Reviews for Legacy Undone
LTUchiha chapter 1 . 9/3
This story is fucking beautiful
miguce chapter 92 . 9/2
Thank you for a wonderful story. Enjoyed it from start to end!
Jatok chapter 11 . 8/26
I really like that the daimyo's are actually strong. Ive had it in my head a while that if i wrote an au fic id like the ninja villages to be more secretive, which kinda demands the samurai not sucking.
Very cool!
Claciro chapter 9 . 8/19
Oh. I didn't expect An chan to be female Itachi. :0
Duke of Desolation chapter 92 . 8/18
i’ve followed this story for a long time, and really enjoyed each update. the technical aspects are incredibly well done, and the narrative is very charming. i particularly liked tsunade’s narration of the naruto/itachi reveal in battle. that being said, there are a few elements that reduced my enjoyment, particularly toward the end. first, i was never really engrossed by the kurotsuchi plot line. it seemed throwaway at the start, and never had me invested enough to justify the amount of screentime she got. additionally, in the second half of the story there was a lot of time spent on oc’s, which strayed away from the naruto/itachi focus of the first half. it seemed like they were pretty disconnected, and you could never tell which oc’s mattered and which didn’t (i.e. naruto’s genin teammates getting spotty appearances, unclear motivations, and sometimes just being absent). i also felt a bit weird about the gender balancing of the castit seemed like there were very few male supporting characters besides orochimaru and sarutobi. however, as a guy i get that i may not be the target audience of this fic, so i’m not too pressed about it. kakashi just sort of appeared, but given that this is kind of AU i had a hard time figuring out what the changes were from his og storyline that motivated him, and i thought making him hokage over orochimaru was a bit of a narrative blunder. again, incredible work, the energy on this fic was really good, but i think it started a lot stronger than it finished. thank you!
FrostWolf374 chapter 82 . 8/17
Your fights are damn epic, easily ranked among the top of my list.

And I pretty much consume fanfiction to live XD
Man in Yellow chapter 92 . 8/15
It's not a masterpiece by any means, The plot is not the most complex, the writing is average but what it had are the least cliches, tropes ideas, plot points or etc, that I couldn't tolerate enough to give fic has the honor of being one the few completed Naruto fics that I have finished reading .While this fic is certainly not the most emotional or gut-wrenching tale it was certainly good enough to entertain me for a day. I would to say my thanks author for finishing this fic which is difficult since most fanfic author's tend to lose interest or motivation in finishing fic due to undertandable circumstances in their thank you again for finishing it.
TheSleepingSpirit chapter 1 . 8/16
This has truly become my favourite Naruto fanfiction of all time. After reading over a hundred Naruto fanfics easily in the past 15 years or so, this has shot right to my number one.

As soon as I can on my phone. I will change my profile to enlist this as my number one. Simply a 10/10.
alexandrustone chapter 26 . 8/13
I completely disagree. Hiraishin is a masterpiece of fuinjutsu. Only a seal master of his level could find the counter, but there are no such users in the world. The formula could be easily slapped to anything, allowing the user to teleport at any time, through anything. The kunai also travel extremely fast which Makes it practically impossible to catch. It’s also extremely hard to destroy a kunai made out of special metal and the paper is mostly resistant to fire, which is a useless tactic in battle. It’s an overpowered jutsu, especially if you’re fast and strong enough by yourself. Slap a formula on your opponent and you’ve basically marked them for death. Scatter a few kunais on the battlefield and you’ve got yourself a retreat tactic. Minato could also teleport attacks from yourself using this technique. Truly one of the most op jutsus out there.
Guest chapter 92 . 8/8
Thanks for creating this amazing fan fic of the Naruto franchise,it was really good to see Naruto have a wide variety of skills apart from the shadow clone jutsu and rasengan. I look forward to reading more of your works.
akqle chapter 12 . 8/4
poor onoki, gone insane from paperwork.
akqle chapter 10 . 8/4
oh.. earth and water eh. guess that means Mokuton time
Gfeldman chapter 81 . 8/4
Every single character in this is compelling. I have read without exaggeration hundreds of published books, and this is better then most.

I’m just so blown away, and then to find that reviewers harassed the author, for something given, something free? Goodness I would pay for this. I will pay for this, haven’t checked if you have a patreon or anything but I will. If you read this, seriously take my money it would make me happy.
sgbrister chapter 1 . 7/26
When the story started I was enthralled. I loved the concept and all and the writing was top notch in quality. Had me on the edge of my seat plenty of times. I was very impressed.
And then I started to notice that the stuff that I and anybody else ready wanted to happen just never happened. Kurama doesn’t show up. Sasuke and Sakura don’t show up. But I powered through. The writing quality was good enough. And then, in the last 5-6 chapters might I add, they start gaining memories and my hopes were renewed. But the fights just go on and on and on. Naruto just getting crushed along with his comrades and the village. He gets practically killed and is absent for the last few Chapters. Then, miraculously Kurama and Sasuke and Sakura and Tobi all show up with some bogus explanation and Tobi dies and I’m elated. Willing to forgive the transgressions of the author bashing our main characters. And then like that, some bull crap happens and the three all disappear to fulfill absolutely nothing. And then, all we get is a short elilogue without knowing if any of our favorites survive and barely knowing anything about the fate of Orochi and Tsunade. So so so stupid.
So, to the author, I commend you on the quality of writing and the plot that you devised. But you absolutely 100% dropped the bag and in 5-7 chapters completely killed it along with any chance of my ever recommending this story to anyone.
Kiebler chapter 92 . 7/23
Three days. I read this cover to cover with every free second I had for the past three days. All I can really say is bravo. This is one of the best stories I've read in a long, long time. Your concept was unique, your characters written so incredibly well. and your pacing impeccable. Your plots and sub plots weaved in and out of one another and I always found myself pleasantly surprised with what you came up with. Your grammar and "flow" when writing never stumbled, never seemed too long. and never fell short. Thank you for such a wonderful piece of literature
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