Reviews for Legacy Undone
Schlepian chapter 92 . 2/29
Lovely story.

Akane was perfect, beautiful character. My life is better for having met her in this story.

Loved all the small changes, I also fell in love with Itachi.

I think the only mistake I caught was 1 chapter ago when you said Akane..Akane the Lady of Fire, when I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be Sasame.

And Tobi is a bit OP if he can fight Kurama for 1,000 battles or w/e XD
Batrachomyomachy chapter 92 . 2/22
What a gorgeous story. This was a wild ride from beginning to end: a tale of sacrifice from the very first words, and a tale of sacrifice it remained until its bittersweet conclusion. A legacy undone, indeed.

Your characterizations here are fantastic to read, especially when viewed in a vacuum as opposed to clashing with canon preconceptionsbecause that’s the point, is it not? Things are meant to be different, and I (as the reader) am meant to enjoy seeing through this new crimson-tinted lens of what-ifs and never-has-beens.

Han, in particular, was a favorite of mine. It is rare that a side character, even one who is a jinchūriki, receives such a major rolebut Han excels as the undying behemoth, the greatest and longest-standing antagonist throughout the visible story. Tobi is the overarching villain, true enough, but none captured my intrigue as Han did.

Perhaps the ending was somewhat rushed. Perhaps the epilogue did not answer as many questions as I’d’ve liked. Perhaps I would have enjoyed more time spent in the Hidden Rain, a thorough conclusion to the tragedy of the Sannin. But no story is perfect, and imperfection is gorgeous.

Take your step, boy, and don’t look back. There are horrors that lay behind, much too vile to put into words. The cunning fox knows that there is no reason to watch its back, because planning for the future and looking ahead is all it can do.

Thank you, dear author.
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Nyctophilicme chapter 91 . 2/20
I'm crying! That was beautiful! Author-nim! What are you doing?! I love this! I can't believe there's only the last chp left.
This chp was so perfect! The resurrection of Sasuke & Sakura's souls from the previous life; (in between the fight sequence I forgot to mention) but Jiraiya lingering alive waiting for death & his frnds to come for a year?! That was painful; Also I hate tobi, both of them being this universe or the one from the other; Kurama's appearance made me cry; The mini Naruto!; Itachi to the rescue & my ItaNaru!
Nyctophilicme chapter 92 . 2/20
Oo. Ok so first off, I loved this fic. I love how characters were potrayed. I liked Naruto's character & what u did with him. He was not too trusting & vary of Orochimaru which makes sense, it would've been weird instead if he started trusting him.
The fights sequences were so good. Him no longer being a jinchuuriki had its disadvantages & u brought that out very well, but with Uzumaki reserves, Sage mode & war experiences, he turned every fight in his favor.
I just wished there would've been some more scenes of Naruto & team 7 going on normal C, B or A missions. And team asuma just disappeared, I wished for some ino-shika-cho.
Also will hinata get her voice back? Cuz since the iwa war after the chunin exams, her dialogues were portrayed as if she was talking, not using hand signs.
Now, this is neither a demand nor a request, it's just a thought, (majority of the time, authors tend to take it wrongly) so if u ever feel like writing a short sequel or bonus chps, it can be joint missions between still genin team 7 with ino-shika-cho or team kurenai. And with this it hit me with full force that kiba, shino, neji & kurenai are dead.
Next, Naruto meeting konohamaru & squad. With that Naruto training either them or team 8, 9 & 10.

Ah which reminds me, I so wished this chp to have started with Itachi & Naruto walking to the konoha gates while the raikage, kazekage & haku still there. That moment would've been so powerful, him standing in front of them like they didn't just kill off tsuchikage, jinchuuriki han, 5 S-ranked missing nins along with iwa, taki & kusa? kuro? (I forgot) troops.
Either way, lots of love to this fic & to u.
Nyctophilicme chapter 89 . 2/20
WTF?! WHY! I hope sasuke & sakura have enough time to fight tobi & tsuchikage. Argh! It's one after the other! Itachi! Pls get there in time! They need you!
Nyctophilicme chapter 88 . 2/20
Oooooooooooo, OKAY! ALRIGHT!

I didn't want to use this 'one review per chp limit thing' when I'm only halfway in, but I can't stop myself!

WHAT?! They are moving like Sasuke & Sakura from the past life! It's like with their memories, their skills are transferring in them. This is so cool!
Wait... are their souls transferring too?
Nyctophilicme chapter 86 . 2/20
I hope Itachi comes clutching in to save Naruto. Bcuz from what I remember she flew off once she got the toad message.
Nyctophilicme chapter 82 . 2/20
Noo! I'm crying! He got captured! Dying is better than getting captured! If they experiment on him, I'm done. I'll be skipping chps then!
Nyctophilicme chapter 81 . 2/20
Yeah! tell them! I swear some people think the author's life revolves around them. You have ur own life and writing ain't ur job, it's something u love, and it's an awe of passion.
... Aw man! I was going to write some more but my mom interrupted & I completely lost my thought process or flow.
Only if I could post more than one review. But as per the one review limit, I can't post another comment if I catch up to my thoughts some other time.
Either way, thnx for sharing this fantastic bk with us!
Nyctophilicme chapter 80 . 2/20
This fight is good. The build-up is good tho i can't guess where it's going. Altho I'm confused about kurotsuchi. She's very contradictive.
Nyctophilicme chapter 77 . 2/20
THAT WAS! OMG! This chp was soo good! I hope ryo ain't dead. And naruto was unbelievable! Especially with no additional chakra of kurama & holding off his own against what 3 to 5 A rank missing nins! That's plain crazy. Now I just hope he's able to retreat deftly.
Nyctophilicme chapter 75 . 2/20
Wtf! Why are they having dreams?! Now these are not premonitions but precognitive dreams instead!
Nyctophilicme chapter 74 . 2/19
This is not looking good for Naruto. Btw, wtf is this gang?! Is this really to assassinate two ninjas or a whole team? They've got their very own Akatsuki squad in their arsenal. Also, they're not only sending this assassination squad after him but also deploying ninjas from three villages as an attack force for Naruto. Fuck! Now what Sakura saw looks more like a premonition than some memories from a past life.
Nyctophilicme chapter 73 . 2/19
Oh damn! I love these cool moments.
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