Reviews for The Deadline
MadameNotebook chapter 25 . 5/6
If Hermione says no, I can go with him to that weekend hahahaha I love this fic!
karategirl92 chapter 39 . 5/5
You do have to wonder what special drugs these appallingly bad writers smoke before posting such crap?
Aypearson chapter 37 . 5/2
So much drama. At the end I felt like I was reading a Jerry springer monologue. I loved it all, very entertaining!
MadameNotebook chapter 19 . 4/29
Omg I need a friend like Blaise Zabini in my life... I love this fic, really is one of the best I’ve read... never left you a review because I was reading it in Spanish, but it wasn’t complete and your history is sooooo good that I have to end it even if is not my language! So here I am and I have to tell you? That is nothing complicated to read, you write quite well and I understand almost every word you say.

This is beautiful, amazing, everyone who reads Dramione’s should read this one.

I will recommend this fic each time I can.
Anonymous Presence chapter 1 . 4/23
Hello darling! I'm sorry this is so random but I saw your story that you deleted to making into a nook (congratulations by the way) in Archieve and not your username. They have their comments off since I assume many have noticed this but I wanted to bring it to your attention! The username is urdadsdraco
Pretty Lu chapter 39 . 4/21
I know it's been a while, but I didn't want to miss the review of this fantastic story, I love it! I laughed, I cried, I got angry it was a roller coaster of emotions, I have read it in less than a week, thanks for sharing this great story. .
Leonita Yap chapter 19 . 4/18
this chapter so rude! i was laughing so hard when the snake didn't know how to use phone. and minutes later end up with cried so hard!
darkpegasuzz chapter 39 . 4/2
Enjoyed the story, good job.
Jeparlepasfrancais chapter 9 . 3/12
I'm very disappointed in this chapter. Why did Hermione tell Issy, "You sure get around?" Why would Hermione, such a strong, self-confident woman need to feel the need to slut shame a 17-year-old girl? Author, your writing is great, but this really felt beneath you.
Queen Tyra chapter 39 . 3/11
JellyBeanxy chapter 39 . 3/3
Aaaand my heart is fine again. Omg I’m in tears here! This was perfect! Thank you so much for writting this!
JellyBeanxy chapter 38 . 3/3
I know you a/n say not to kill you at this point, but still my heart is broken
JellyBeanxy chapter 37 . 3/2
Oh my god... I can’t get over this perfect character building and develompment. I thought I hated Ron at first, but rn I love him. And OMG! I mean, are you for real? Pansy was the secret wifey number one? And being there all cool and also quite crazy, but in a funny and good way. I’m enjoying this too much. My heart kinda aches for Astoria, tho. I can totally relate to her and I totally understand why she’s so bitter. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud from the counselling moment between Pansy, Blaise and Alex until the very ending of that camp battle down the hall. Thank you so much for brigthening up my dog’s sh*t of a day.
TeeChamblissful chapter 39 . 3/1
Lost track of how many times I've read this. Never disappointed. I believe that this was what shifted my otp from Scorose to Dramione years ago. Thank you for your story!
Guest chapter 39 . 2/24
This is honestly one of my favourite fanfics ever. Ive read it start to finish atleast 5 times and it still gives me the same feeling as the first time every time i read it! Thank you!
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