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EreshkigalGirl chapter 27 . 16h ago
Ah-hah! I knew it! And you wrote it superbly. Incredible. Exactly like what would happen on the show. First to temp Abbie with a re-written past, then a re-written present where she had her friends and the FBI and was out saving people, and then to temp her with Crane...fantastic. So, so good, and completely in character all around.
latbfan chapter 27 . 4/18
Oh my friend. Damn. Just damn. You are seriously writing the shit out of this thing.

The love the sensual details in the opening. The bar. The whiskey. Merle's sausage fingers. Her anger at Crane for asking for what she thinks she can't give him, even as she waits for him to show up.

I love that it's Envy (Lust's kissing cousin indeed). I love that part of her was waiting for it, knowing that would be the one.

You changed Its voice believably when it was suddenly "Jenny." You made the deal so heart breakingly real because that's exactly what she wants most.

I love that the visions of her would-be life are in the empty glass of booze she can't afford to drink. Just nailed that.

So good. So gorgeous.
Lightest'Ink chapter 27 . 4/18
Oh Abbie, you poor girl. Be strong!
Sarah chapter 27 . 4/18
Intense. Please update soon.
opheliablack chapter 27 . 4/17
Okay. Definitely not trite. You played a version of jealousy that is so much worse, that's runs far deeper. I applaud you. Good chapter. I think any sort of romantic feelings are buried so deep, that there's no way she'll be looking at it any time soon. Interesting that, upon seeing the Ichabbie scene- she thought about lust. So glad you posted.
Scimitar X chapter 27 . 4/17
Wow great chapter! I wonder what Abbie going to do this time?
sincin49 chapter 27 . 4/17
Chapter 27. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy each chapter. Sometimes, I wait until I can "reward" myself at the end of the day...maybe exerting a bit of Crane-like discipline before reading the updated story. But, this time, when I noticed the email alerting me to another update, I couldn't click on it fast enough; couldn't wait to devour the chapter in minutes and then go back and re-read so I could fully appreciate your incredible use of language, nuance, description...and most of all, emotional content so true to the SH characters, that I am always left breathless and stunned. Many of your other reviewers have often noted the amazing twists and turns you create for each SH character with seeming effortlessness. Of course, (your readers) know what you do to create this level of amazing-ness is very challenging. The entire story is extremely well-crafted and brings up points in the SH Canon which most certainly SHOULD be addressed in Season 2! I love SHE AND HE...thank you for creating this for the rest of us to enjoy.
JWAB chapter 27 . 4/17
Oh, gorgeous! So gorgeous!

Envy, yes, absolutely. And it's so true, that lust and envy are so similar. And Merle, so carefully drawn, the back story on their relationship, his sausage fingers and no longer white apron and this giant biceps - how he's got some heft to him. All of that was lovely. And that level of detail, odd and real and wonderful, is a trademark of yours. One that I (we, all of your readers) cherish.

Early on, I love that she resents how he has turned her name into a weapon. Which of course he hasn't, but it's perfect and ties in with that first deep theme of the story in such an expected yet true way. I love the internal dialogue with Crane, bitter and pissed and all the while she's looking to the door. Yes.

She knew it would be Envy. Brilliant. And even then, she is ready to call the shots. She orders Envy around, pulls her gun... loved the explanation of how it could all be happening in a busy bar. I loved what he/she showed her... the family, my GOD, that just broke my heart, but also the career, Corbin at her side. And then, duh, of course I loved that last tableau. Holy smokes. Again, that little nod to Ichabbie. And the Seven aren't always 100% right, but they start from truth... so is Abbie there yet? Not remotely. Is this going to propel her in that direction? FUCK YES. Even if it propels her AWAY from him a bit, it's still ultimately in his direction. Because that's the only direction.

I'm pretty much incoherently delighted at this point. There were so many great things about this chapter and I'm missing most of them. Her choice, the way you frame it, is brilliant. The thing she wants most, but she can't give up this responsibility. (Okay, so speaking of Easter, interesting thought that all she wants is for this "cup" to be "taken from her" and yet, in the end, she chooses it herself. Sound like any Superstars we know?)

The last line is poetry: "seeing only a thousand tomorrows she would never know." Gorgeous. This story is so extremely satisfying. I'm going to be so confused when the show comes back and they don't reference any of these chapters. Wonderful, beautiful, elegant, smart, insightful writing. You are fantastic.
Alys chapter 26 . 4/17
I love every update and this was well done. I'm a bit concerned but I'm hoping you reward us with a hug and make up next time! Keep it coming! ;-)
starr chapter 26 . 4/15
Love how u drop the f bomb alot. It's really amusing lol. You're good writer. Hope u post another chapter soon.
Dina C chapter 26 . 4/14
Angsty and hurtful, but I hope something happens quickly to reconcile them. Thanks for sharing.
Hazelmist chapter 26 . 4/14
I love how you write them, they're so very human even if they were selected for saving the world in a plan that spans centuries. I hope they make up soon!
JWAB chapter 26 . 4/14
This is such a tragic, marvelous chapter! "Frail and fragile humanity," screwing up so beautifully all over the place. I adore it.

Crane sewing. Yes! Historical accuracy - I love that it's not just a "hey, didja know guys sewed back in the day?" but rather that he takes pride in it, it's part of the whole thing he has about his clothes. It's character development. BUT him sewing while she works out is also a fantastic gender-role flip, which is lurking under the surface of so much of this show. And it lines up with the rest of this chapter perfectly, prepares it really, for the notion that, for Abbie, sex with Brendan of Nebraska (GOD YES I LOVE HIM AND THAT) satisfies a need but she can keep him at arm's length. That is such a guy-character trope! The way you dwell there without calling it that is wonderful.

I love (and completely buy) Crane poking Abbie with various sins, testing her that way. And of course she notices. Great. Also this whole storyline, as you know, makes me giddy. And of course she's thought about it - that she thinks she's the Witness Bodyguard is very insightful because so far she mostly has been. That clearly has to be turned upside down next season, now that you point that out. Brilliant. Wrong of her to come to that conclusion of course, but kudos to you for knowing that SHE would think that.

Abbie delighting in Crane's "discomfiture" (20 points for awesome language) is perfect. Loved it. It's playful but SO CHARGED and that's part of why the conversation goes sideways. (Also, Crane totally thinks about Abbie having sex with Brendan. Yes he does. Again with the little moments.) Yippee for Crane knowing that, as a grown woman, Abbie can do whatever she wants. No judgment.

Crane quietly saying the truth, that keeping people away keeps her safe, is tragic and wonderful. I love that moment. But he pushes it further with "what are you afraid I'll discover" and that is IT. He reaches the wall she won't let down. Boom, done. (Crane jabbing the air with his finger, yes!) How she rears back, as if struck - you nail that, you physicalize it - and then it's all spiraling out of his control, slipping away from him and he can't stop it. Even calling her Abbie (nod to the title, go you!) doesn't work. She is done. Marvelous.

Okay, and then, after she leaves and he writes a note. God love him. He is so concerned about showing her he cares, first in his handwriting, making it clear because all the ornamentation bugs her, and then in the language itself, boiling it down to the simplest, clearest truth: that he is sorry. That's how you apologize: not on your terms, on theirs.

So much subtlety here, so much truth, so much insight. Gorgeous from top to bottom.
LeochickX chapter 26 . 4/14
You keep so well to the characters and to flow of the shows I am loving it. Thank you.
marshmallowdeviant chapter 26 . 4/14
Aw. Lovely. So nice to see them have a have an in depth meaningful conversation (while not really realising I think that the elephant in the room is that they fancy each other's pants) outside the action and the demon hunting.;) I think thats why i love this fic so much- because its about them and their relationship. Thoughtful and insightful as ever! Great job. Can't wait to see what happens next.
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