Reviews for Palette
Guest chapter 10 . 2/8/2015
Wessa color please more church
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 10 . 6/21/2014
haha Church. I love him. :) Have you happened to read CoHF yet?
SilverCarstairs chapter 10 . 6/21/2014
I completely agree with you; the church chronicles needs to happen NOW!
But this... This was brilliant, my favourite by far! I wonder how Will was punished... :)

Please update soon! You're one of the queens of this fandom, I love your fanfics!
LiveLaughLove728 chapter 9 . 3/30/2014
I really like this! Update soon! :D
blurred-edges chapter 1 . 3/12/2014
I love it! I don't usually read these kind of stories, but that's the way you do it hahah
APHUnitedNations chapter 9 . 2/9/2014
I've always imagined Cecily's fav color as purple, and I still cannot fully understand why x)
Effie chapter 9 . 2/8/2014
Awwww Ella! 33
I'm sorry... I'm terrible at drawing, if I was able, I'd draw them for you immediately! :D
Anyway, these are amazing, my favourites are Treat and Soot ;)
As for the other characters... whoever you like, darling... I'll love them all! :D:D
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 9 . 2/7/2014
Aw, how sweet. :)
APHUnitedNations chapter 2 . 2/4/2014
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 8 . 2/1/2014
*jaw drops* Wow, that was harsh, especially Finale and Specialty. Confidentiality was an interesting thought though, and Camaraderie was kind of funny. :)
Effie chapter 7 . 1/31/2014
O.o I'm seriously surprised! My favourite?
I'd have never thought about these couples, but now that I did... ;D
I love your fanfictions, but you already know it ;)
I have a request... some more Carstairs fluff, possibly with Elias and Jonah when they were children... could you work on it? When you have time, of course! ;)
Thank you very much, even if you don't feel like doing it, I don't want to force you ;)
AnEnglishRoseLovesStories chapter 7 . 1/30/2014
Thanks alot for this! Was really looking forward to reading the next one :)
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 7 . 1/30/2014
Interesting! Well, I love all the cannon pairings too much, but Jecily was probably my favorite. I can just imagine Will's reaction XD Jell (I picked that name because it made me laugh. Not sure what the real name is, if any) would have been interesting though.
Let'swreckshit chapter 7 . 1/30/2014
You kidding? Of course I take good interest in these ships. Because they have so much potential if you set your mind free and explore. Thanks. Really wish there was more of these..
Depthsofthemind chapter 7 . 1/30/2014
Okay I love, love, love cannons but in an alternate world these would be interesting. Heronborn is a really funny word.
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