loved the dwarves' arrival in that scene after Smaug caught Tauriel. I loved Smaug viciously taunting Kili upon working out that he loved Tauriel, and I also LOVED Kili's bravery when he stood up to Smaug in the way that he did! X) And the moment when Smaug was about to smash Tauriel bone-crunchingly to Lake-Town' s wooden walkways, and let the flames eat her flesh alive, was a very climactic moment before of course, SHE came... x)

The moment when Smaug heard the voice was INCREDIBLY WRITTEN, the several paragraphs long made the perfect atmosphere in how they described everything: the whole town going silent when her voice shouted Smaug's name, all the feelings and thoughts and sudden doubts and fears that surged through Smaug to replace his bloodlust, malice and cruelty that he had been displaying for the dwarves and Tauriel not a moment ago... That cliffhanger, when the reunion of Smaug and Kathryn finally comes, was beautrifully written and VERY atmospheric! I'm not lying, I really did feel a vibrating shudder of emotion run through my body at the point when Smaug heard her, and beheld his ANGEL WITH PURPLE EYES... x)

Incredible, EXCELLENT chapter, truly wonderful and hell of an action-disaster sequence yet holding so much meaning, drama and emotion in it! And I can't wait to read the next one as we approach the end! :)
SyfyGuy2 chapter 20 . 2/15
Awesome chapter, I loved it! xD

I loved how you kind of skipped over the part of the chase through the Mountain between when Bilbo escaped and when the dwarves reached the forges, simply summarising them rather than writing them into detailed individual full scenes. I was also shocked and slightly upset when the dwarves came to the flooded room where Kathryn used to bathe in the Lonely Mountain, and formulated their plan to try andkill Smaug there. And I GROWLED AGAIN with utter fury when Thorin said he'd kill Smaug with Kathryn's dragon-necklace! DX

I also loved the bits of your own content which you introduced to the chase through the Mountain in order to make it than much more interesting - Thorin running into the cramped tunnel, Smaug getting stuck and then forcinng his way in with his hind-legs after him. And when Thorin DARED speak of Kathryn the way he did, saying that she must be truly mad if she could ever find it in her heart to love Smaug... OH, I GROWLED AGAIN with seething hate for the dwarf! GRRRR! Also, I loved how in this version that last taunt was what pushed Smaug over the edge before he unleashed his fire into the forges at the dwarves. I also LOVED Smaug's outburst when he heard this, and screamed to know where Kathryn was and what the hell the dwarves had done with her. :)

I also love how, again to keep things interesting, you wrote the whole scene in the forges from Smaug's perspective like his conversation with Bilbo; reading from his P.O.V. as he stalked through the forges, looking for the dwarves, the moment when he stopped, catching a glimpse of Thorin and two other dwarves, and slowly turned towards them; him getting caught by surprise by the jet of water; roaring in rage and flying backward away from it. The moment when Smaug ambushed Bilbo from in the shadows of the forges while the poor hobbit was alone, catching Bilbo in his teeth and wounding him, before throwing him out of the forges into the shaft area... That moment slightly took my breath with shock when that happened! :O

I also loved the way you had that last exchange of words between Bilbo and Smaug outside of the forges take place in the shaft rather than the front entrance hall, with Smaug throwing Bilbo there rather than Bilbo running away to there, and I do like how you slightly adjusted Smaug's dialogue. I also loved how you made sure to have Smaug specify that he knew Bilbo had come from Lake-Town by the smell upon him, since the film version without that dialogue wasn't especially clear on how Smaug came to that conclusion. The way you described Smaug's feelings in his head when he becomes aware of Bilbo's concern for the Lakemen at his plea - about how Bilbo's plea wouldn't do anything to stop him, how he's not above being spiteful and cruel just to prove a point or get what he wnats, and the whole world about to learn that when he pays Lake-Town a visit! - was also excellent, very effective for dramatic purposes at that point like it was in the film! :) And I very much loved those extra last few words of interaction you added between Bilbo and Smaug:

She spoke so highly of you. When we found her, she was adamant about coming here, to save you. I'm glad she didn't. She would be ashamed. XD I LOVED the way Bilbo said that line so much! x) I also loved Smaug's pure, blind, mindless rage of fury at that point, and how you described it in such detail that made for a dramatic moment, right before Thorin's yells came in. x)

I was also mouthing and repeating in a Human Smaug-voice to several of Smaug's lines again when reading this chapter, including "YOU...!" When Smaug saw Thorin. Speaking of whom...

Ohh, I really was growling in hate again when Thorin said he'd already taken from Smaug, and when he then took out Kathryn's dragon-necklace! And when he told Smaug to leave these lands or he'd have "contacts" close to Kathryn harm her for the "protection of his people"... Thorin really did both make my blood boil and make me feel physically sick in the stomach in this chapter! It was a REALLY satisfying little bit when his smug, wretched face suddenly became nervous as Smaug put the pieces together and believed Kathryn was at Lake-Town! :) Also, I absolutely LOVED Smaug's King Under the Mountain boast, the way it's different here:

Did you think I would crumble? That I would bow to you? I have felled the strongest armies. In one day, I brought your entire people to their knees. I instill terror in the hearts of men! I am KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN! XD XD

Another thing I loved was the way you wrote Smaug as being aware of the dwarves all around him during his standoff with Oakenshield, or when he's in the forges, but only having attention for one of them! X) Some people complain, in my opinion understandably, that Smaug behaves stupidly and that his cunning is overrated. For me, the way you've expressed Smaug's intelligence here by writing his awareness, and also his ability to really work cunningly and patiently when he was looking through the forges for the dwarves and then regarding all their noises as he specifically wanted Oakenshield... It really clears that up for me, you really have succeeded at communicating Smaug's intelligence more clearly. :)

I also quite liked the dwarves' alternate method of trying to kill Smaug here, by unleashing boulders and molten gold on him from either direction while he was right at the shaft, to push him down, and so that he'd smash through the shaft's bottom into the underwater room and the gold would harden on him from there! It seems much more ingenious and resourceful; and while the golden statue in the film wasn't as bad as people tend to make out as far as I'm concerned, it did seem to be a more desperate try at killing the dragon than this highly-sophisticated method that seemed like a near-sure way to kill Smaug! :)

I loved the moment when Smaug lunged for Thorin as the dwarves sprung their trap - it was a shame Smaug didn't manage to get a few painful flesh-punctures to Thorin's hide with his teeth like he did poor Bilbo's! i hope that filthy dwarf dies SCREAMING IN AGONY at the Battle of the Five Armies! :] And I LOVED the moment when, as Thorin dropped the scale, Smaug immediately twisted to go after it and catch it, as well as Smaug's feelings of panic! :) i also loved the epicness of and slight level of panic instilled in the reader by, Smaug's fall through the shaft pelted down by boulders and molten gold, and him crashed through the bottom into the water-filled room! :) Also, I was absolutely shocked at that moment when Smaug saw the molten gold rushing through the inlets from the forges before he fell into the pit and was reminded of Kathryn's prophecy:

His wealth shall flow in fountains,
And the rivers golden run...

:O That moment took my breath away!

I also loved the terrifying, panicking real death-threat of the gold hardening on Smaug once he hit the water, and Smaug swimming to the bottom of the room to break some of the gold off of him on the floor before it could threaten his life. And I loved Smaug furiously jumping, pumping his wings; then climbing silently back up the shaft, waiting until he could hear the dwarves clearly when he was nearly at the top, before he unleashed a roar to tell them he wasn't dead! And I LOVED the dwarves scattering and cowering just out of reach in the tunnels will Smaug yelled at them:


I also loved Smaug racing through Erebor towards the main entrance, him smashing through the front gate, and I loved how you wrote him bursting out, taking to the skies, shaking off the gold, and flying towards Lake-Town to find Kathryn and to wreak his revenge! You really made that climactic cliffhanger moment long and drawn-out in how you wrote, but in a good way that was perfectly epic and made the moment climactic! xD I LOVED Smaug already scouring ahead with his eyes for any sign of Kathryn's telltale red hair and purple eyes amongst Lake-Town, and I loved the amazing last part of Kathryn's prophecy coming to Smaug:

But all shall fail in sadness...
And the Lake will shine and burn!

I am FIRE. I am... DEATH! XD

I can't wait to read the next chapter! XD
tinseltown chapter 17 . 2/14
WHAT?! She can turn into a dragon even outside of dreams?! That was a plot twist I did not see coming. This gives me hope that Smaug can turn into a human, with aid of his magic, outside of dreams!
tinseltown chapter 8 . 2/14
The dragon has a crush. A CRUSH. I'm cackling. I love this. Also, I'm eagerly hoping that he'll be able to turn into his human version in the real world as well, so he and Kathryn know. Smoochie and stuff. Ugh, I must be disgusting you with my flippant review, sorry! Lol. I just like this story a lot.
SyfyGuy2 chapter 19 . 2/14
Wow! Now this was an EXCELLENT chapter, I absolutely loved it! :D

I loved that opening point where Smaug is contemplating and going over what happened to Kathryn. I loved his angry and concerned feelings for Kathryn, as well as your explanation for how Kathryn's dragon transformation by Smaug worked. I also loved Smaug's thoughts on seeing Dragon Kathryn real and in the flesh, and also Smaug's realisation that Kathryn is coming back to him! I loved Smaug's thoughts and feelings concerning how long he's waited for this to happen, and now it's finally happening. :)

I also absolutely LOVED the way you wrote the whole conversation scene between Bilbo and Smaug into this chapter as the main focus, and the way you wrote it mainly from Smaug's P.O.V.! :D XD Smaug's thoughts, feelings and calculations in his head were perfectly-coloured and -written, i loved how you wrote the calculations occurring in Smaug's head, giving us a perspective of the cogs turning to tell us when he worked out what he did! And I especially loved how you adapted that scene for your story so that while it mostly followed the film version, there were many notable differences and original content; from extra quotes and slight alterations to film-ones by Smaug, to super-great bits of relevant dialogue from the book being restored and placed in!

"MR. LUCKY NUMBER!" I do love that title XD
I also love the complexity and intellectual value of Bilbo's extra riddles, like the one about Bag End, which weren't in the film version but are restored here! XD

You also maintained the intense, wonderful, incredible atmosphere of the scene of Bilbo and Smaug's conversation! Reading this, I really was murmuring many of Smaug's best lines out loud in a Human Smaug-voice! XD Another thing I absolutely adored was how Smaug's past with Kathryn and his feelings for her mixed in with his behaviour and responses at several points beneath the proverbial surface, and also how Kathryn's prophecy of Thorin's return that led to her and Smaug being separated, lends so much deeper and further meaning to many of the lines Smaug said in this scene: his personal hatred for Thorin, as well as his rant about how he always knew that the dwarves would come back to the Mountain one day, and that he guessed Thorin's foul intention some time ago! xD I also very much loved how differently Smaug and Bilbo's little game ended here: Bilbo's last-ditch attempt that stopped Smaug short, based on Kathryn's statement that she could reason with him. And I loved the resulting version of Bilbo's escape; his last line which I believe was from the book, and Smaug's line as he gave chase after Bilbo! XD

I also loved the scene with Kathryn stuck in ythe Inn, trying to escape her bonds. I thought, damn that FILTHY DWARF BASTARD when she thought on how the dwarves had fabricated some story to the innkeeper keeping her here. And nder the circuymstances, with the man behaving jolly and probably thinking her a mentally-retarded madwoman, being so cheery while hokding her against her will like that; no matter how kind a man he is, I can't blame Kathryn for feeling the desire for that to claw his eyeballs out! Even if he really doesn't actually deserve that fate over this stupid misunderstanding.

Hell of an excellent, satisfying and incredible chapter, and I SO CANNOT WAIT to start on the next one! XD XD
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