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Guest chapter 86 . 9/14
Are you considering writing a book 2 for this universe? I know that you are probably more concerned with finishing this, just curious if the thought was there.
phuxeds chapter 86 . 9/13
Never noticed until now but pretty obvious that Fukuro is a direct homage to Father Owl from Sekiro. Super cool, love it.
Random Reader chapter 86 . 9/11
Hello Mr. LD 1449 just wanted to say that i love the story and wanted to ask if you could continue writing Lives Worth Saving ( s/7803347/1/The-Lives-Worth-Saving)

It would be great if you could but thanks anyway
IndianaJohhney chapter 86 . 9/12
That was sick
jwhitey chapter 86 . 9/12
Just binged through the story! I enjoyed it very much - looking forward to those last few chapters!
Guest chapter 86 . 9/10
I wrote about finding some of the fights implausible (in the sense that Hinata etc shoulda have pushed by to try and get to Naruto since that’s their objective and instead they’re going for targets that aren’t likely to interfere with the rescue attempt. I could see them being strategically strong targets to kill but this world basically sees the lost bloodlines to on the level of importance or even more than the demon hosts. Sorry I’m rambling. But anyways I might have commented that earlier but I’m very happy the fights happened anyways.

Goddamn they were good. Honestly if you had a few major ones left (and I gotta imagine there’d be at least a few) I’d love it if they all got covered. I know they burn you out and I for one wouldn’t mind waiting longer to see the finish in all it’s potential glory.

I’m guessing if next chapter isn’t a lot of fighting that it’s either like fight wrap up or it’s the conversation between Team 7 kids about the memories. Which I’m so looking forward to. I don’t know how that’ll happen easily with 4 tails still in the area tho.

Actually I feel like that last hint (that we could have a non combat chapter so soon) is making me guess the following:
-Konoha’s attack gets aborted.
-Naruto gets picked up
-Hanabi makes it out
-Kurotschi (sp? I never remember how to spell these names I only read lol) dies vs 4 tails (I’m hoping not but also doesn’t feel like she’s getting to join Leaf).
-Recovery / rally effort starts.
-Maybe Tobi offers his help to Raikage
Guest chapter 86 . 9/10
Why don’t they bum rush for naruto? I’d get it if they were the rear guard and trying to prevent help from reaching Nauto. But the way this is written it’s more like Sasori and especially Deidara would not interfere at all anymore.

Just seems weird the only place not getting back up is the bijuu host going bananas near Naruto. I’d think Hinata Sakura or Lee should be able to get through.

Don’t get me wrong I love the fights this just feels like a rare lapse in planning from an author I consider to have excellent plots. Maybe I’m just missing something but just thought I would mention I was a little distracted wondering my about it.
GrimStormWind chapter 86 . 9/11
Great as always
IL0VPINKUWU chapter 2 . 9/11
busquet2005 chapter 86 . 9/11
yo chapter 86 . 9/9
Ah, well worth the wait. Quite satisfying to see so many get their time to shine.

I look forward to the next update! And the change of pace, haha.
Guest chapter 82 . 9/8
Incredible chapter. It’s probably my tenth reread of this fic and it’s still enjoyable af. This chapters fight scenes especially are just incredible (this whole arc is). I get that it’s hard to write these but you’re still talented to even be able to. There’s a reason that you’re praised for it. I’ve never seen someone else make a compelling high level fight with multiple people vs one enemy other than you. Lots try, most fail hard. I appreciate your attention to detail and high standards for yourself. Your care for the quality of your stories shows (those rewrites were not in vain) and you just keep writing better year after year. Thanks again.
gibs chapter 86 . 9/8
good read.
Guest chapter 86 . 9/8
Shit dam. This seems to be a pyrrhic victory. Hope Lee can make it out alive
Mclovin chapter 86 . 9/8
Got damn it man! Lol ur fights always gives me goosebumps man. I know it's not say much but to me, from my experience reading other fanfiction, ur fights are hands down the best bro. And then to juggle so many so well is amazing. Fucking chills with hinata fight. Love what u have done with her character here. Cant wait to see what u have next in store for us. Keep up the great work man!
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