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LeMarX chapter 23 . 2/13

stay strong. winter is cometh.

i thot jon was rhaegae and lyanna son.

but considering its thrones. i could always be wrong,

so i kept an open mind.

please find it in yourself to continue. and ignore the 20% of your readers
Lillithknight chapter 23 . 1/14
I love this story. Don't stop writing just because there are some people who get a kick out of being hateful
Dudem98 chapter 23 . 1/2
I am first time reviewing this story because I just found this the other day. Honestly i was really excited to read this for one The Others are dead Lord Commander Jon Snow personally slayed the Night King after cornering the army of dead, Dany as the queen of westeros, Jon still continuing in the Watch what I don't liked was what you did with Bran and Meera -I don't know if its canon or not since i haven't read a single book only show up to season 5 after that Star World decided to air S6 in Star World HD plus which is sadly not available for me- and Jon being Robert's bastard, I get it you don't want Dany and Jon to be related but you could have made him Ned's bastard unless it has plot importance or to still have him a claim to Iron Throne.
Now I really hope you continue this story because I am pretty sure I am not the only one wanting to see how Dany and Jon overcome Aegon. I mean just look at 300 people following this story (this is without considering this same story posted in ASOIAF Section). All of us follow this story we all see something in this story something we like or even love. So don't let some bunch of cowards who don't even have the guts to leave their name destroy something as good as this. If the negative reviews really affects you then I belive we can adjust the settings such that Guest reviews are automatically deleted. There are good guests too but I think it only take what 5 minutes to start an account i'm sure they will manage. If you are still not convinced then you said you write this out of obligation for us, so give us another chance, a chance to show you how much this story means to us PUT A POLL ON WHETHER OR NOT IF THIS STORY BE DISCONTINUED. I'm pretty sure you can already guess what the result will be, what you can't guess is the number. So if you want Put a Poll and how many people you have touched with the story. I really hope you will continue this story I LOVE this story since it is the first Jon X Dany I read yep I recently started showing an intrest in GoT and ASOIAF.
In one of your chapters you said in 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' the Ice represent Jon and Fire represent Dany. Well I think it could be refering to Jon Snow only, you know since he is half Ice and half Fire. Well Good Bye until you Update the story I know you will because we belive in you...
CallanBrooke chapter 23 . 12/22/2016
Oh, please finish the story! There will always be rude, judgemental people who tear things down in seconds that they could never build themselves in their entire lives! Please finish the story for the readers who love it, like myself. Even if we're fewer than the haters. PLEASE! I must know what happens!
But if you don't, I will understand. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm sorry others are being total wankers about it.
Soup42222 chapter 23 . 12/12/2016
Please update!
Guest chapter 23 . 11/25/2016
I know people like this happen but please remember that the people that read your stories are good people and like your writing so please continue and for the other people reading write more in the comments to the writing will know its not all bad and we love to read there works
Noone2162 chapter 23 . 11/24/2016
I think you should continue.

This is a very good story, and while I realize that it isn't actually canon, it doesn't change the fact that I really want to know how it ends. And if Anyone wants you to quit and forgo this story...Fuck 'em. This is your tale and you tell it like it is. And if ANYONE has a problem with that, if anyone wants to stop you, TO HELL WITH THEM!
tpobaw chapter 23 . 8/22/2016
I normally don't review, but it seems like you need the encouragement. You're writing is superb and original, and this is one of the best got fics I've read period. People who hate on stories really are annoying and don't realize just how difficult it is to write a story on here, especially since you do it on your own time and without any personal gain. I do hope you continue the story, but I can understand not doing so because of the hate, just know that no matter what they say your work IS good, great even, don't let jerks like them bring you down.
Guest chapter 23 . 8/17/2016
Please continue this. i absolutely love this fanfic. i'd like to see where Bran and myrcella go with their relationship and where Jon and Daenarys go with theirs. don't bother about what haters think they are just worthless especially if they won't sign in or write their name. I have been jumping around several fan fictions and this one has me captivated and wanting more...
acamil chapter 23 . 8/8/2016
I am so sad to read this. I really enjoy this story and have been reading it from the start (but as a ghost reader because I didn't have an account here and was lazy, sorry hahaha...). Don't give up things you love and have put effort in for people who doesn't matter to you. Be yourself! I really, really, would like for you to continue this story, but, unfortunately, is not my decision to make. If you continue, I will be gladly and eagerly here :)
acamil chapter 22 . 8/8/2016
Oh God! This chapter was SO good! I loved every minute of it! Poor Jon, to know his real father was such a mean men.
Cassie77 chapter 23 . 8/8/2016
Hi Stormborn Dragneel
This is Cassie. I honestly think this is a great story and you aren't following the author of the books and the show. I understand the feeling because i was writing a story and then the following episodes of the show came out and i was discouraged. I honestly think you should try finishing and not giving up like me. Honestly, this is a great story. I also agree with you on the view of incest for I am so against it. I just hope you take my advice and continue writing such a great story.

-Cassie B
Blazey chapter 23 . 8/5/2016
Hi! I love your story! Please don't listen to the haters! -Blazey
Alucard Dragula II chapter 23 . 8/5/2016
I want you to know that those bastards wouldn't know a good story if it came up and kicked their pea sized balls up their throats. You have written a great fan fiction that I love and have waited for updates constantly. If you feel like you should take a break go ahead I at the very least will not fault you. But if you do decide to continue keep writing from the heart and don't listen to the limp docked commenters who dislike how you spelled a certain word wrong. I hope you continue writing if not this story then other stories.
pointlessjourney chapter 23 . 8/5/2016
preach on brother or sista. I feel you. Although writers block is my greatest enemy, trolls aren't far behind.
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