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shelby20125 chapter 8 . 9/6
Don't mind me, I'll just be reading this while I wait for the sequel for Gravity.

This is interesting so far, and a fan of dragons, you said? Truthfully, I have not read the books either, and I've seen bits and pieces of all the movies. However, It's nice to find another dragon fan. Keep up the good work.
Daftbearaveo chapter 24 . 8/26
So I just read through the entire story, and I cried like three times. about to jump into the next one because I'm addicted. Amazing work. Kathryn started as a shrieking battered banshee, frightened from shadows on the wall to a pillar of willpower, grit and undying devotion. I'd be damped if I put that much effort into saving my twin. so kudos for awesome character development for your OC.
velvetSunset chapter 23 . 6/17
This story was amazing! You did an excellent job! Thank you very much~
xXLarxPhobiaXx chapter 24 . 6/12
I just finished this and am immediately going to start the next. First I have to say that while I love this, I'm crying my f-ing eyes out... It has been quite some time since I've read a story that impacted me as this one has. I wasn't expecting him to let her go! Then when I was unpleasantly surprised once again when even though she made it to him he was still shot with the arrow.. I'm looking forward to seeing where this leads them!
tylermech66 chapter 1 . 6/12
I, am liking where this is going.
britt chapter 20 . 5/30
nooo! if he kills the town she will never forgive him! If he flys off he will miss her running for him and thorin will use her against him! Also, WTF Gandalf? he totally didn't keep his promise! He had her confess her deepest secret and treasure and 100% betrayed her to use the into against her loved one and done nothing to try and save smaug as he had promised he. He has honestly used everyone for his own means! What an ass whole
Brit chapter 15 . 5/30
omg i love this story! If this isn't a happy ending with them together in the end then my first ever hate male will be sent to you. ugh! angst!
Cyberwolf02 chapter 17 . 5/9
Is smaug a wyvern like in the move? And is Kathryn's dragon form a wyvern to?
Xwhitewolf14 chapter 24 . 4/10
OK... I love everything that was created here you beautiful bastard. If that ending doesn't imply what I think it implies I'm gonna find you cause you don't just kill my main man Smaug and his girl!

I loved everything about this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for one of the best stories ever made on this cancer ridden site.
K chapter 23 . 11/24/2017
Wow. What an ending! Amazing, honestly.

Also, the two women/girls.. I totally forgot about them, oops. But it's awesome that you gave them a small - but very very important role to all this. I love that they only just appeared a few chapters prior, and only for one moment, and it seemed so.. How should I say?.. Minor? And then you go and pull them out for the ending again! BAM! Really great!

The stranger... I have no idea.. Maybe he's been mentioned before as well but I really can't remember. I don't remember what her father looked like but yeah, it's probably not him. I also don't know the canon characters all too well, seeing as I'm only just now watching the films so yeah. Thin.. Dark hood.. High voice... The smell... An Elf? Lol, I really don't know. Or she suddenly has a brother! XD I will stop now.

So, just like always, I have loved all the descriptions and just simply your way of writing all this. It's been a very nice journey and I have grown so fond of this story and the characters, well, how could I ever avoid the sequel now? OF COURSE I WON'T and I don't want to either, so that's all fine.

And Smaug is probably in his human form now? I wonder how that happened.. I love it and I'm very curious about it all, and I hope you'll explain everything in the sequel (I'm pretty sure you will).
This whole thing has got maybe something to do with the blood that Kathryn lost in the end, that connected with Smaug... That was again a small moment but it kind of seems significant to me.
Anyways, I shall all see in part 2! AND I HONESTLY CAN'T WAIT!
K chapter 22 . 11/24/2017
Oh wow. That was powerful. Beautiful. Strong. Wow.
I kept thinking that if Bard or someone else had shut up a second longer, then Smaug would have already gone and left with Kathryn but nooo - you just have to destroy the moment and rile him up again! Jeez. Lol.
Apart from that I'm just incredibly happy to see them together again. And both are showing their feelings a lot more since the time skip, which is great! And the best of all - Smaug is still not out-of-character!
And now they're dying. Alright, I know that there is a sequel so they're most definitely, probably, not dead. That dude that's been looking for her... WHO is THAT?! Did I miss something? He's some kind of wizard or something, I swear. No, I have no idea. Is he an OC? And is HE really a HE?! XD I'm pretty sure but who th knows anything anymore.
Okay, one more chapter -!
K chapter 21 . 11/23/2017
I've just finished with the 2nd Hobbit movie and I have to say, I really like the way you linked your story to the canon one. All in all I usually don't like it when people write and use the actions and dialogues that we already know from the original work, it's just.. no. But it was alright here, you only did it in a few chapters and you used everything to connect your plot with the original story. I really liked your descriptions of everything. I felt everything a lot more reading your story than when I was watching the film. And yay, they are finally meeting again. Thank god, I was so on edge all the time. But really, great work with the drama and such :) perfect amount and not corny or anything at all.
K chapter 18 . 11/21/2017
Ps. It was totally awesome that she changed into her dragonesse form when the orcs closed in on her. Totally awesome!
K chapter 18 . 11/21/2017
Okay, I've never read or watched the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit, I'm just currently on that right now (seen tLotR now), so what I want to say is that I have no idea what all the characters here are actually like or if I do actually like them. Just from here, I gotta say I'm not the dwarves biggest fan.. xD I'll see in the movies but yes. I'm so excited about all this now, the plot is really thickening! Maybe Smaug will find out that Torin has the scale, the scale that he gave Kathryn and then... Well.. Okay, okay, I'll see SOON!
K chapter 17 . 11/20/2017
Oooooooh, oooooooh! Wow.. She just became a dragon - in real life no less! YEAHH!
And I absolutely loved Faervel, honestly. He is such a sweetheart and bundle of awesomeness! I hope he doesn't appear again, just to show us he's really not the good guy on her side that he was up to now (yes, I'm paranoid like that. I've read and seen a lot, so I'm bracing myself for anything! xD)
I can't wait to read more... I CAN'T WAIT TO FINISH THE REST OF THE BOOK!
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